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12.1. presentation daikin expertum_sapience_2008_final


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12.1. presentation daikin expertum_sapience_2008_final

  1. 1. Optimize your international roll-outstrategy using SAP’s solutions &methodology for Small & Medium-sized Businesses Jan Wildemauwe IT Development Department Manager, IT Center EMEA DAIKIN EUROPE NV Ivan De Broyer Business Unit Manager SME EXPERTUM SAP Lounge, Brussels October 8-9, 2008
  2. 2. Agenda1. Daikin Europe NV2. Expertum3. Background4. The case – Daikin Sweden5. Conclusions
  3. 3. Daikin Europe NV : Product Range Residential Large commercial Split 41.6% Heating VRV 23.5% Air cleaner Others 13.8% Refrigeration Applied Systems FCU / Chillers Light commercial 4.0% Packaged & Spare parts Sky Air 17.1% Service …Figures based on FY2007
  4. 4. Daikin Europe’s Sales Presence “Daikin Leads the way” Affiliate Representation/Sales Office Distributor/sales contact HQ Belgium
  5. 5. Daikin General Information Daikin Industries Ltd ( Japan ) ( °1925 ) : Turnover F07 : 8,3 Bio € ( 36.000 staff worlwide) Global Nr 2 in Air conditioning Merger & Acquisition with OYL in 2006 Daikin Europe NV ( Belgium ) ( ° 1973 ) : Turnover F07 : 1,9 Bio € ( 4.100 staff within EMEA) target 2010 : 3 Bio Euro Nr 1 in Airconditioning market, expanding to heating and refrigeration market. Manufacturing plant : Ostend (Belgium) & Plzen ( Czech Republic ) Territory : EMEA
  6. 6. Agenda1. Daikin Europe NV2. Expertum3. Background4. The case – Daikin Sweden5. Conclusions
  7. 7. Expertum Founded in 2006 Team of +30 SAP Experts and Project Managers Mission: providing superior long-term customer & employee value Offering expertise in the following domains:  Finance  Supply Chain Management  Business Intelligence  Product Lifecycle Management  Project Management  Own SME Solution: Value4SME New website:
  8. 8. Agenda1. Daikin Europe NV2. Expertum3. Background4. The case – Daikin Sweden5. Conclusions
  9. 9. Accelerate SAP R/3 implementation Background 2005 2010 Make standard DAIKIN business solution packages Pan-European integrated system which can be implemented in a fast and cost Stock integration2010 effective way. SAP CRM Pre-sales / After-sales SAP R/3 – APO - BI Optimize Supply Chain2005 12 months -> 6 Months -> 4 months ? SAP R/3 Accelerate start up of a new sales companies Merger & Acquisitions Big sales companies Smaller sales companies Existing Sales companies Expand sales territory2000Start with SAP R/3 - APO
  10. 10. Accelerate SAP R/3 implementation SAP Roll-out Context Context  New sales company (takeover) have own local solution  cheaper and known.  Implementation cost too high and time too long for new started sales company  prefer PC solution.  Each sales company has own specific processes!Constraints / Pain Points Goals  Plug-in/integrate all affiliates Limited available DENV and  Process standardization Affiliates KU’s Other key SAP projects / based on Daikin best practices initiatives calling for same IT  Accelerate roll-out planning resources Sales worried about long Daikin Affiliate  Fast implementation with low and expensive Packaged Solution risk  Reducing cost implementations  Provide solution that can Components: grow with the business 1. ASAP Focus Approach  Deliver quick & tangible 2. Pre-defined Implementation benefits Service Packages
  11. 11. Agenda1. Daikin Europe NV2. Expertum3. Background4. The case – Daikin Sweden5. Conclusions
  12. 12. Project Scope – Daikin Sweden Organization  One single legal entity with HQ located in Solna (Stockholm). Two regional sales offices: one in Göteborg and one in Malmö.  One central stock location, from which deliveries to customers are organized, located in Klippan, near Malmö.  Forthis Daikin Sweden is working with a third party logistic provider: Skoogs Akeri & Logistic A.B.  13 SAP Users Legacy system was Microsoft Axapta system. Symbols: Stockholm HQ Office Göteborg Regional sales office Klippan Warehouse Malmö
  13. 13. Project ScopeDaikin Affiliate Reference Model SD processes: - Quotations - Sales Order processing - Outbound delivery processing - Pick/Pack - Post goods issue - Billing - Customer Returns - Consignment stock - Cross company buy-back MM processes: DENV processes SAP SCM 5.0 SAP SAP ERP 6.0 - Replenishment Planning (local) GTS 7.0 - Purchase requisition processing - Purchase and Transfer orders DP SNP SD MM - Inbound delivery processingXLS upload - Goods receipt Demand Supply Network Sales & Materials - Invoice verification Planning Planning Distribution Management - Physical inventory - Stock transfers - Return to Vendor - Non stock purchasing G-ATP FI CO CO processes: Global ATP Finance Controlling - Cost Center Accounting - Internal Order processing - Profitability Analysis BI reporting: FI processes: G-ATP processes: - Sales reporting - G/L accounting - Availability check - Product allocation check - Stock reporting SAP BI 7.0 GAIN - Accounts receivable - Credit control - Backorder processing - Accounts paybale - Bank accounting - Stock accounting - Fixed assets accounting - Period end closing
  14. 14. ASAP Focus Project Approach “Get the people ready instead of getting the solution ready”.  Target weeks Get the system ready Migration tools ready Get the  Focus for Data cleansing data Get the people Project ready ready Project results
  15. 15. ASAP Focus Project ApproachProject PhasesEvaluation Phase Site qualification for selected project approach Identify delta requirements Agree on roles and responsibilities Pre-project activities e.g. organize connectivity / team mobilizationImplementation Project Preparation Realization  Proto-type Demo  Key-user Training  Baseline Integration Testing  Final Integration Testing  … Final Preparation Go Live & Support
  16. 16. Project Schedule Year 2008 Month April May June July August Week 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35Project Preparation Project Definition Proto-type Setup Kick-off Meeting Key-user TrainingRealization Proto-type Demonstration System Setup Developments Baseline Integration Testing Authorization Setup Data Conversions QA Cutover Dry Run Final Integraton Testing End-user Training PreparationFinal Preparation End-user Training System Preparation Data Conversions PRD CutoverGo Live and Support On site support Support 1st Financial Closing Porject Closure Local KU in Ostend Project team in Sweden
  17. 17. Key Success Factors Strong commitment and involvement from Steering Committee Members No compromises on key principles of the ASAP Focus project approach… but managed flexibility to overcome unforeseen circumstances An experienced implementation team of key-users, IT staff and consultantsA stable, complete and well documented business solution delivering proven benefits (e.g. including high quality end-user documentation) Limited delta requirements and willingness to adopt the standard solution
  18. 18. Project Results Go Live on 1st of July as planned Business self-supporting after 2 weeks of on-site go live support Project implementation lead time 3 months 10% below budget Extended scope implemented (with Asset Management) Legacy system replaced Integration benefits with Daikin Europe operational Further standardization and documentation Daikin Affiliate Reference Model delivered
  19. 19. Agenda1. Daikin Europe NV2. Expertum3. Background4. The case – Daikin Sweden5. Conclusions
  20. 20. General Conclusions Carefully qualify the sites for the selected project approach Built-in contingency for unforeseen circumstances and manage with controlled flexibility Workwith an experienced team knowing well the business and the packaged solution to be implemented Focus on “getting the people ready” from day 1 Continue to follow-up the benefit realization after implementation
  21. 21. Thank you!