2.1. ict inspiratiedag 20sept2012 cavalier expertum


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2.1. ict inspiratiedag 20sept2012 cavalier expertum

  1. 1. Cavalier: Groei ondersteund door automatiseringFelix VerdegemManaging Director Cavalier
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Cavalier Challenges for Cavalier Requirements from Cavalier Solution: SAP Fast Start SAP Business All-in-One Fast Start implementation Business Value for Cavalier ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  3. 3. Introduction CavalierCavalier has focused on producing the most delicious Belgianchocolate without added sugars since 1996.Cavalier’s objective is to have consumers that enjoy the mostdelicious chocolate in a healthy way.We accomplish this mission with 30 employees in Belgium(Eeklo and Lovendegem).Cavalier is innovator in a range of Belgian chocolates withsweeteners from Stevia.Cavalier has sales in +/- 50 countries worldwide. ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  4. 4. Introduction CavalierYour benefits:+ Unique & delicious taste+ Extensive product range+ Contains antioxidants+ Rich in fibres+ Contains vitamin E, magnesium and iron+ Prebiotic+ Toothfriendly+ Cholesterol neutral- No sugars added- No transfats- Limited calorie intake ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  5. 5. Challenges for CavalierCavalier reached the limits of the own developed “ERPapplication” Lack of functionality to support the future growth because of the introduction of chocolate products with sweeteners from stevia No integration between various applications Cavalier was using Lack of end-to-end visibility on the supply chain Lack of reporting overview, what a growing company needs to take correct decisions to move forward ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  6. 6. Requirements from Cavalier“The new solution had to meet current and future business requirements” Integration of all processes End-to-end visibility over the supply chain A solution that supports globalization Scalable tool to support our future growth ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  7. 7. Solution: SAP Fast StartSAP Business All-in-One for SME ERP: streamlines your business, linking orders, stock and production processes with invoices and cash-in CRM: improves customer service level and tunes marketing and sales processes BI (Business Intelligence): provides deep insight into business data, allowing better decision makingBest Practices based on experiences in our industry  adapt Cavalier’s processes to these best practice standards, and not vice versaFast Start implementation approach “Get the people ready instead of getting the solution ready”. Accelerators to shorten implementation time and reduce TCO: Live in 3 months ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  8. 8. Solution OverviewKey processes and functionality @ Cavalier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Production Planning and Execution Sales Order Management with online stock availability check Integrated Financial and Analytical Accounting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Account & Activity Management Opportunity Management Business Warehouse (BW) Sales and Stock Reporting Profitability & Margin Analysis ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  9. 9. SAP Fast Start Program BenefitsRapid time to value Get consumption-ready ERP extended with integrated CRM and Business Intelligence functionalityShorter and more predictable implementationRapid prototype What you see is what you getLower total cost of ownership Benefit from easy-to-implement, preconfigured softwareLeverage of industry best practices Standard functionality and complete pre-configured scenarios for SAP ERP, CRM and BWAbility to scale and expand in the future ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  10. 10. Business Value of the SAP FastStart Solution for CavalierStreamlined processes with seamless integration betweenfinance, logistics & salesBetter reporting : increased visibility on businessperformance, sales and customer loyaltyInsight on production costs and profitability margin => Great foundation for future growth ! ICT Inspiratiedag, 20 september 2012
  11. 11. Thanks for listening! Any questions?More info: Visit our website at www.faststartmetexpertum.net E-mail: info@expertum.net