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Main Street Startups


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We Fire up your Start up!

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  • This is an overview of the 'secret sauce' used on Main Street... Main Street Startups that is! Modeled after Y Combinator and TechStars with a focus on getting the Marketing right in the first 90 days, we provide the mentors your startup needs to succeed. We also take equity in lieu of fees. At this time we can only work with US Citizens. However, you may be located anywhere in the world that offers broadband internet access.
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Main Street Startups

  1. 1. Jeff SKI Kinsey Entrepreneur in Residence1 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  2. 2. ProblemWhere can you find successful mentors? Down on Main Street!How can you launch a new business on the cheap? Less time to market = less burn!Has anyone documented a “system” that works? I have!2 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  3. 3. Mentors? ๏ Jeff SKI Kinsey ๏ Dan Hanlon ๏ Darryl Dillenback ๏ Ron Finklestein ๏ and more... Visit our web site for complete Biographical details and more3 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  4. 4. 90 Days is Sufficient“The United States Marine Corps turns wild-eyed dreamers into lean, mean fighting machines in just 90 days. I know, they did it to me.”“I created an eCommerce business on Hilton Head Island in just 90 Days and went on to land four, five and six figure contacts.”“I created TOCreview, an international business magazine, in 95 days.“I turned around a hotel after the events of 911 in just 90 Days.”“I increased production of completed motorcycles for Red Horse by 214% while reducing work-in-process inventory by 50% and increased sales by 37% all in just 90 Days!”“I had the idea to launch Main Street Startups on Labor Day 2010 and we were open for business on December 6, 2010 which is just 90 Days. Then we launched our first startup in just 90 Days.”See a theme here?4 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  5. 5. Systems Approach ๏ Deming said success is 94% the result of the system ๏ Eli Goldratt gave us Constraints Management ๏ John Boyd gave us the OODA Loop ๏ SKI gave us the Purple Curve Effect!5 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  6. 6. Business Model ๏ Find a working model and steal it! ๏ We are a For Profit Business Incubator ๏ Proven systems ๏ Marketing focus ๏ Results driven ๏ We take equity not large fees6 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  7. 7. Secret Ingredient? Our Mentors7 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  8. 8. Sales & Marketing A Systems Approach From $30 to over $130 per share has a system that exploits the weakest link in CRM8 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  9. 9. Competition? Status Quo for sure... what else?9 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC
  10. 10. You are 90 Days Away from a breakthrough... Jeff SKI Kinsey (330) 737-1812 www.MainStStark.com10 (c)Copyright 2011 by 1240 Main Street LLC