Consumer 3000 Segmentation Model


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Segmentation model about Indonesian Middle Class

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Consumer 3000 Segmentation Model

  1. 1. Indonesia www.consumer3000.netMiddle-Class ConsumerCenter for Middle-Class Consumer Studies (CMCS) Segmentation Supported by : Invent.ure SWA Magazine Model
  2. 2. The Model©2012 CMCS
  3. 3. The ASPIRATOR Satisfied with their condition at the moment (financially) More active in managing their assets, tend to be a risk taker More idealistic, more long-term vision Gaining knowledge from their network Concern with social and universal issues (environment, human right, democratization, etc) Updating new information, trend, knowledge, and technology regularly See the competition positively
  4. 4. The ASPIRATOR Open minded toward globalization and adopt universal values Think about self achievement, yet have concern on issues beyond themselves (social, politic, coruption, environment, etc) Hope to be the Influencer for the society Generally dominated by professionals and business owners
  5. 5. The PERFORMER Personal motivation: self-achievement and economic success Upgrade their economic status is one of their mission Financial freedom is their dream Thinking orientation: Practical-opportunistic Still not satisfied with their life The priority of their life is self achievement See the life optimistically; have a big motivation to achieve success; tend to be a risk taker Never stop changing, improving, and learning They see the opportunity as a challenge and motivation
  6. 6. The PERFORMER Information and technology is tool that give them advantages to achieve their targets Sense of achievement and self-development are very important Having vision and sense of purpose See the competition positively. It drives creativity that makes them better and better Update the new information, trend development, knowledge, and technology Looking for communities that give them benefits/advantages Relatively dominated by younger entrepreneurs and professionals
  7. 7. The EXPERT Their life is their career, high self-achievement The biggest dream is to upgrade their skill and knowledge Trying to do something to make their life better and better Explore the information that only related to their fields Prepare their kids cautiously and systematically because they think competition will be tougher in the future Living routine Striving to be the expert in their field Time freedom is their hope Safety player in life
  8. 8. The EXPERT For them, life is a gift Have high sense of family (traditional values) Their network circles are small, only related to their professional fields Their behavior mostly driven by social norms and family values Relatively dominated by workers and professionals with higher buying power
  9. 9. The CLIMBER Financial freedom and time freedom are their dream Hardworker, looking for the prosperity and appreciation Hero for their family The biggest achievement is to upgrade their career status Trying to do something to make their financial better and better Living routine, very tight working schedule Acquire new skills to achieve higher skills in their professional field
  10. 10. The CLIMBER Career is a journey, job hunter Career appreciation is very important for them More risk-taker in career High sense of family (traditional values) Social networking is not quite important for them, self achievement is still dominant motive Relatively dominated by workers with lower-middle buying power
  11. 11. The TRENDSETTER Become a trend-setter is important Victim of the trends (fashion, celebrity, gadget, lifestyle, etc) The biggest hope is to be the superstar of a trend The tangible aspect (physical appearance, expensive good ownership, personal image) is important Search for the latest trends Have a bit sense of purpose: to be admired and followed by others Be the first in the trends is meaningful for their existence Narcissist
  12. 12. The TRENDSETTER High self esteem, self-centered Adopting the new technology/gadget to show “who I am” More followers meants more people admire them (“I’m popular”) Updating information and adopting new technology is a must. It doesn’t make me look as follower‘ Recognized by their peers is everything Being connected with their friends, colleagues, and communities is an important aspect in their life Competition among peers forced them to be “the #1” Relatively dominated by senior high school and college students with higher buying power
  13. 13. the FOLLOWER Friends are everything. Nothing can replace them Short-term horizon The tangible aspect (physical appearance, expensive good ownership, personal image, etc) become an important thing for them The biggest hope is they can earn some money by themselves to buy everything they want Environment-driven: their environment (friends, colleagues, communities) dominantly drive their life orientation (Ababil (ABG labil)/ABG galau) Have less sense of purpose
  14. 14. the FOLLOWER Peripheral lifestyle become the expression of their existence Following the latest trend is very important Accepted by their peers are everything More friends meants more people like them (I‘m likeable) Success is about being together with peers and able to support their lifestyle with their own money Being connected with their friends, colleague, and community is an important aspect in their life Following the trend so that they can be accepted by their friends, colleagues, and communities
  15. 15. the FOLLOWER Socialize with friends and communities. Togetherness is dominant values Relatively dominated by senior high school and college students with lower buying power
  16. 16. The SETTLER Satisfy with their condition at the moment (financially) At the Comfort zone Having many assets but still conservative in managing them Outer families are the center of their world Socialize with their family, small society, and ethnic group become an important moment for showing their success Help people around (family, neighbor, and village scope) become their important concern Care to conserve heritage social culture (religion, social values, custom, and norms )
  17. 17. The SETTLER Their hope is to be the role model for their families and society (village scope) through their economic, religious and cultural achievement Generally dominated by older rich people (entrepreneurs, in heritage riches, retired government officials)
  18. 18. The FLOW-er Still not satisfied with their life but they dont know how to change it Their biggest hope was their kids. To achieve better life become their main motivation Better future, better economic status Balancing between dunia and akhirat‘ Striving for fulfilling familys economic needs They dont understand what should they do to change their life: “let all flow” With their placid life, makes them so passive to see the life
  19. 19. The FLOW-er Victim of change Seeing the technology development as a threat Strong believer of spiritual values (religion) Religion is the only guide for them to face the changing and uncertain world Family are the center of their world (focus to their family) They are HERO in their family Don’t follow technology developments and trends; they realize they can’t utilize the power of them Generally dominated by workers, government officers, housewives with lower-middle buying power
  20. 20. Thank YouVisit our blog: Follow : @consumer_3000 Research conducted by: Center for Middle-Class Consumer Studies (CMCS) Suported by: Invent.ure SWA Magazine