Knowledge Communities: Unlocking SharePoint 2010’s Hidden Value


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Knowledge communities offer an effective approach to improving collaboration among teams, creating and managing innovative knowledge, and optimizing business processes. They create an environment for locating, sharing and reusing knowledge and expertise in the organization.

In the Life Sciences arena, knowledge communities can sharpen team focus and have a positive impact across global and merged teams including R&D and clinical teams, pipeline management teams, sales teams, and many other groups.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a powerful platform for building knowledge communities from social networking through document/content management, advanced search and personalized My Sites.

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Knowledge Communities: Unlocking SharePoint 2010’s Hidden Value

  1. 1. Paragon Solutions, Inc. ProprietaryKnowledge Communities: Unlocking SharePoint 2010’s Hidden ValueImproving Knowledge Sharing and CollaborationMay 2011Jim KanePractice Lead: Collaboration & Knowledge Management, Paragon
  2. 2. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 2 -Paragon Solutions’ IntroductionCorporate Facts• National Coverage• Global Clients• NJ Headquarters• Dual-shore Development• CAGR 20+%• Privately owned, 29-year historyParagon is an enterprise information managementsolutions company that helps firms leverage informationassets to achieve better business results.
  3. 3. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 3 -Our Accelerators Deliver Rapid Time-to-Value and LowerTotal Cost
  4. 4. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 4 -Agenda Define Knowledge Communities Review Examples of Knowledge Communities Review a Process for Enabling and Implementing KnowledgeCommunities Look at SharePoint 2010 Capabilities that Support KnowledgeCommunities See a Demonstration of SharePoint 2010 Q&A
  5. 5. Paragon Solutions, Inc. ProprietaryKnowledge Communities
  6. 6. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 6 -What are Knowledge Communities?Knowledge Communities are environments in which members share common objectives and goals.Communities are successful when members adopt behaviors that foster collaboration as well ascreation and management of information (knowledge). Communities support making tacit knowledgeexplicit.Communities of Practice, Communities of Interest, Project Communities .. There are no strictdefinitions of types of communities … Use what works for your organization.
  7. 7. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 7 -Why Knowledge Communities in Life Sciences?Globalization, Mergers, Need for Speed, Innovation … the Life Sciences industry is experiencingunprecedented challenges. We have heard from our clients, and the problems are common acrossmany organizations. We look at personal and business drivers.Who hasexperience inoutsourcingmanagement?How do I knowthisdocumentationis correct?I feel like I amre-inventingthe wheelHow do Iinterpret this Part11 Guideline?I know I haveheard about howto solve myproblem ..I need tosearch for…Individual Drivers Business DriversWe keep repeating our mistakesWe aren’t repeating oursuccessesWe lose too much knowledgewhen people leave or retire(Baby Boomers)We need to adapt to incomingworkforce membersIt’s taking too long to developnew productsWe have experts everywhereand we don’t’ know who they are
  8. 8. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 8 -Knowledge Capture – A Key Goal of Knowledge Communities"Knowledge written and stored in computers is effectively only about 20% of what we know,“^Tacit Knowledge is knowledgethat is difficult to transfer toanother person by means ofwriting it down or verbalizing itExplicit Knowledge issearchable, repeatableknowledge that managed bydomain experts and user cancollaborate on the value and useof the knowledge
  9. 9. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 9 -Knowledge Communities Enable “Many to Many”DetailedSimpleIndividual(One to One)Community(Many to Many)DiscussionsWikisInstantMessagingEmailsTagging & RatingBookmarks& RSSSearchPersonalBlogsBlogsMicroblogs(Status Update)ProfileSearchProfileUpdatesCommentsDocumentsAnnouncementsKnowledge Communities provide a forum for enabling and capturing knowledge on very complextopics.CommunitySweet SpotTacitExplicit
  10. 10. Paragon Solutions, Inc. ProprietaryKnowledge Community Examples
  11. 11. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 11 -The Power of CommunitiesSource: APQCTarget ValueProposition :OperationalExcellence , createa more affordablebusiness structure.Approach :Communities ofPractice, Bestpractice replicationprocessResults :In less than 6years , 15000ideas submitted ,value realized ?over $1 billion.Target ValueProposition :Faster revenuegrowth, lowercosts.Approach :CoP’s, central KMManagers, contentmanagement.Results :10 fold increase inrevenue with only5 fold increase inemployees.Target ValueProposition :Operationalefficiency andservice delivery toclients, Knowledgesharing culture.Approach :CoP’s, InTouch,service desks,contentmanagement,SME teams.Results :$200 millionrevenue created /saved , 95%reduction intechnical queryresolution. Annualinvestment ofapprox $50 million.Target ValueProposition :Decreasecustomer servicecostsApproach :Customer Portal,CustomerknowledgerepositoryResults :Number of testchips createddecreased from4.2 to 2.7 /Average reductionof 4.5 hours percolor match /Savings of $2.25million per year /Total investmentunknownTarget ValueProposition :Provide fasteraccess to info,improveinformation mgmtimprove salesleadsApproach :Content Mgmtcommunities ofpracticeResults :Increase numberof sales leads /Increase in newproduct sales /Improvedcustomersatisfaction scores/ CM investment ofover $3 million forstart up, $8 millionannually.Target ValueProposition :Create a single,global company/Reduce cycle time /“Too Fast to Follow”Approach :Global Networks(CoPs) / New waysof working / Lettingthe new guys into“Old Boy” networks/ Transfer of bestpracticesResults :$200 million/yr costsavings / Reducednumber of wells /Increased facilityuptime / Reduceddesign and planningerrors / Totalinvestment ofapproximately $4million
  12. 12. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 12 -Knowledge Communities in Life Sciences• Connect global drug manufacturing subject matter experts tosupport critical problem-solving (powder compact, cleaningvalidation, packaging and labeling, etc.)• Connect global teams and people from newly mergedorganizations (scientists, clinical trial SMEs)• Enhance technology transfer between R&D and commercialization• Capture tacit (personal/not documented) knowledge and making itexplicit (searchable, reusable) to support innovation in researchand clinical operations• Make it easy for new employees to connect with team membersand to collaborate on problems and content• Facilitate communities with JV partners, CROs and other externalparties to foster and improve communications and collaboration
  13. 13. Paragon Solutions, Inc. ProprietaryEnabling and Implementing Knowledge Communities
  14. 14. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 14 -Knowledge Community EnablementCommunitiesSponsorshipMethodologyCulture &ValuesTechnologyGovernanceCommunity Enablement is a methodical and flexible process designed to bring together people tofunction as a community and meet business objectives. Paragon takes a very holistic approach,focusing on key areas for maximum benefitSuccessful communities address individual needs, community needs and organizational needs• Corporate, Business,Community Sponsorsand Objectives• Management Leadership• Individual Leadership• Phased• Roles, Types• Repeatable Model• Flexible to Fit Need• Empowered Team• Corporate Alignment• Evolution Management• Metrics• Information Architecture• Stewardship• Information Policies &Retention• Collaboration• Content Management• Search• Social Networking• Reporting• Portals (Aggregation)• Change Management• Adoption• Evangelism
  15. 15. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 15 -Governance: Communities and SharePoint 2010Governance of Communities must tie in to existing information and personal conductpolicies, as well as technology governance. Some lessons learned include:• Global privacy laws are muchstricter than US laws so plan ontackling this issue early• Develop an auditing approach tohelp ensure communities aremeeting their stated outcomes• Do not simply allow ad hoc creation ofcommunities, have a governance modelfor enabling and implementation• Have a Steering Group supportenablement and implementation• Decide early on intranet v.extranet communities and levelsof governance required• Decide early on approach to approach forcommunities that require validatedcontent
  16. 16. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 16 -Community Enablement FrameworkSetup Enrollment AdoptionPeople, Cultures, and BehaviorsCommunityEnablementPhasesCommunityEstablishmentProjectPhasesProjectPlanCommunicationPlanChangeMgtPlanEstablish Govern, MeasureSupporting Technologies (SharePoint 2010)KM Strategy (Intent)ProgramMaturityPhaseProcess, Knowledge, and Technology DeliveryAssess, Define& PlanDesign &StartupLaunch &ExpandGrow & EvolveParagon leverages a Community Enablement Framework, guided by subject-matter experts, provenmethodologies and pre-defined templates to ensure effective program execution.NewUsers
  17. 17. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 17 -An Enablement Process Speeds Adoption of CommunitiesPhase I AssessDefine & PlanPhase II Design &StartupPhase III Launch& ExpandPhase IV Grow &Evolve• Meet with Stakeholders• Form Design Team• Identify Key Drivers &Outcomes• Draft Initial Charter• Begin Community Design• Conduct Role-BasedTraining• ImplementCommunication &Change Mgt Plans• Complete ContentLoading• Hold Soft Launch• Evaluate Feedback• Revise as Needed• Conduct Formal Release• Implement Goals andMeasurement Scorecard• Implement Reward &Recognition Program• Grow Membership• Conduct OngoingOutreach Events• Review/Update Charter• Capture Success Stories• Integrate with OtherCommunities• Contribute to LessonsLearnedThe Enablement Process is flexible, based on the size, scope and criticality of the community need;the process is guided by subject-matter experts and with templates and examples. The processaddresses sponsorship, governance, technology, and cultural issues• Finalize Charter• I.D. Roles/Responsibilities• Develop Mrktg/Comm Plans• Develop Goals and Metrics• Design Reward/RecognitionPlan• Complete Community Design• Build Capabilities and LoadContent• Complete Change Mgt Plan• Conduct POC & Feedback• Prep for Launch
  18. 18. Paragon Solutions, Inc. ProprietaryKnowledge Communities and SharePoint
  19. 19. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 19 -SharePoint 2010SharePoint has always been an enabling technology for Knowledge Communities. SharePoint 2010extends these capabilities for even greater support. New Capabilities for ColleagueTracking “Ask Me About” Notes Community Notes Enhanced My Site Content Tagging and Commenting Rating Faceted Search Organizational Browser Enhanced DocumentManagement Capabilities Enhanced Wiki Capabilities
  20. 20. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 20 -SharePoint Provides Unique ConnectionsTags are added by the user in a community, and provide context to content. Tags tie together pieces thathelp people find others, find content, track content, and add to the community knowledge base.PeopleCommunitiesMy SiteTag Pages Search• Pages• Libraries• Lists• Items• Documents• ExternalWebsites• My Sites• Tag Profiles• ImagesLife Sciences communities can tagcontent with domain specific terms thatspeed search, and help connect people tocontent.Tagged content is noted on a user’s MySite and may be public or private (forpersonal reference); people can findpeople via tagsTag pages are SharePoint sitesautomatically created; tag pages provideusers multiple ways to work with tagsTags are indexed and available for search,and can be treated as managedpropertiesUser profileshighlight personalexpertise, tags, andhelp connect peopleCommunities provide afocus and take advantageof SharePoint capabilitieslike tags, wikis, blogs,discussion threads,profiles
  21. 21. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 21 -Microsoft Partners Enhance the Community CapabilitiesCompanies like NewsGator provide extensions that enhance capabilities of SharePoint2010 that support Communities• Enhanced UserInterface• Social SiteTemplates• Micro blogging• EnhancedActivityStreams• LanguageLocalization
  22. 22. Paragon Solutions, Inc. ProprietaryDemonstration
  23. 23. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 23 -SharePoint 2010 Demonstration – A Knowledge CommunityOur demonstration scenarioA few key points:• This is a demonstration environment, not a community from a company we have worked with• We are mostly focusing on the new capabilities in SharePoint 2010 that support communitiesTim Smith is a new employee. He is a Study Manager in the Oncology Franchiseauthoring a new Protocol for a phase III Oncology study (ONCO1344). He is looking fortemplates, work from other trials, and information pertaining to which Central Labs arecurrently used for these kinds of studies. He has learned about a community thatfocuses on Clinical Trials within the organization, and has decided to reach out to thecommunity to obtain some of the information he is seeking.
  24. 24. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 24 -The Value of Knowledge Communities Information (Knowledge) is capturedin context making it more valuable A forum is provided to focus onspecific business problems andoutcomes Behaviors that support innovation,problem-solving and collaborationare promoted and supported People are provided a capability to“connect” Both individual and corporateoutcomes are addressed Both individual and corporateoutcomes are addressed Younger workers are given the toolsthey know (social networking) butare focused to meet corporateneeds People are more empowered tosucceed personally Savings can be realized whensavings are a defined outcomeIn Life Sciences knowledge has value at many levels. Communities can support researchers,project managers, clinical trial leaders and team members, pipeline management teams and more.
  25. 25. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 25 -Paragon Services – How Can We Help You? Indentify Knowledge Community Candidates Establish Business Case – Sponsorship, Outcome Visioning Plan and Execute Community Enablement Assess and Improve Existing Community Effectiveness Design and Build SharePoint 2010 Community Sites and Capabilities (andSupporting Information Architecture, Governance, Training)Paragon has services and an “Enablement Methodology” that can help organizations take advantageof the value of Knowledge Communities. From strategy through enablement, Paragon has theexperience, tools and knowledge to help make your effort successful. Services of interest include:
  26. 26. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 26 -Additional Information and Contactshttp://www.consultparagon.comNew!!Paragon Solutions and Microsoft Co-Author Whitepaper DetailingSharePoint 2010 Compliance Enhancements ..Please visit our web site for additional information or contact: marketing@consultparagon.comto receive a copyParagon Solutions Contacts Jim Kane, Practice Lead: Collaboration & KM: