Fast Track Project Management with SAP PPM in 30 days! Managing projects with SAP PPM


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How Cavalier uses SAP PPM in order to manage their projects

Cavalier is introducing SAP PPM as primary tool for managing projects. Both the R&D and Marketing departments are now fully taking advantage of it to monitor progress, delivery and costs on their internal projects. By using standard project templates, new projects can be created rapidly with all the relevant information predefined.

SAPience User Day, March 21, 2013

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  • Abstract (50 words)Managing Projects with SAP PPM Cavalier is introducing SAP PPM as primary tool for managing projects. Both R&D and Marketing departments now fully take advantage to monitor progress, delivery and costs on their internal projects. Using standard project templates enables quick creation of new projects with all relevant information predefined.Summary (500-1000 words) Cavalier is introducing SAP PPM as primary tool for managing projects within its organization. In line with their current SAP solution, SAP PPM was chosen as Project Management tool. The main focus in on the Project part of PPM. The Portfolio part is currently not in the scope of the project.PPM will be used to plan, implement, and control different projects running in the Cavalier organization.The users will benefit from standardized project templates to quickly structure projects, including the necessary roles to perform the project and checklists to control essential project steps and deliverables. This process enables a low entry step to create new projects for project managers. Based on the time constraints the project can be scheduled and visualized in accordance with the resources available. Budget and planned costs are integrated with SAP CO for transparent follow up by the project manager and the Finance Department.Project members can provide their actual working times via CATS to supply the projects with actuals for the planning Project dashboards provide a quick and real-time overview of the project and tasks status. Currently R&D and Marketing projects are managed with PPM. One of the reasons to choose PPM was the fact that it is a scalable solution. In the future more departments and/or affiliated companies will be using PPM as well. The project was delivered in Fast Start Modus. Starting immediately with a running PPM system with some predefined scenarios. From day one onwards the key users can start getting acquainted to the system and they can directly provide the necessary input to build company specific project templates. Necessary master data was entered directly into the system by the key users.Using the System in a standard SAP way requires very limited training efforts due to its user friendly UI in the NWBC. Up till now the operational benefits range from:Better monitoring of cash flows (actual/planned vs. budget) for the CEO.Standard project way of working for Operations. Automated reporting for Finance and ControllingIntegrated platform to run all aspects of Project Management. From a technical perspective Cavalier is using PPM on an ECC EhP6 backend. For the frontend users everything is integrated in their current NWBC UI. In future SAP EasyDM will be integrated to provide a single storage point for the project related documents.`
  • Fast Track Project Management with SAP PPM in 30 days! Managing projects with SAP PPM

    1. 1. User Day ’13 March 21, 2013How Cavalier uses SAP PPM in order to manage their projects Felix Verdegem CEO, Cavalier Jeroen De Roeck PLM Competence Lead , Expertum User Day „13 1
    2. 2. Agenda Introduction Business Challenges in Managing Projects Solution Overview User Experience System Landscape Fast Start implementation approach Key Benefits User Day „13 2
    3. 3. Introduction Cavalier Company Presentation Cavalier - Felix Verdegem, CEO - Since 1996, no sugars added chocolate - Inspired by sweeteners from Stevia - Created a range of Stevia chocolate products since 2007 - 2011 implementation of SAP and launch of “Stevia-chocolates” - 2012: 55% growth with award winning products… and SAP. - Project management: - Getting the right things done, - Correctly - Within the dedicated time schedule and budget. User Day „13 3
    4. 4. Introduction ExpertumFacts• Founded in April 2006 by 2 ex-SAP Belux employees• Team of 50+ SAP Experts and Project Managers• Partnerships GoldMission• Exceed client expectations by providing top-quality expertise• Provide our people a safe environment for personal and professional growthStrength• Highly skilled & experienced SAP consultants in all SAP areas, combined with a wide industry knowledge in several domains• First (and still only) IT services provider on the Belgian market to receive coveted SAP certificate for quality management (AQM) User Day „13 4
    5. 5. Expertum Competence Areas Project Management Focus PLM team (PM) Finance & Supply Chain Controlling Management • Portfolio and Project (FI/CO) (SCM) Management (PPM) Knowledge Management - • Enterprise Asset Product & Product Management (EAM) Business Intelligence Service Lifecycle Management(BI: BW + BO) Development (PLM) • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Governance, Application Risk, and Lifecycle Compliance Management (GRC) (SolMan +NW)
    6. 6. Business Challenges in ManagingProjects PM and PPM in a wider Quality management perspective:Process layout Running business PM PPMe.g. Maintenance and Projects TroubleshootingAsset management Work Instructions for - Maintanance (planned) - New equipment; normal use of equipment - Repair (unplanned) - New methods;Human resources Normal time sheets, order - Periodic evaluations; - Recruitment; processing,… - Incident, accident. - Training;R&D & QM Testing of incomming and - Periodic tests, int. audits; - New product; outgoing products - Complaint. - Developments; - External audits;Sales Account management; - Quarterly reports; - Marketing activities; Order management; - (Possible) Loss of - Exhibitions; Customer contact; Customer, listing,… User Day „13 6
    7. 7. Solution Overview PPM Formerly two Solutions • cProjects • RPM (Resource and Portfolio Management) Since 2011 SAP PPM 5.0 • Consolidated to „one product‟ with UI alignment • All screens in Webdynpro • NWBC or Portal Integration User Day „13 7
    8. 8. Solution Overview • Manage investment opportunities • Execute projects in time, budget, and • Govern execution of projects scope • Monitor portfolio performance • Detailed project planning• Staff projects• Manage project resources and utilization• Align demand and supply• Collect and rate ideas • Exchange project information• Assess feasibility • Connect to 3rd party tools• Turn into product/project proposals • Assure data consistency User Day „13 8
    9. 9. Processes in scope Currently used: Project Management and Resource Management Goal is to plan, implement, and control different projects running in the Cavalier organization Resources Financial data First focus on Human Resources Project Accounting • R&D projects Financials/ • Marketing project Time SAP ERP Controlling User Day „13 9
    10. 10. Project Management in PPM High level process flowProject Manager Project Project Project FOLLOW UP Project Initiation planning Start Maintain Issue List EndResource Manager Assignment of project membersProject members Execute Deliver Checklist Time Tasks Items. Registration User Day „13 10
    11. 11. Project Management in PPMProcess Step: Benefits: Project Initiation: Low entry step to create • Project creation from new projects for project template managers • Adapt template • Prelimenary Project planning Project creation in just 1 minute User Day „13 11
    12. 12. Project Management in PPMProcess Step: Benefits: Resource allocation: Quick overview of possible • Assign people to roles in resource constraints early in accordance to availability the planning phase User Day „13 12
    13. 13. Project Management in PPMProcess Step: Benefits: Project Start/Scheduling: Visualization of phases, • Determine Start and end dates of tasks,dependencies, critical tasks/phases. path,…. • Final project planning before start. • Create Version/Snapshot (Baseline) User Day „13 13
    14. 14. Project Management in PPMProcess Step: Benefits: Execute Tasks/Deliver Transparent overview on Checklist Items: activities for both project • Assigned tasks are visible in the manager and team members “My tasks” list for project members • Employees can upload documents with the deliverables to the PPM system User Day „13 14
    15. 15. Project Management in PPMProcess Step: Benefits: Time registration via CATS: Fully integrated time the • PPM task appear in CATS company time recording timesheet process User Day „13 15
    16. 16. Project Management in PPM • Project Dashboard User Day „13 16
    17. 17. Project Management in PPM Actuals from projects are booked on internal orders structured in groups to reflect the different project types Clear view on Budget/Planned/Actual User Day „13 17
    18. 18. User experience User friendly NWBC screens with role based navigation Project Manager Project Member Organized via PFCG back-end roles User Day „13 18
    19. 19. System Landscape: SAP PPMapplied as add-on on ECC Portfolio Management Portfolio Monitoring Integrate Aggregate Project Management SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 SP9 Resources Financial data Human Resources Project Accounting Financials/ Time Controlling SAP ERP SAP ECC 6.0 EhP6 User Day „13 19
    20. 20. Fast Start ImplementationApproach Project Kick-off with a fully functional DEV system Configuration based on Expertum Project Management Best Practices All standard SAP, no development Customer specific configuration: Project dashboards and alerts Business Preparation of project templates directly in the Production system Project Delivery to Go-Live in 32 days User Day „13 20
    21. 21. Key Benefits Fully integrated in the existing SAP landscape • In most cases no further 3rd party tools required Single source of truth for project information • Improvement in way of working can be valorized for re-use via templates Scalable solution, low entry start and grow further User friendly UI, fully integrated in NWBC • Very little training efforts Full ERP backend integration for the Financials • Costs to Internal Orders organized in groups Fast start approach is possible, easy to deploy User Day „13 21
    22. 22. Get Inspired. Stay Connected.Achieve Business Agility. Thank you! User Day „13 22