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  • Indicate the gradual growth of the overall solution for Daikin to a myriad of systems, processes and affiliates
  • Indicate the gradual growth of the overall solution for Daikin to a myriad of systems, processes and affiliates
  • 11.2. presentation daikin expertum_sapience_2009_v1 0

    1. 1. SAP WORLD TOUR 09 meets3rd SAPience.be TECHNOLOGY DAYSolution Mana ger as powerful toolfor business pr ocessdocumentation, har monization andr oll-out Inge Lannoye IT Application Architect, IT Center EMEA DAIKIN EUROPE NV Stefaan Vandeputte Senior Project Manager EXPERTUM SAP Lounge, Vilvoorde June 3-4, 2009
    2. 2. Agenda 1. Daikin Europe NV 2. Expertum 3. Background 4. The Template 5. The Implementation Project 6. Conclusions© SAP 2009 / Page 2
    3. 3. Daikin Europe NV : Product Range Residential Large commercial Split 41.6% Heating VRV 23.5% Air cleaner Others 13.8% Refrigeration Applied Systems FCU / Chillers Light commercial 4.0% Packaged & Spare parts Sky Air 17.1% Service … Figures based on FY2007© SAP 2009 / Page 3
    4. 4. Daikin Europe’s Sales Presence “Daikin Leads the way” Affiliate Representation/Sales Office Distributor/sales contact HQ Belgium© SAP 2009 / Page 4
    5. 5. Daikin General Information  Daikin Industries Ltd ( Japan ) ( °1925 ) : Turnover F07 : 8,3 Bio € ( 36.000 staff worldwide) Global Nr 2 in Air conditioning Merger & Acquisition with OYL in 2006  Daikin Europe NV ( Belgium ) ( ° 1973 ) : Turnover F07 : 1,9 Bio € ( 4.100 staff within EMEA) Nr 1 in Air-conditioning market, expanding to heating and refrigeration market. Manufacturing plant : Ostend (Belgium) & Plzen ( Czech Republic ) & McQuay (Milan , Cecchina , Cramlinghton ) , Rotex (Ger) Territory : EMEA© SAP 2009 / Page 5
    6. 6. Agenda 1. Daikin Europe NV 2. Expertum 3. Background 4. The Template 5. The Implementation Project 6. Conclusions© SAP 2009 / Page 6
    7. 7. Expertum  Founded in 2006  Team of +30 SAP Experts and Project Managers  Mission: providing superior long-term customer & employee value  Offering expertise in the following domains:  Finance  Supply Chain Management  Business Intelligence  Product Lifecycle Management  Project Management  Own SME Solution: Value4SME  Netweaver & SOA  ITIL and SAP SolMan  Co-Chairman of Sapience Technology Commission – SolMan Task Force  For more info: www.expertum.net
    8. 8. Agenda 1. Daikin Europe NV 2. Expertum 3. Background 4. The Template 5. The Implementation Project 6. Conclusions© SAP 2009 / Page 8
    9. 9. Accelerate implementation Background 2005 2010 Make standard DAIKIN business solution packages which can be implemented in Pan-European integrated system a fast and cost effective way. Stock integration Expand functionalities2010 SAP CRM Pre-sales / After-sales SAP R/3 – APO - BI Optimize Supply Chain2005 SAP R/3 Expand business Merger & Acquisitions Big sales companies Smaller sales companies Existing Sales companies Expand sales territory2000Start with SAP R/3 - APO
    10. 10. The challenges to a modern IT-department Challenges Goals  Speed up developments Global Operations - Different countries - Lower cost - Different Time zones - Keep quality  Re-usability (roll-outs) - Different languages - Trade of between global and local solution. Building a Global Template that is structured around globally Heterogeneous solution standardized & harmonized core business processes landscape supported by a number of technical solutions, which can be - Different applications, easily implemented and deployed technologies, interfaces, .. Integrated Business process Global Template  The Global Template will be a - Executed in multiple documented & controlled portfolio Localizations systems containing agreed business processes & IT applications - Not standardized.  Including documented SAP Documen- tation Country Version Local Add-On configurations IMG Structures Master Data Local  The Global Template will be adapted and Settings Processes to local requirements Global and Global Organizational integrated Add-On Structures Processes Supported by Solution Manager
    11. 11. Solution Manager as acentral platform  Using Solution Manager as a central platform to manage :  The global template processes  The central documentation  The various systems  The local solution elements
    12. 12. Distribution of the different templates
    13. 13. Agenda 1. Daikin Europe NV 2. Expertum 3. Background 4. The Template 5. The Implementation Project 6. Conclusions© SAP 2009 / Page 13
    14. 14. Daikin’s Business Process Area’s Daikin’s Business Process Templates  CRM pre-sales  CRM after-sales  Logistic providers  Subcontractors manufacturing  Branch  Sales affiliate  ECOM  SIP
    15. 15. Project scope Project steps in the roll-out model implementation  Setup Solution Manager  Define template project in Solution Manager  Define roll-out project, based on the template project  Set-up a solution in Solution Manager  Extending the solution with a closed roll-out project  Set up of a template governance model  Set up change request roll-out model
    16. 16. The Project Objective Background:  The standard SAP subcontracting functionality does not provide Daikin with the required visibility of inventory and planning information of components and subassemblies with their subcontractors.  To obtain the required information, each subcontractor is set up as a plant where components and subassemblies are traded through stock transfer orders Objective:  Set-up the subcontracting scenario as a template project within solution manager  Demonstrate the facilitation of a future roll-outs by using an implementation project within solution manager
    17. 17. The Business Process Model In a first step the business process model is defined Processes were identified in the following areas  MRP  Procurement  Logistics  Quality  Manufacturing  Invoicing These levels are defined as scenario’s
    18. 18. The Business Process Model Subcontracting is a specific process that is an addendum to an existing plant. The subcontracting process cannot be implemented as a stand- alone process The identified processes are not necessarily specific for the subcontracting process, but are also occurring in the manufacturing site. When creating the entire process landscape in solution manager, care must be taken not to model these processes double. Each defined process should be the entire responsibility of a single department
    19. 19. The Business Process Model Daikin’s Business Process List Template Scenario Reference Description SBC MRP 01.10 MRP Run SBC Procurement 02.10 Maintain Scheduling Agreements Contracts SBC Procurement 02.20 Convert Purchase Requisitions into PO/SA/STO SBC Procurement 02.30 Subcontracting PO at subcontracters plant SBC Logistics (IM) 03A.10 Inbound deliveries from supplier/plant SBC Logistics (IM) 03A.20 Outbound delivery for STO SBC Logistics (WM) 03B.10 Inbound deliveries from supplier (WM) SBC Logistics (WM) 03B.20 Outbound delivery for STO (WM) SBC Logistics (WM) 03B.30 Repack Service SBC Quality Inspection 04.10 Quality inspection at inbound delivery SBC Quality Inspection 04.20 Defect Handling SBC Manufacturing 05.10 Manufacturing at Subcontracter SBC Invoicing 06.10 Timely invoicing
    20. 20. The Process Flow
    21. 21. The Business Process Steps Within each process, the individual process steps that makes up the process are entered. Also steps that are not relevant for SAP are entered. The following naming convention has been applied: XNNN where X: alphanumeric character that can be  S : process step relevant for SAP  R : Reference to another process  A : Automatic process step, relevant for SAP  M : Manual process step (or process step not relevant for SAP) NNN : sequential number
    22. 22. Creating the Template Project Define the template as Z_SBC. Scenario’s will later be linked to the templates that are identified here.
    23. 23. The solution landscape Solution Manager Template Projects Roll-Out Projects Solutions SBC RO1: ITA Solution 1: ITA Subcontracting RO2: DE Solution 2: DE RO3: ESP CRM After Sales RO4: DE Solution 3: ESP Localization Copy of Template + Local Template Documentation documentation Docs
    24. 24. Creating the Template Project The definition and grouping of processes into templates must be carefully considered. When creating a roll-out project, the used template will be identified, and processes that are defined within that template will be copied. A single template could be used in different template projects. This way, all processes that are defined in different template projects, can be selected in a roll-out project
    25. 25. Documentation of theTemplate Project •General Process Flow (overview) – Gen Doc •E2E Test Cases – Test cases •Process Flow Diagram – Gen Doc •Customizing Documentation - Config •Business Process Description – Gen Doc •Test Cases – Test Cases •Training Material – Training •Configuration - Config •Business Process Procedure – Gen Doc •Transactions - Transactions •Programs – Config
    26. 26. Documentation of theTemplate Project •Customizing documentation (Org Units) - config •Software Requirement Specifications •(Functional Specifications) •(Technical Specifications) •Job Scheduling Request •Transactions •Programs
    27. 27. Agenda 1. Daikin Europe NV 2. Expertum 3. Background 4. The Template 5. The Implementation Project 6. Conclusions© SAP 2009 / Page 27
    28. 28. Creating the ImplementationProject  The creation of an implementation project now becomes very easy  By selecting the template, one indicates which scenario’s are relevant for the local implementation
    29. 29. Creating the ImplementationProject  All global documentation is referenced, since it belongs to the global template  Local documentation can be added  Solution manager acts as a central cockpit , and offers perfect visibility on:  Global template documentation  Local Roll-out documentation  The total solution implemented in each affiliate, across different systems  All documentation is readily available for support (local support, global support, SAP support)
    30. 30. Agenda 1. Daikin Europe NV 2. Expertum 3. Background 4. The Template 5. The Implementation Project 6. Conclusions© SAP 2009 / Page 30
    31. 31. Conclusion Benefits of using the SAP Solution Manager in Implementation  Central point of access and support of key implementation activities  Process-driven Blueprint, Configuration and Testing approach  Central repository to store project documentation and issues  Project monitoring/reporting capabilities  Services aligned to assure Go-Live and smooth operations of the customer solution
    32. 32. Thank you!© SAP 2009 / Page 32