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2. 20120927 sa pience.be_-_ifgs


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2. 20120927 sa pience.be_-_ifgs

  1. 1. IFGsSAP Solution Manager Oliver Buyssens 27/09/2012
  2. 2. IFGsIFGs= International Focus Group for SolManThe International Focusgroup for SAP Solution Manager is a forumdesigned to exchange best practices and increase the strategicawareness of the application of SAP Solution Manager. In an openconversation with solution management of SAP AG, the Focusgroupaims at improving the fit between users’ needs and SAP’sdevelopment. The international Focusgroup for SAP SolutionManager is part of SUGEN as a specialized group within the ICCC(International Customer Centers of Competence).14 user groups
  3. 3. User GroupsVNSG – the NetherlandsUSF - FranceSBN Norge - NorwaySAUG - AustraliaSAPSA - SwedenSAP UK & Ireland User GroupSAPience.BeJSUG - JapanDSAG - GermanyASUG - AmericaASUG MexicoAFSUG – West AfricaINDUS - IndiaMiddle East & North Africa+ different representatives of SAP (international)
  4. 4. AwarenessFollowing sessions have been done: The KPI Measurement Platform and Dashboard, Roger Nagel/Sven Tietze SAP Solution Manager SP05 – Highlights, Mattias Melich
  5. 5. Custom ConnectionIs the process to push development requests to SAP development: To be done via the user group (exclusively) Via a secure area in the SAP Idea’s workplace ( All customers from participating user groups will have access Process is not yet clear Releases will be defined and depends on the capacity of SAP Development First trigger is given: Issue raised by Balta Issue raised by Tessenderlo Group
  6. 6. Thank You