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Digital Strategy Template - For Startups Small Business & Ad Agencies


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One of the biggest problems for any startup or small business is that there is no template for digital strategy available. In this document, I've tried to cover very practical approach on how to break down your digital strategy process into stages that cuts across identifying & segmenting your target audience, choosing the right digital marketing channels and creating the marketing metrics to track your performance.

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Digital Strategy Template - For Startups Small Business & Ad Agencies

  1. 1. By Piyush Aggarwal Digital Strategy Template For Startups & Small Business
  2. 2. About me Piyush Aggarwal Digital & Startup Marketing Expert e: t: m: +91 9873660781
  3. 3. By Piyush Aggarwal Often people don’t know where to start from to create their digital “STRATEGY” Incidentally, Microsoft Office does not offer any template for it
  4. 4. By Piyush Aggarwal Lets start with few basics, shall we?
  5. 5. By Piyush Aggarwal “Hope” is not a strategy so make strategy for getting results which is not based on hope 1.
  6. 6. By Piyush Aggarwal The real strategy is always “INVISIBLE” You don’t need to see the strategy out there. It should just work 2.
  7. 7. By Piyush Aggarwal Before strategy, your “GOALS” should be in sharp focus Photo credit: 3. Making profit in business can’t be a goal, its an outcome.
  8. 8. By Piyush Aggarwal Let’s SIMPLIFY STRATEGY
  9. 9. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage I - Concept Development
  10. 10. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 1 : Reality Check Market Competition Price SWOT Analysis • What’s the estimated market size (number of customers as well as total revenue of your product / service? • Top 5 customer segments • Top 5 geo locations ( cities, countries ) • How much of your customer segment available online? • Who are your top 5 direct competitors? • Who are your top 10 in-direct competitors? • What’s the max avg. annual revenue generated by top 5 players? • What’s the average number of customers of top 5 players? • What’s the avg.YOY growth rate of the top 5 & next 10 players? • What’s the avg price of your product / service? • Can it be purchase online? • It is high margin, low volume or low margin, high volume? • Does it require physical touch/ personal visit to close the deal? • What are your business strengths? ( network, resources, partnerships etc.) • What are you weakness due to which you think you can fail or get slow down? • What are the key low hanging business opportunities? • Are their any visible or hidden risks in the business?
  11. 11. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 2: Goals & Targets •  Presence across X locations •  % Market Share Business Goals •  Number of orders / deals •  Avg Value / Deal Sales Goals •  Leads Generated •  Prospects Engaged Marketing Goals
  12. 12. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 3a: Trends Audience(Insights( Business( Trends( Technology( Trends( Platform & Devices Software & Tools Data Security DemographicPsychographic Behavioral Industry Specific Trends Government Policies Social Media Trends Customer Purchases
  13. 13. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 3b: Derive Insights • Who is your core target audience? • Where is your core TA located (online & offline)? • What’s their purchase life cycle? How long it takes between first marketing message to purchase decision? • What excites them? • What are my industry’s best practices?
  14. 14. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage 1: Take aways • Get your facts in place. Gather as much data before you spend a single penny on digital marketing. • Based on the insights, decide the following: • Core target audience • Technology (platform/devices) • Expected return on investment • Sales targets ( # customers / revenue )
  15. 15. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage II - Strategy & Planning
  16. 16. By Piyush Aggarwal Important! Nothing works if your “STRATEGY” is not “INTEGRATED
  17. 17. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 4: Strategy Wireframe Integrated Marketing Communication Customers & Partners Outreach EmployeesMedia Shareholders Brand Pitch - What you want to be perceived as? ( Trusted / Quality / Customer Friendly / Efficiency etc. ) Audience Marketing ( B2B / B2C) Product Marketing Engagement Retention & Loyalty Offline Marketing Digital Marketing Audience Layer Communication Layer Product Layer Strategy Layer Tactics Layer Data ( Marketing & Sales Data) Analytics Layer
  18. 18. By Piyush Aggarwal Do you want your digital strategy to look like this?
  19. 19. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 4a: Outreach Plan Outreach – Owned Channels •  Website Strategy •  Mobile Apps •  Social Media Strategy •  SEO Strategy Outreach – Paid Channels •  SEM •  Social Ads •  Affiliate Marketing •  Sponsorships •  Performance Marketing •  Email Marketing Outreach - Earned •  Content Marketing •  Downloads •  Online Videos •  Webinars •  User generated content Attract more customers Find out the best way to invite people Get your house in order Campaigns:*Brand*Awareness,*Tac4cal,*Sales*
  20. 20. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 4b: Engagement Plan Engagement Channels •  Social Campaigns on FB / Twitter / Instagram etc. like contests, sweepstakes etc. •  Website – hosting flash sales, exclusive content •  Events – online / offline events Engagement Call to action •  Register •  Buy ( discounts ) •  Ask for quotation •  Book an appointment •  Get more info in your inbox Engagement Metrics •  Visits to Registration •  Visits to Sales •  Visits to query Metrics End outcome of engagement Where do you want to engage?
  21. 21. By Piyush Aggarwal Step 4c: Retention Plan CRM – Relationship Program •  Email Marketing Program •  Marketing Alerts – deals, company updates, newsletters, PR Stories, New Product Launch CRM – Follow ups •  Tele Calling / Email ( outbound / inbound ) •  Customer care & support •  Outbound sales CRM – After Sales •  Customer Onboarding Program •  Feedback & Survey •  Case Studies Development
  22. 22. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage 2: Take aways • Keep your marketing strategy totally integrated, else it may fall. • Map your strategy wireframe against overall business goals & key target audience • Create a simple outreach plan by: • Pick one channel & do A/B testing at every stage • Ensure the call to actions are correct at every engagement • Retaining customers is equally important as gaining new customers • Decide your marketing tactics based on business priorities & goal along with type of audience & product category
  23. 23. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage III - Execution
  24. 24. By Piyush Aggarwal Rollout Plan Structure Scope of work Team roles & responsibility Project Creation Design & Development Project Review Project Approval Go-to Market Key Project Stages Project Timelines Key Metrics Web / Mobile / Apps Landing Environment + Content (Images, Text, Video) Campaign 1 SEM Marketing Tech ( Google Analytics, Social Listening, Content Marketing, CRM ) Campaign 9 Affiliate Campaign 2 Social Media Campaign 7 Email Marketing Campaign 4 Re-targeting Campaign 3 Mobile Campaign 6 Native Ads Campaign 5 Video Campaign 8 Display
  25. 25. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage III : Take away • Get all the important pieces of your strategy on the table to decide your rollout plan. • Use “AGILE” approach in your design & development for faster go-to market. • Develop your marketing content in phases to maximize results • Connect your marketing efforts to sales at each stage. • Chose the right marketing tech for getting an integrated view of your marketing activities.
  26. 26. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage IV - Metrics
  27. 27. By Piyush Aggarwal Key Metrics Email& Marke+ng& Delivery&Rate& Open&Rate& Click&Thru& Rate& Registra+on& Social& Media& Leads& Followers& growth&rate& Engagement& rate& Referrals& SEM&/&PPC& #&Leads& Cost&/&lead& Cost&/&click& Sales&Closures& Website& Conversion& Rate& Leads& Generated& Content& Influence& Closures& Content& Marke+ng& #&Downloads&/& Views& #&Prospects& #& Opportuni+es& #&Closures&
  28. 28. By Piyush Aggarwal Stage IV : Take away • Try attributing your individual marketing efforts (by channel) to your sales. • Use universal analytics dashboards to view multiple metrics on single page. • Play as much as possible with different attribution models to find what works for you.
  29. 29. By Piyush Aggarwal –Andy Roddick “At one point in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don’t.” Food for thought
  30. 30. Presented by Piyush Aggarwal Digital & Startup Marketing Expert e: t: m: +91 9873660781