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Securing a consulting interview


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Consulting school helps candidates secure their dream job in consultancy. We provide coaching and support to guide applicants through every stage of the consulting recruitment process.

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Securing a consulting interview

  1. 1. Securing a consulting interview CONSULTING SCHOOL
  2. 2. CONSULTING SCHOOL Securing a consulting interview Competition for consulting interview slots is intense, with 80-90% of all applications rejected at the initial screening stage You need to make sure your stand out from the crowd Follow these hints and tips to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of success...
  3. 3. CONSULTING SCHOOL Be organised Understand any specific requirements to be included in the application. Do they need you to include an academic transcript? Do you need to provide references? If so, what type and how many? Do you need to specify an office, or a specific function of interest within the firm? The more organised you appear, the better the impression you will make. And of course make sure you get your application in well within the deadline - emailing it through a few minutes before midnight on the final day is not a good look...
  4. 4. CONSULTING SCHOOL Do your research Consulting firms invest a lot of money in hiring and training new recruits. So they want people who have the commitment and motivation to stick around for long enough to repay that investment. You can demonstrate your commitment by doing your research and really knowing about the firms you're applying to. In reality, a lot of consulting firms are pretty similar to each other, but they all think they are unique, and being able to demonstrate you understand what makes them unique will help make your cover letter stand out...
  5. 5. CONSULTING SCHOOL Demonstrate how you meet their selection criteria Read through your CV and ask yourself how good a job it does in showing how you meet the typical selection criteria of consulting firms. Would the reader pick up on your leadership qualities, your drive and determination, and interest in business. If you have areas where you are not so strong, what actions can you take to address it? The sooner you start thinking about your CV, the more time you have to deal with any areas where you are not so strong...
  6. 6. CONSULTING SCHOOL One of the best ways to get an interview with a consulting firm is to get referred by one of their current employees Most firms encourage referrals from current staff With social networks, university alumni societies, and on campus consulting events, there are plenty of ways you can actively network with employees at your target firms Impress them with your enthusiasm and interest, and it could pay big dividends... Build your network
  7. 7. CONSULTING SCHOOL Your cover letter and CV are an ideal opportunity for you to show that you can put together polished and professional looking documents If you are not a native English speaker, make sure your documents are reviewed by a native speaker with a professional background If you're not confident with Microsoft Word and struggle with the formatting and presentation, consider getting your documents professionally drafted for you by us... Make sure your CV and cover letter look professional
  8. 8. CONSULTING SCHOOL No matter how good you are on paper, there is inevitably an element of luck involved in getting through the application screening stage Give yourself the best possible chance of getting through to the interview stage, apply to a number of firms - if you're interested in PWC, apply to the rest of the Big 4 as well Unless you are applying for a very niche field, aim to apply to a good number of firms (at least 5, and maybe 10 or more)... Don't put all your eggs in one basket
  9. 9. CONSULTING SCHOOL It's never nice getting rejected by a consulting firm, but try to learn from it - get some feedback on why you didn't get offered an interview Get your CV and cover letter reviewed by someone else who might be able to highlight any weaknesses Finally, remember that most consultants have been rejected plenty of times themselves in the past, but they didn't give up... Don't give up
  10. 10. Consulting school helps candidates secure their dream job in consultancy. We provide coaching and support to guide applicants through every stage of the consulting recruitment process. CONSULTING SCHOOL