Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss


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Cardio workout would be any exercise that gets your heart rate up, and keeps it elevated for a significant amount of time.

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Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

  1. 1. The simplest explanation of a cardio workout would be any workout/exercise that gets your heart rate up, and keeps it elevated for a significant amount of time.
  2. 2. • Stair exercises will help you increase your cardiovascular stamina and will also tone your lower body. • Staircase exercise is a great out of gym cardio training. • You can also incorporate stair exercise in your interval training and circuit training routines.
  3. 3. • Swimming, freestyle (or with the butterfly or breast stroke) can burn up to 350 calories per 30 minutes. • But this is with respect to rigorous swimming, and not leisurely swimming, which burns a mere 200-250 calories per 30 minutes. • If you add this for an hour, you're burning 400 to 700 calories an hour, which is pretty good.
  4. 4. • The amount of calories burnt in cycling usually depends on your speed and the resistance of the route used. • Although, this form of fitness program does not help much in terms of upper body workout, it can be a great way to tone your lower limb muscles.
  5. 5. • Jogging is another ideal way to work every part of your body and shed some unwanted calories. • In order to achieve the best calorie-burning potential, attempt working above 8 mph. • You can also offer resistance to motion using rugged, rough terrains and hilly inclined areas.
  6. 6. • At its core, Zumba proposes to offer a large calorie burn through high-tempo aerobic activity coupled with interval training. • Based on various factors such as body weight, gender, fitness level and other physical factors, you can burn up to 400 to 600 calories per hour.
  7. 7. • Playing a game of basketball is an easy and effective way to improve your flexibility, endurance level and cardio- respiratory health. • The running and the quick alteration in directions while playing the game will also help you tone your muscles while dropping a few calories. • On an average, you lose around 600- 900 calories while playing basketball for an hour.
  8. 8. • Kickboxing is primarily known for developing great cardiovascular fitness, and unlike running, cycling and other popular cardio activities, it works the whole body while hitting the core muscles hard too! • In terms of calorie burning it outdoes the regular jogging/walking workout any day, while being more fun as you do a lot of different moves compared to doing just one movement continuously for an hour.
  9. 9. • Core power yoga is performed in a heated room and the postures surround cardiovascular exercises. • But it has to be done at a fast pace. Core power yoga strengthens your abdomen and the back. • It involves muscle toning postures too. Core power yoga also strengthens the hip and pelvis. • You can expect to improve strength, stamina, endurance, improve concentration and reduce stress.
  10. 10. • Anyone can learn belly dancing and it's both a sexy and fun way to keep in shape. • Belly dancing will not only make you feel sexy about yourself but will also help to improve your body posture, aid in weight loss and help to burn great amount of fat and calories. Keep reading to find out more Awesome Ways to Lose Weight