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Quizzinga 2013 finals_for upload


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The finals of Quizzinga 2013 - the fund-raiser quiz for ASHA Bangalore, conducted at IIM Bangalore on July 21, 2013.

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Quizzinga 2013 finals_for upload

  1. 1. Presents QUIZZINGA! 2013 - A quiz for a cause Welcome to the Finals
  2. 2. In Association with
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  5. 5. QUIZZINGA 2013 Finals • 54 Questions – The Write Way – 6 Questions – Clockwise – 21 Questions – Stake That! – 6 Questions – Anti-Clockwise – 20 Questions
  6. 6. QUIZZINGA 2013 The Write Way 6 questions +10 per question +12 if only 1 or 2 teams get it
  7. 7. QUIZZINGA 2013 Answers Follow…
  8. 8. QUIZZINGA 2013 1. Identify this upcoming movie in Nov 2013 and the author of the book it’s based on. (video removed)
  10. 10. QUIZZINGA 2013 Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card
  11. 11. QUIZZINGA 2013 2. Identify the book and the author from the different cover versions of the book.
  12. 12. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  13. 13. QUIZZINGA 2013 On the Road Jack Kerouac
  14. 14. QUIZZINGA 2013 3. Identify the advertiser and tell us what’s unique about Halitosis.
  15. 15. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  16. 16. QUIZZINGA 2013 Halitosis a term for “bad breath,” which is not an actual “disease” or “illness” of any kind. Halitosis is a term invented by Listerine as part of a successful ad campaign.
  17. 17. QUIZZINGA 2013 4. A picture of the 1960 Olympics Marathon final. Who won? What’s the monument at the finish line?
  18. 18. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  19. 19. QUIZZINGA 2013 Abebe Bikila Arch of Constantine
  20. 20. QUIZZINGA 2013 I, ____A____, wrote the Vishnu Purana. My name is actually ___B___ but I was also known as ___C___ ___D___ ___C___ because I was dark complexioned and ___D___ for “island-born” because I was born on the meeting point of the rivers Seti and Madi. I, ___E___, was blind because my mom closed her eyes in shyness after seeing dad. I, ___F___, was pale because my mom’s turned pale seeing dad. My mom remained calm, and I, ___G___, turned out to be a healthy kid. Most people don’t know me, and only recollect my siblings. I am ___H___ and I recited the Bhaghavatam to the dying Parikshit 5.
  21. 21. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  22. 22. QUIZZINGA 2013 A – Parashar B – Vyasa C – Krishna D – Dwaipayana E – Dritharashtra F – Pandu G – Vidura H – Shuka
  23. 23. QUIZZINGA 2013 6. What does this map represent? Name the 2 countries in purple that are arrow-marked.
  24. 24. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  25. 25. QUIZZINGA 2013 Map of African de-colonisation/independence Ethiopia and Liberia
  26. 26. QUIZZINGA 2013 Clockwise • 21 questions • 10 points per answer on direct or pass on infinite bounce • +10/-10 on pounce • Unlimited pounces per team • Pounce open for 5-10 seconds
  27. 27. QUIZZINGA 2013 1. The “mouse cheese” Emmental’s huge marble sized holes are familiar to us, as the source of mayhem in Tom and Jerry cartoons for example. The question is, how does Emmental get its holes?
  28. 28. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  29. 29. QUIZZINGA 2013 They are formed by the gas produced by a special culture of bacteria. The cheese maker introduces a bacteria which reacts with the lactic acid in the cheese to create carbon dioxide gas. The evening milk is mixed with the morning milk and warmed in enormous copper vats known as Kessi. Curd cutting is done using a cheese harp. The cut curds are then cooked in the whey, wrapped in cheesecloth and transported to a wooden hoop to drain. Once pressed and turned several times the cheeses are taken to the maturing rooms to ripen. This is when the famous bubbles appear.
  30. 30. QUIZZINGA 2013 2. Connect (exhaustive list)
  31. 31. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  32. 32. QUIZZINGA 2013 Kannada director P Sheshadri ( Every film of his has won a national award! 2000: 48th National Film Awards: Best Film on Other Social Issues: Munnudi 2001: 49th National Film Awards: Best Feature Film in Kannada: Atithi 2004: 52nd National Film Awards: Best Feature Film in Kannada: Beru 2005: 53rd National Film Awards: Best Film on Environment Conservation/Preservation: Thutturi 2008: 56th National Film Awards: Best Feature Film in Kannada: Vimukthi 2010: 58th National Film Awards: Best Film on Environment Conservation/Preservation: Bettada Jeeva 2013: 60th National Film Awards: Best Feature Film in Kannada: Bharath Stores
  33. 33. QUIZZINGA 2013 3. The Peterhoff in Shimla has housed many Viceroys and Governor Generals. When Himachal Pradesh became a full-fledged state it became the Raj Bhavan. What took place here from mid-1948 culminating on November 8, 1949?
  34. 34. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  35. 35. QUIZZINGA 2013 The trial of Nathuram Godse was held here. After independence, the building served as the Punjab High Court.
  36. 36. QUIZZINGA 2013 4. The Arabic and Persian words for “jewel” are similar, but the Persians spell theirs with a “G” and the Arabs use a “J”. The Persian word more specifically means “pearl”. So, in effect a famous father-son pair have the same name by meaning. The son also shares his name with X, Gandhi’s comrade in the Khilafat movement, after whom the south Bombay thoroughfare that runs along Minara masjid, Bhendi Bazaar, and Grant Road is named. Who are the father and son, and who is X?
  37. 37. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  38. 38. QUIZZINGA 2013 Jawaharlal Nehru and Motilal Nehru Y is Mohammed Ali Jouhar, after who Mohammad Ali Road is named.
  39. 39. QUIZZINGA 2013 5. The agreement is that the 1920s version of the traditional folk song ‘Arirang’ will be played when someone achieves success. The symbol that will be used is a blue silhouette of a peninsula, including the island of Jeju-do to the southwest and Ulleung-do to the east. However, these complications are usually set aside because the need for use almost never arises. Explain.
  40. 40. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  41. 41. QUIZZINGA 2013 North Korea and South Korea participating as a unified team. There are only two occasions when this has happened - in the same year of 1991 at the World Table Tennis Championships held in Japan and the Junior World Football Championships in Portugal
  42. 42. QUIZZINGA 2013 6. Spin a story.
  43. 43. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  44. 44. QUIZZINGA 2013 Alfred Hitchcock hired Evan Hunter to adapt Daphne du Maurier's novella, “The Birds.” Hunter, as Ed McBain, was the author of the successful 87th Precinct novels.
  45. 45. QUIZZINGA 2013 7. Philip Noel-Baker, the only person to have won an Olympic medal and a Nobel, participated in the formation of the League of Nations and was a valued adviser to Fridtjof Nansen. What interests us today however, is his name. What is unique about Philip Noel-Baker’s name, a fact that he shares with Richard Kruspe- Bernstein, guitarist for German band Rammstein, among other people?
  46. 46. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  47. 47. QUIZZINGA 2013 All these people joined their wife’s surname with their own.
  48. 48. QUIZZINGA 2013 8. The Engelszell Stift, founded in 1293, is a beautiful monastery 200 km east of Munich in Germany. Last year it realised it needed financial input to restore old paintings and frescos and for general upkeep of the place. What did the monks decide to do, and what has resulted?
  49. 49. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  50. 50. QUIZZINGA 2013 The Trappist monks of Engelszell Still decided to start a small brewery. It became the 9th brewery in the world to be given the honour of using the official Trappist label. Note: To get the “Authentic Trappist” label, a brewery must be of secondary importance within the monastery, and not be a profit-making venture. The income should only cover the living expenses of the monks and the maintenance of the buildings and grounds.
  51. 51. QUIZZINGA 2013 9. “I was over at his house, you know, looking for stuff to do. And I didn't like anything there, really. They had a big box of hats, some with feathers. I thought that was pretty lame. So I went to the car and got my cricket gear. And he says, 'Oh yeah, I love the white.' And so I put it on. And Stanley goes, 'Oh put the protector on the outside.' So I wore the box on the outside like a codpiece. He goes, 'This could be like the middle ages. I like this look.' And that's how the look of the _____ came; because I had my cricket stuff in the back of my car.” Who, talking about what?
  52. 52. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  53. 53. QUIZZINGA 2013 Malcolm McDowell recalling how he and the film's director Stanley Kubrick were struggling to come up with a costume for the lead character, and then the white suits and codpieces worn by Alex and his Droogs in A Clockwork Orange happened.
  54. 54. QUIZZINGA 2013 10. In the April 1846 issue of Graham’s Magazine, this author in an essay called Philosophy of Composition, came up with three central elements of his writing philosophy: - Length - Method - Unity of Effect The author used this to explain a famous 1845 work, in which, according to him, the central character represented “Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance” Identify the author, the 1845 work and explain Unity of Effect
  55. 55. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  56. 56. QUIZZINGA 2013 Edgar Allen Poe Raven A work of fiction should be written only after the author has decided how it is to end and which emotional effect he wishes to create
  57. 57. QUIZZINGA 2013 11. This is a 2010 film called Abohomaan. The story talks about an influential film director whose marriage, and his relationship with his son, become strained due to his close association with an upcoming actress. The film is a purported remake of a very famous 1959 Hindi film that was reported to be semi-autobiographical. (video removed) a) Who is the director? (2 points) b) Which director-actress pair is Abohomaan supposed to portray? (4 points) c) Name the pair in the 1959 film (4 points)
  58. 58. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  59. 59. QUIZZINGA 2013 Rituparno Ghosh Satyajit Ray – Madhabi Mukherjee Guru Dutt – Waheeda Rehman
  60. 60. QUIZZINGA 2013 12. This concept has been discussed by WADA since 2002. It gained further momentum as a result of questions raised during the 2006 Olympic Winter Games surrounding suspensions of athletes by their federations following health checks that reported high haemoglobin levels. The concept is based on the monitoring of selected parameters over time that indirectly reveal the effect of doping, as opposed to the traditional direct detection of doping by analytical means. Give a two-word term for this concept that’s possibly borrowed from the travel world.
  61. 61. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  62. 62. QUIZZINGA 2013 Athlete Biological Passport
  63. 63. QUIZZINGA 2013 13. The painting on the right is only surviving solo finished panel painting by this painter – the style in this painting is apparently a precursor to his most famous work that began two years later in 1508. It is also inspired by the painting on the left. Identify both artists and paintings – for the painting on the right, give us a name that denotes the shape of the artwork.
  64. 64. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  65. 65. QUIZZINGA 2013 Left (the inspiration) – Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin and Child with St. Anne Right – Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo (Tondo means round)
  66. 66. QUIZZINGA 2013 14. The word has been given two or three etymological explanations. Firstly, it is deemed to be a corrupt form of the Sanskrit word ‘mishra’ meaning ‘mixed’ denoting a mixture of two styles. Secondly, in Sanskrit, it means a mule which again is a hybrid of two animals. Thirdly, it means means an area wherein one takes a long walk. Identify this architectural style prevalent in Karnataka and the Deccan that is a combination of two other styles – name the two other styles as well. Pics Follow
  67. 67. Style 1 Style 2 Combined
  68. 68. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  69. 69. QUIZZINGA 2013 Vesara (e.g. Belur) Combination of Nagara (e.g. Khajuraho) and Dravidian (e.g. Thanjavur) styles
  70. 70. QUIZZINGA 2013 15. Connect these ads and the picture on the next slide – looking for a music connection.
  71. 71. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  72. 72. QUIZZINGA 2013 The song The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - The ad slogans are referenced in the lyrics - The poster was put up recently in the Greek broadcaster ERT’s office as they are being threatened with a shutdown
  73. 73. QUIZZINGA 2013 16. The list of places covered by this technology include the Antarctic, the inside of the White House and the Great Barrier Reef. However, this particular city has posed difficulties because of the numerous bridges that it has. The tech firm in question used a very simple method to solve this problem and additionally used a device called the Trekker, which has been used in the past to cover the Grand Canyon hiking paths, the Burj Khalifa and inside the Alhambra palace. Explain all elements. There is also an alliteratively- named service that the tech company is launching specially for this city. Name that as well.
  74. 74. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  75. 75. QUIZZINGA 2013 Google Street view in Venice using employees - The internet firm sent physically fit technicians to walk Venice's alleys wearing a backpack-mounted camera. Google is also planning to snap Venice from a boat as the vessel plies the city's canals, a service which has been dubbed "Google gondola"
  76. 76. QUIZZINGA 2013 17. Name and connect the following: • A rare intestinal condition in humans resulting from tricophagia, or the abnormal urge to eat one’s hair • People with an excessive preoccupation with their physical appearances and youth, thus having problems in terms of coping with aging • A condition characterized by intense and often delusional distrust of their partners; also called morbid jealousy and is often associated with alcoholism and sexual dysfunction • People who claim that they know something even if they don’t, in order to avoid being judged as stupid or intellectually inferior to others
  77. 77. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  78. 78. QUIZZINGA 2013 Human conditions/syndromes named after literary characters • Rapunzel • Dorian Grey • Othello • Emperor’s New Clothes
  79. 79. QUIZZINGA 2013 18. Connect and explain
  80. 80. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  81. 81. QUIZZINGA 2013 Perry Mason - Erle Stanley Gardener took the name from the publisher of this magazine, the Perry Mason Company
  82. 82. QUIZZINGA 2013 19. Identify the 2001 English movie and the 1965 Hindi movie from this video. (video removed of song Jaan Pehchan Hai playing in the opening credits of an English film)
  83. 83. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  84. 84. QUIZZINGA 2013 Ghost World Gumnaam
  85. 85. QUIZZINGA 2013 20. A whimsical look at comparing manliness and fashion, along with a team’s cricketing progress, the book contains portraits of people like Herbert Sutcliffe, Hedley Verity, Geoff Boycott, Darren Gough and Michael Vaughan. Which team is the book about? Fill in the blank with the name given to disk shaped beads used for decorative purposes. Pic follows
  86. 86. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  87. 87. QUIZZINGA 2013 Yorkshire Sequins (like we’ll get ‘em in singles)
  88. 88. QUIZZINGA 2013 21. Who connects? What name change did the person undergo after these three movies and how did she justify the same?
  89. 89. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  90. 90. QUIZZINGA 2013 Rehana Sultana became Rehana Sultan after all her first three movies got an A rating and she supposedly donated the A in her name to the Censor Board!
  91. 91. QUIZZINGA 2013 STAKE THAT! 6 questions +10 per question Stake for Bonus (both parts must be correct)  +5/-3  +10/-7
  93. 93. QUIZZINGA 2013 1. These are pictures from the Royal Ascot Gold Cup prize distribution ceremony for 2012 and 2013. What break from tradition happened in 2013 as opposed to 2012 and why? 2012 2013
  94. 94. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  95. 95. QUIZZINGA 2013 Queen Elizabeth II usually hands out the Royal Ascot Gold Cup winner’s trophy to the horse owner. In 2013 – the Queen’s horse won the trophy as a result of which she received the trophy from her son Prince Andrew
  96. 96. QUIZZINGA 2013 2. One technique is just round or off-square surfaces, while a more elaborate technique involves a mercury drop in a reservoir in the centre with a capillary tube to another reservoir at a side and shifting the mercury drop by tapping gently. More complex techniques involve a low melting point semi solid embedded inside that melts on body heat, or an embedded magnet that gets attracted to a coil of wire on the table. All of them lead to what phrase that implies unfair advantage?
  97. 97. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  98. 98. QUIZZINGA 2013 Loaded Dice/Crooked Dice
  99. 99. QUIZZINGA 2013 3. In the mid 18th century, wildfowl hunting was a very popular sport in Scotland and hunters often faced difficulty in crossing ponds and rivers to pick up their scalp. With improved weapons and firearms in the 1800s, the problem was only amplified as the game could be shot from longer ranges but would not necessarily be accessible. What breed of dog takes its name since it was bred with the singular purpose of addressing this problem?
  100. 100. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  101. 101. QUIZZINGA 2013 Retriever – of which Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever are varieties.
  102. 102. QUIZZINGA 2013 4. Listed among the top 50 must visit places in the USA for literary fans, this windmill at Stony Brook Southampton, NY campus was the 1957 residence of a Pulitzer prize winning writer who wrote the play “The Day on Which a Man Dies” in response to the death of his artist friend. Name the writer and the artist. Larger pic follows
  103. 103. QUIZZINGA 2013
  104. 104. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  105. 105. QUIZZINGA 2013 Tennessee Williams Jackson Pollock
  106. 106. QUIZZINGA 2013 5. Connect (audios removed; songs 18 and Life and song by Nirvana)
  107. 107. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  108. 108. QUIZZINGA 2013 Skid Row • The term given to shabby urban areas with dilapidated pubs and houses, frequented by lowlifes • Song 1 was ‘18 and Life’ by the band “Skid Row” • Song 2 was by Nirvana, who were once known as Skid Row
  109. 109. QUIZZINGA 2013 6. An exchange between a fan and a brand on the brand’s FB page: Query: Dear ________, For the last 18 months, every time I buy one of your packages of _____, the to share/not to share sticker has been reversed. So when I go to open the to share side, and share the ____ with all my friends, the hole is so small for us all to fit our fingers in there. Please if you guys can fix this MAJOR issue in my day to day life, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Dylan Response: Thanks for reaching out, Dylan, and don't worry, your eyes aren't deceiving you! We actually decided to turn the label after our fans told us they prefer to use the smaller opening when sharing the _____ with friends. This way you don't have to share all of your _______! But we'll certainly keep your request in mind. Name the brand
  110. 110. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  111. 111. QUIZZINGA 2013 Icebreakers
  112. 112. QUIZZINGA 2013 Anti-Clockwise • 21 questions • 10 points per answer on direct or pass on infinite bounce • +10/-10 on pounce • Unlimited pounces per team • Pounce open for 5-10 seconds
  113. 113. QUIZZINGA 2013 1. In principle these devices are something akin to dead man’s handles. The DMH must be kept pressed down by the hand to continue contact and keep the engine running. These, called “kill cords,” however work a little differently, given the nature of the environment in which they are supposed to protect people. Where will you find them, and how do they work? Pic follows.
  114. 114. QUIZZINGA 2013
  115. 115. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  116. 116. QUIZZINGA 2013 They are attached to the driver in speed boats. In the event of the driver falling overboard -which is a common accident in these type of vehicles- the cord disengages the engine and the boat stops, thereby preventing the boat from running over the person(s) in the water.
  117. 117. QUIZZINGA 2013 2. After marinating, boiling and other formalities, the meat (usually mutton pieces from the leg) is ground to a fine paste without adding water. Yogurt, garam masala, coriander, mint and lime juice are added and mixed well with the meat. Balls of the mixture are flattened slightly, and in an indentation in the centre of the meat, yogurt is filled, the mix sealed and fried in hot oil. Name the dish, and explain the moniker.
  118. 118. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  119. 119. QUIZZINGA 2013 Shikampuri kebab, meaning “belly-full” in reference to the stuffing.
  120. 120. QUIZZINGA 2013 3. To break with the country’s British colonial past, one 1961 morning Ne Win decreed that henceforth the other side should be used. The pitch, or ‘macadam’ rather, was queered by the fact that due to embargo reasons, the only models available in the country were from Japan. Total chaos resulted. Explain what was the decree, and how were matters made more difficult.
  121. 121. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  122. 122. QUIZZINGA 2013 Ne Win imposed right-hand driving in Burma. However the cars in the country all had the steering on the right side. To this day, the Burmese drive on the right, in right-hand drive cars
  123. 123. QUIZZINGA 2013 4. When the Cholas were in power from the 9th to 13th century they constructed huge stone temple complexes with sculpted representations of the Hindu gods. However, some of the best-known artistic remains from this time period are the bronzes that were commissioned for each temple. What change in religious concept was a trigger for the increase in bronzes during the Chola period?
  124. 124. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  125. 125. QUIZZINGA 2013 While the stone sculptures and the inner sanctum image empowering the temple remained immovable, changing religious concepts demanded that the deities take part in a variety of public roles similar to those of a human monarch. As a result, large bronze images were created to be carried outside the temple to participate in daily rituals, processions, and temple festivals.
  126. 126. QUIZZINGA 2013 5. Connect and explain. More pics follow.
  127. 127. QUIZZINGA 2013
  128. 128. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  129. 129. QUIZZINGA 2013 “Chartreuse” La Grande Chartreuse, a monastery got its name after the Chartreuse Mountains. The liqueur “Chartreuse” got its name because it was first made by the Carthusian monks in the monastery (pic 2) The colour “Chartreuse” (pic 3) got its name from the liqueur. “Chartreuse” is also a type of house in southern France, which is referenced in the Stendhal book.
  130. 130. QUIZZINGA 2013 6. He was from Cappadocia, later lived in Palestine and became a Roman soldier in the third century AD. Opposing a campaign of persecution against Christians by the emperor Diocletian he resigned from the army in protest and was imprisoned, tortured and beheaded. The popular image of him _______ a ______ started to achieve mass appeal after it was published in 1483 by William Caxton, the English printer, in a book called The Golden Legend. Who is this that also lends his name to a Black Sea nation? What are the blanks?
  131. 131. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  132. 132. QUIZZINGA 2013 St. George slaying a dragon
  133. 133. QUIZZINGA 2013 7. In the 17th century Sultan Ahmet commissioned Mehmet Aga to build the blue mosque. It is said that Aga was briefed by the Sultan to make something out of gold (altin) but Aga misheard it as alti and the end result was something unique. What resulted was unique but it caused a scandal and the Sultan had to solve the problem by rushing his architect to Mecca. What was the misunderstanding, and what was the scandal?
  134. 134. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  135. 135. QUIZZINGA 2013 Aga misheard the Sultan and thought he said six (alti) minarets instead of gold minarets (altin). The scandal was that only the Al-Haram mosque in Mecca, the holiest mosque, had six minarets Aga was quickly sent to Mecca and a seventh minaret was built for the Al-Haram Mosque to ensure it had the maximum minarets!
  136. 136. QUIZZINGA 2013 8. I fired him because he wouldn't respect the authority of the president. That's the answer to that. I didn't fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch, although he was, but that's not against the law for generals. If it was, half to three-quarters of them would be in jail. - Harry S. Truman, quoted in Plain Speaking : An Oral Biography of Harry S Truman [a] Who is Truman referring to? [b] Name the artefact in the person’s mouth, something that was made to his precise instructions. Pic follows.
  137. 137. QUIZZINGA 2013
  138. 138. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  139. 139. QUIZZINGA 2013 [a] General Douglas MacArthur [b] Corncob pipes Their cobs are grown to exacting specifications. After proper curing, they are transformed into genuine Missouri Meerschaums. Originally made to the precise instructions of famous World War II General Douglas MacArthur.
  140. 140. QUIZZINGA 2013 9. Pfaff is a 150 year old, Kaiserslautern, Germany based company. Its first product was designed to help in the making of shoes. 30 years ago one of the company executives happened to spot a news report from India showing an image of a company product being ‘rescued’ so to speak, and promptly dispatched a new one to the rescuer, making an old man very happy. The person who captured the image was one of the first people to cross the border into Afghanistan during the soviet invasion of 1979. Who is the ‘reporter’ and what was the ‘rescue mission’?
  141. 141. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  142. 142. QUIZZINGA 2013 Steve McCurry’s iconic photo, “Tailor in Monsoon, Porbandar”
  143. 143. QUIZZINGA 2013 10. Influenced by an 1892 visit to the site shown, he is said to have experienced the religious contrast of the East with the West and created something. In particular 3 stanzas were picked from this creation for use elsewhere – • the first stanza attempts a softening of the Christian distaste for other religions alluding to the peaceful nature of Eastern mysticism • the second praises Western, non-orthodox free-thinkers open to “other creeds” • The third is an ambiguous verse suggesting that the conservative, old order must give way to a peaceful one Who is the individual in question, what site is this and how were these 3 stanzas used elsewhere? Pic follows
  144. 144. QUIZZINGA 2013
  145. 145. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  146. 146. QUIZZINGA 2013 Rudyard Kipling Buddha at Kamakura The 3 stanzas serve as the introductions to the first 3 chapters of Kim
  147. 147. QUIZZINGA 2013 11. The smallest of their kind, these creatures take their generic name from the Arabic word for ‘fox’, making their 2 word name a tautology in some sense. Abundant in North Africa and Asia, they are quite popular as house pets, lending their name to the Algerian football team. A letter written in 1918 by a stranded aviator documents him raising this pet, while in 1935 he claims to have encountered the same animal while lost in the Sahara, leading to fans suggesting an inspiration in a later work. What animal and what work has it possibly found reference in? Pic follows
  148. 148. QUIZZINGA 2013
  149. 149. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  150. 150. QUIZZINGA 2013 Fennec Fox The fox in Antoine de St-Exupery’s Little Prince is said to be inspired by a Fennec fox
  151. 151. QUIZZINGA 2013 12. While the American press has had a field day poking fun at these novelties, it turns out that this approach was not quite alien and was popular in 1982 New York City under the approval of mayor Ed Koch. These ‘innovations’ are in the news because of their appearance in the quaint town of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, under a £1M sanction plan by the local government. What is their purpose and why is this particular town of Fermanagh in the news? Pics follow
  152. 152. QUIZZINGA 2013
  153. 153. QUIZZINGA 2013
  154. 154. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  155. 155. QUIZZINGA 2013 Fake storefronts with artwork to hide derelict/shut down shops and retail stores - The G8 summit happened at Fermanagh and the city wanted to hide its economic troubles and present the illusion of fake activity.
  156. 156. QUIZZINGA 2013 13. In 1938, Louis B. Mayer purchased the screen rights to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and entrusted English novelist Noel Langley with the job of adapting it to screen. In accordance with Mayer’s wishes to popularize something, Langley made a small but conspicuous change in the script as opposed to the original book. Two options were designed to accommodate this change – one with a distinct Middle Eastern feel and the other involving sequins and dyeing. What was the change in script and why did Mayer want this change?
  157. 157. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  158. 158. QUIZZINGA 2013 Dorothy wears silver slippers in the books, but in the movies she wears ‘ruby slippers’ Louis B. Mayer wanted to promote Technicolor and felt silver would not show as prominently on screen as a bright red color in contrast with the Yellow Brick Road.
  159. 159. QUIZZINGA 2013 14. Its origins go back to the 1858 Act of France that mandated a uniform dress code for sailors to distinguish them from the waves so you could find them easily if they fell overboard. Coco Chanel visited the coast and was inspired to introduce the design to the fashion world, making it a symbol of haute bourgeois that adorned the likes of Monroe, Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, Hepburn, Warhol and even the Beatniks. What piece of attire, named after a region in France and how is a feature on it connected to Napoleon Bonaparte? Pic follows
  160. 160. QUIZZINGA 2013
  161. 161. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  162. 162. QUIZZINGA 2013 Breton Shirt, from Brittany The original 21 stripes on the shirt symbolized Napoleon’s 21 victories
  163. 163. QUIZZINGA 2013 15. In 1948, Ruth Williams Khama, a former WAAF ambulance driver, married Prince Seretse Khama, a law student and Lloyd’s clerk in London. Khama and Ruth lived as exiles in London before moving to Botswana, where Seretse became the country’s first President. In 1953, Peggy Cripps, a Labor leader and daughter of Sir Stafford Cripps married Joseph Appiah, a London law student who went on to become PM of Gold Coast (Ghana). Both ladies adopted their respective countries until their respective deaths. Both these real life stories were influential in setting up what uncomfortable meal in 1967?
  164. 164. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  165. 165. QUIZZINGA 2013 Sidney Poitier’s “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”
  166. 166. QUIZZINGA 2013 16. On November 17, 1954, just after 2 pm, then Vice President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan entered the US Senate and was introduced to the President, Richard Nixon. Dr. Radhakrishnan gave a short speech on the rich tradition of democracy in both countries and stated his hope that this gift to the US Senate in this time of need would continue this legacy of debate with freedom. Nixon thanked India and Dr. Radhakrishnan for this gift, possibly embarrassed that this whole situation had been of his own making. What was the gift and why did the US turn to India?
  167. 167. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  168. 168. QUIZZINGA 2013 Nixon broke the old gavel in the US senate when he banged it too hard during a nuclear energy debate The US could not find a piece of ivory large enough to replace it and appealed to India – this gavel has no handle so as not to repeat the act 
  169. 169. QUIZZINGA 2013 17. This 1971 event is called “The Fight That Almost Was”. For X, it represented an attempt to prove that he was the greatest all round athlete of all time, going beyond his chosen sport. For Y, it was less rosy and was more of a comeback after his conviction and exile from the sport. The much hyped meeting didn’t happen because of 3 reasons - X’s father asked him to focus on his free throws vs. throwing punches, the winner’s purse was way too low and events leading up to the meeting reduced the incentive for X to fight Y. Who were X and Y and what events caused X to reconsider the matchup?
  170. 170. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  171. 171. QUIZZINGA 2013 X- Wilt Chamberlain vs. Y – Mohammad Ali Ali lost his 1971 Heavyweight title match to Joe Frazier, and even if Chamberlain had beaten Ali he could not have claimed the title of Heavyweight.
  172. 172. QUIZZINGA 2013 18. The two overnight celebrities in this incident had contrasting resumes – Philippe Cozette was a small time worker from Peuplinges and had applied in the hope of a long term job, while Graham Fagg was an experienced hand and had returned home so he could stay closer to family. In 2010, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, Cozette, a locomotive driver and Fagg, engaged in projects elsewhere, were asked to recreate the historic incident and posed in a much more comfortable setting. What were they recreating? Pic follows
  173. 173. QUIZZINGA 2013
  174. 174. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  175. 175. QUIZZINGA 2013 Chunnel Handshake – Fagg and Cozette were respectively the first Englishman and Frenchman who drilled through either side of the Chunnel and broke through to shake hands
  176. 176. QUIZZINGA 2013 19. The first version of this luxury concept is said to have been architected in the early 1600s at the Stag Fountain in the Palace of Versailles, overlooking a larger expanse. A more modern version of this, as seen today, is said to have originated in Bali, Indonesia where the inspiration directly came from the dramatic effect created by the sawah - ubiquitous terraced paddy/rice fields. What concept, much bandied about in traveler magazines?
  177. 177. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  178. 178. QUIZZINGA 2013 Infinity Pools
  179. 179. QUIZZINGA 2013 20. The San(m)pietrini, literally little St. Peters, came into being on a dark night in 1585 when an ornate carriage carrying Pope Sixtus V almost met with an accident in St. Peter’s square, prompting the aggravated Pope to order the selciaroli, an ancient cutters’ guild to solve the problem. Since then, they have been blamed for almost costing Dennis Menchov his 2009 Tour of Italy crown and polarizing a city’s population into supporters that consider them a part of local heritage, and detractors who have cited reasons ranging from public safety to inconvenience for fashion sensitive women. What are the Sanpietrini and how are they (ironically) liable to damage the city’s local heritage?
  180. 180. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  181. 181. QUIZZINGA 2013 Cobblestones in Rome, which still form a large portion of the roads in the city. Aside from being slippery when wet, high speed and heavy traffic on the stones leads to noise and vibrations that have been known to damage surrounding buildings
  182. 182. QUIZZINGA 2013 LAST QUESTION..
  183. 183. QUIZZINGA 2013 21. Gilbert Stuart painfully created this work because the ‘muse’, having acquired a fresh pair of false teeth, was extremely restless and had to be calmed down by discussing horse racing, a favorite topic. One of Stuart’s three famous works on the same subject, this 1796 creation gets it name from the suffix attached to the East Coast institution that first acquired it – the suffix from Greek means a place of intellectual pursuits. Gilbert never finished this version intentionally, but the portrait went on to become more famous in other ways. Whose portrait, which institution (including suffix) acquired this portrait and what is the painting’s claim to fame?
  184. 184. QUIZZINGA 2013 ANSWER
  185. 185. QUIZZINGA 2013 George Washington Called the Athenaeum portrait because the Boston Library Athenaeum acquired it Features on the $1 bill
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