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Cloud Provisioning


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Cloud Provisioning

  1. 1. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siCLOUD COMPUTINGIntegration and abstraction of computing resources for greater flexibilityCloud computing is part of the latest phase in the development Cloud computing is an efficient answer to modern trends in theof the Internet, which enables the use of all IT components business world that demand optimization of IT operations(from computing infrastructure, applications and business and (partial or total) outsourcing of IT to external providers. Thus,processes to personal collaboration) as services – in exactly the maintenance costs, investments in equipment and the need forvolume that individual element needs. internal IT experts are considerably reduced.These are the characteristics of cloud computing:Great flexibility and • enables instant customization of the type and volume of needed servicesadaptability • eliminates the need to build infrastructure and hire IT personnel • users are no longer limited by physical locationMobility and • users can access their desktops (with all data and applications) anytime,accessibility of data anywhere via the InternetReplacement of capital • no need for initial investmentscosts with operating costs • access to applications previously intended only for large corporationsThe essence of the technology is that computing resources The term cloud computing encompasses several different(applications, data, disks, clients, safety mechanisms, etc.) are no models, the best known are: IaaS (Infrastructure as alonger located on the user’s computer, but instead are combined in a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as asafe place at the specialized provider’s location. As these resources Service) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service). The Virtu companyare not directly connected to real infrastructure, they can function developed its Flip IT solution on the basis of the EaaS modelindependently of each other, and the users become independent of – Everything as a Service.*hardware, since they access their IT resources via remote servers.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  2. 2. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siADVANTAGES OF Flip IT SERVICESWhy Choose Flip ITAre you still one of those people that pay a huge pile of billseach month?Do you invest a lot of time looking for qualified providers andservices in case of potential malfunctions and new needs?How many times has your work process become outdatedbecause you were forced to deal with a non-functioning IT sys-tem component, or possibly even incompatibility of equipmentand applications?Flip IT effectively solves these types of problems:• a single IT provider and hence one contact for all IT problems• transparency and predictability of costs• prompt establishment of IT with no initial investment• reduced IT costs• greater flexibility and adaptability• mobility of employees with constant access to data• savings in space and electricity• reliable performance and minimum downtime• improved efficiency of employees• allows you to focus on your primary business activity• optimal protection and safety of data and equipmentVirtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  3. 3. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siMANAGED SERVICESOutsourcing everyday business operations to external providersSpecialized external providers provide managed services via re-mote (network) access. Customers are billed on a fixed monthlysubscription basis, or for services consumed (as in the businessmodel of billing for goods).Managed services combines unified communications,Internet telephony and Wireless Local Area Networks(WLAN). These applications are managed by the external pro-vider at a central location, and users have remote access to theseapplications via the Internet.The operator also provides the maintenance and neces-sary upgrades from one location. Since this is an end-to-endsolution, customers don’t need to rent or develop an internal(in-house) specialized department for the support of the informa-tion communications system.Typical managed services include the following:• remote networks• desktops• security• databases• backup• applications• remote technical support etc.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  4. 4. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siFlip ITModern end-to-end virtual office solutionThe Flip IT solution is intended for small and medium-sized The traditional establishment and continuous maintenance ofenterprises that want to optimize the performance of the an adequate information infrastructure is often a challenge forentire IT system and at the same time realize financial savings, companies, taking a lot of their time and energy and the processenabling them to focus exclusively on their business activity. is expensive.This advanced system of managed IT services is based on the By the contrast, the Flip IT service is designed to outsourceexperience of the Virtu company and the expertise of the NIL management of information components to a single provider,group and top-level partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, ensuring comfortable and trouble-free operation.HP and others.The customer pays one bill per month and thus covers all the IT needs of the company: • virtual servers with redundancy • computer and monitor for every workstationHardware • laser printer, fax, copy, scanner • IP phone • Internet connection, e-mail, websiteIT services and • Windows license and updatesapplications for • Cisco network equipment and RSA remote accesscurrent operations • customized business applications (accounting programs, CRM etc.)Security of • data storage and backups are stored at different locationsequipment and data • complete maintenance, fast service for malfunction of equipment or applicationsSince Flip IT is based on virtualization technology and cloud With its data completely protected to the maximum, the companycomputing, the users of this service are 100% mobile. is freed from worries about potential loss of data due to humanEmployees access their data and applications wherever and error or technological or natural disaster.whenever they like (in the office, at home, on a business trip, The comprehensive Flip IT service is available in the form ofetc.). Via a safe Internet connection, they log into their virtual a monthly subscription: the cost depends on the company’senvironment, which always looks the same. needs and the number of workstations.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  5. 5. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siFlip ITWhat does the comprehensive service include For every workstation, we provide and set up computer, monitor and keypad. We provide IP phone and all-in-one printer, scanner and copier. We provide Internet connection, network infrastructure. www @ We provide and install virtual desktops, server space, e-mail accounts and the website. We install all the essential software: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office. We install business specific programs: MiniMax accounting, CRM applications, Microsoft SQL, ERP etc. We provide licenses, upgrades and protection against viruses and Trojans. We take care of the security for data and backups. We offer user support and provide the service for all components.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  6. 6. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siGLOSSARYCLOUD COMPUTING IT INFRASTRUCTUREInternet-based computing, wherein shared resources, software General term encompassing all the information technology (IT)and information are provided to computers and other devices on assets (hardware, software, data, networks, facilities etc.) neededdemand (working much like the electricity grid). Cloud computing to develop, test, deliver or support IT services.typically involves the provision of dynamically scalable and oftenvirtualized resources as a service over the Net. MANAGED SERVICES The practice of transferring day-to-day management responsibilityDOWNTIME to an external organization as a strategic method for improvingPeriod when a system is not operating (especially as a result of effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Service providersmalfunction). supply telecommunications services and facilities combined with complementary management services, thereby eliminating the need for hiring and developing in-house skills to support theseEVERYTHING AS A SERVICE systems. This end-to-end business service is administered and maintained entirely by the provider.A model of cloud computing that provides for delivering allessential IT needs as a service, from computing power to businessprocesses to personal interactions. For users, the concept VIRTUALIZATIONfocuses to access reusable, fine-grained software componentsacross a network. Partitioning a physical device into multiple “virtual” resources, giving each the appearance and capabilities of running as its own dedicated machine. Each virtual resource functions as anIP TELEPHONY independent, full-fledged resource in an environment separate from the underlying hardware resources. This process reducesVoice over IP (VoIP) is a general term for a family of transmission server management costs through automation, while providingtechnologies for delivery of voice communications over IP more control over service levels.(internet protocol) networks. Along with traditional telephony,IP telephony provides additional services such as voice mail,videoconferences, instant messaging etc.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  7. 7. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siPRAISE FROM OUR CLIENTSGerry Docherty, TheBusinessCenterVirtu’s professionalism and precision greatly influenced our decision to implement Flip IT. The company earned our trust also bybeing a member of NIL group and a partner of Cisco Systems. During our first meeting, the specific needs of our company and ourclients were accurately assessed, in the week following the signing of the contract, the system was well implemented and functionedimpeccably. The staff at Virtu is always available in case we need advice or help, and in addition, it is a pleasure to know that they areconstantly developing new IT solutions for their customers.Boštjan Kreft, Prava smer d.o.o.The decision to implement Flip IT was made when our publishing company was moved to new offices. Since then, our IT expenseshave been considerably reduced, above all, they have become completely transparent. The most important advantage of the Flip ITsystem is the availability of the company’s network which can be accessed by our employees even when they are on business trips orteleworking. We have not experienced any problems with the system’s functioning yet and when we needed some assistance duringimplementation and startup, Virtu responded at once.Blaž Šterk, Interenergo d.d.Since our company is part of a large Austrian corporate group, we were looking for a convenient solution for our local IT system.By joining our IT services into a “one spot solution,” Flip IT has considerably optimized our business operations and allowed ouremployees to be able to work anywhere, anytime. With regard to safety and reliability as well as responsiveness in troubleshooting,our IT services were definitely upgraded to a higher level of quality. Our company is focused on trouble-free functioning of the system.Therefore, we chose an additional option providing constant professional control 24/7.Maja Kešelj, Endemit d.o.o.The most important acquisition of our company ensured by Flip IT is the safety of current projects and the archive. We do not need toworry anymore that our work could be lost due to small computer errors, moreover, urgent tasks can be handled out of office. Thanksto Flip IT, we do not need to deal with various maintenance services and updates anymore, and this allows our employees to focus ontheir primary tasks (which is especially important in a creative company such as ours).Uroš Japelj, Zavod o2z2In comparison with other IT solutions, the Flip IT solution by Virtu d.o.o. is balm for the soul of our company. For us, it is very importantto have access to assets. Without Flip IT, we would need to invest for the implementation of our own information system; instead, wepay for our high-quality and up-to-date working environment on a fixed monthly basis. This environment is flexible enough to be ableto adjust to the growth and needs of our company.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  8. 8. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siCASE STUDY:Use of virtual officesCompany:Location: TheBusinessCenter Ljubljana SOLUTIONBranch: business center for domestic The business premises of the company were equipped with the and foreign entrepreneurs Flip IT service. In addition, we equipped the business center forCompany Size: small visitors on the ground floor of the Hotel Slon.Specification: user mobility The workstations in the business center were all equippedTheBusinessCenter offers a comprehensive range of business with computers, printers and IP phones. The user desktopsservices for everyday management of business offices. Customers were virtualized, and on all environments we installed standardare ensured the following: receipt and management of phone software for the needs of different visitors.calls, business address, virtual office and personal businessassistant for the management of administration processes. Customers of TheBusinessCenter can also rent Flip IT as a virtual office solution, thus enjoying all the advantages of renting: safety,Via this service, the foreign or domestic company is guaranteed simplicity and mobility of managed services.connection to potential and new customers, mailing address,receipt and forwarding of phone calls; also available for use are For the sake of managing calls, an efficient, optimized call centerconference rooms in the center of Ljubljana. was installed, where each client gets custom call number, and the personal assistant forwards incoming calls automatically to the customer’s contact phone.PROBLEMEnsuring a stable virtual office environment ADVANTAGES OF THE CHOSEN SOLUTIONThe company offers the virtual office service to customers and • Simple management of the public business room in the hotelphysical visitors of TheBusinessCenter in the center of Ljubljana. is ensured via virtual desktops.Virtual offices need to offer fast, personalized and safe access to • Customers of TheBusinessCenter are guaranteed mobility,the user’s data and allow for quick and easy addition of new units. safety and simplicity of all operations connected to IT. • Thanks to the introduction of IP telephony, the companyCHALLENGE considerably reduced direct communication costs. • The efficient call center allows for the control of a greatCall center optimization number of calls, regardless of the number of customers andCustomers of TheBusinessCenter are both domestic and foreign the complexity of their communications.companies that receive a lot of calls from abroad, and hence • The company can devote all of its attention to itsforward many calls to areas abroad. Therefore, cost-effective call main business activity.paths need to be ensured.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  9. 9. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siCASE STUDY:Reducing IT costsCompany:Location: Prava smer Ljubljana SOLUTIONBranch: publishing The entire dispersed IT infrastructure of the customer wasCompany Size: medium transferred to a central virtual Flip IT environment achieving costSpecification: reducing high costs of IT maintenance optimization with this synergistic effect.The Prava smer company publishes magazines and other The system was also optimized for working with graphic-designperiodicals. In the past several years, the company has faced software tools via fast Internet connection, ensuring acceptablechallenges related to increasing employee numbers and speeds when working with large files.system complexity. ADVANTAGES OF THE CHOSEN SOLUTIONPROBLEM • The company cut its IT costs in half, acquiring a higher qualityHigh IT maintenance costs and more useful server infrastructure. • The centralized system provided users with easier access andThe company made investments into its own server and networkinfrastructure, eventually outsourcing the system to external better control of documents.providers for management. Thus the company faced high • Data protection and the backup system prevented themaintenance costs and the problems of communicating with possible loss of data and/or archive.multiple providers. • The company reduced essential communication with IT providers to the minimum.As a publishing house, the company’s IT needs include providingdifferent profiles of employees with specific IT requirements.CHALLENGEIntegrating Flip IT with complex graphic toolsThe basic challenge was integrating working environments withgraphics workstations into the Flip IT service. We solved this problemwith optimized virtual environments and a fast Internet connectionbetween the customer and the virtual server environment.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  10. 10. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siCASE STUDY:Implementation for utility providerCompany: InterenergoLocation: Ljubljana, Slovenia; Austria SOLUTIONBranch: energy exchange The company was switched from a classic IT environment toCompany Size: large a safer, highly customized Flip IT operation, with all necessarySpecification: transfer of licenses upon change of ownership licenses transferred to the new owners. of the company, relocated owners Authorization of orders is handled through the simple solutionThe Interenergo company is one of the largest Slovenian of contractual Flip IT parameters defined at the start betweencompanies trading in electricity. Since 2001 the company has customer. Costs are fixed and specified for payment on set dates,been owned by Kelog, a multinational Austrian energy provider. minimizing the need for investment confirmation by decision makers.PROBLEMTransfer of licenses on change of company ownership ADVANTAGES OF THE CHOSEN SOLUTIONThe transfer of ownership resulted in the need to adjust • Simple manner of transferring licenses on transfer ofservise license agreements (SLAs) for software, specific trade ownership.applications, servers and other related services. • Adverted potential threats to safe operation (viruses, Trojans etc.). • Protection of all data, backup of all documentation.An additional problem was the requirement for authorization of • Mobility option ensured speedy tradeoff between partnersthe company’s decisions by its owners, as the company needed • Minimized need to confirm acquire consent or a great number of IT operations (rentalof services, investment in equipment, other services), whichconsiderably extended the time for implementation.CHALLENGEEnsuring business securityProviding the highest level of data protection was crucial.Implementation of virtual desktops adverted potential threats to safeoperation, such as viruses, Trojans and other frauds. The customerpays for this protection with fixed costs, known in advance.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  11. 11. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siCASE STUDY:Fast infrastructure setup/breakdown for eventsCompany:Location: Endemit Ljubljana SOLUTIONBranch: advertising agency For trainings sessions connected to specific computerCompany Size: small applications, we provided an entire computer Flip IT classroomSpecification: need for mobility with 16 study workstations in one environment. The computer classroom was implemented with no customer investment inEndemit is a creative advertising agency offering modern equipment or infrastructure. After the conclusion of the training,approaches to advertising, industrial design, advertisement the classroom was simply removed.production, PR and event management. For promotional fairs abroad, we prepared Flip IT workstationsPROBLEM with IP telephony solutions. Foreign visitors made calls to Slovenia via these phone at the local rate.For press events, training sessions and call centers, the agency For another events, we equipped a high-capacity and flexibleneeded flexible and reliable computer environments set up for press center with a computer and communications infrastructure.a limited period of time, with no investment in equipment.CHALLENGE ADVANTAGES OF THE CHOSEN SOLUTIONSetting up a large number of working environments, often in a • Fast set-up and disassembly of workstations equipped withvery short time, while ensuring mobility of solutions. computers and other infrastructure. • No investment into software or hardware is needed for the setup of workstations. • Solutions based on IP telephony minimize costs of international phone calls. • Flexibility of services allows for setting up of various types of workstations: classrooms, press centers, computer solutions for fairs etc.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  12. 12. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siCASE STUDY:Simplifying IT and support for trainingCompany:Location: o2z2 Ljubljana SOLUTIONBranch: education, multimedia The customer was equipped with a modern computerCompany Size: institute classroom for training connected to different multimedia tools. AllSpecification: project approach workstations run on virtual Flip IT desktops with Adobe Creative Suite software, the Gimp, Internet services etc.o2z2 is an institute for the development of multimedia thatstrives to add dimensions to multimedia products via education, The virtual Flip IT desktops allow project collaboration, as thecounseling and production. users access files on shared remote disks.The group operates according to the project managementprinciple and builds its competencies on flexible and modern ADVANTAGES OF THE CHOSEN SOLUTIONtechnological approaches. It is made up of diverse experts • With the Flip IT rental model, there is no need for investmentfrom different fields: multimedia, marketing and human resource in software or, as well as counselling and education. • Easy project sharing, thanks to remote desktops and shared files.PROBLEM • No bother of installations, maintenance and services − Flip ITFor the needs of modern education contents the institute needs handles all of these needs.advanced multimedia classrooms with powerful computer • Easy, comfortable and customized workstation setup forequipment and diverse software. Additional requirements include training participants.speedy addition/removal of workstations. • Safety from viruses, high level of data protection.CHALLENGEThe group operates on the basis of projects and needs goodcollaboration tools to ensure efficient communication.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services
  13. 13. Virtu d.o.o. Tivolska cesta 48, Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 4746 500 · Fax: +386 1 4746 501 · www.flipit.siCASE STUDY:Outsourcing IT to external providerCompany:Location: Leemeta Celje SOLUTIONBranch: translation agency The company switched to a totally independent and managed ITCompany Size: small system, optimizing telephony costs at the same time.Specification: numerous specific applications, many contacts with external operators All workstations were equipped with computers, printers and IP phones. Virtual user desktops facilitated the exchange ofThe Leemeta translation agency is a young, fast-growing documents between internal and external employees. Standardcompany. With a distinctive market appearance and a business software was installed in each environment, with industry-specificmodel based on modern technologies, the agency has managed software adjusted to the needs of each enter this competitive marketing space in a relatively short time. The solution included customer support, hardware and softwareLeemeta provides translations of more than 80 world languages, upgrades, all necessary services and implementation of thewith services carried out by 450 certified translators. The company highest level of data distinguished by its responsiveness, as a large portion of textsare translated within 24 hours from order receipt. ADVANTAGES OF THE CHOSEN SOLUTIONPROBLEM • The company can devote its entire attention to its main revenue-producing activity.Too much focus on IT, high telephony costs • Centralizing the system gave the company betterThe company has been spending too much time on internal IT control of all processes, records, and internal andtasks, without adequate staffing. This IT focus also distracted external documents.employees from their main tasks, which generate company • With the introduction of IP telephony, the companyrevenues. The company also wanted to reduce phone bills, which reduced its direct communications costs.were high due to many phone contacts between the company • Communication time with IT providers and servicesand its customers and external operators. was minimized. • The company gained access to top-quality IT servicesCHALLENGE that are usually available only to large organizations.Many industry-specific applicationsFor its translation services, the company uses a great numberof specific applications, which needed to be transferred to thevirtual environment and adjusted to the needs of users whenchanging to the Flip IT service.Virtu, information services | Virtualized Offices | IT solutions | Cloud Solutions | Managed IT Services