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  1. 1. LIBERAL YOUTH NETWORK OF THE SOUTH CAUCASUS Newsletter N2 LYNCJanuary-February 2012 LYNC is start- ing to func- tion locally in South Cau- casian coun- tries... From the beginning of 2012 LYNC team started organizing local seminars in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Due to the action plan of the network, this semi- nars wi# eventua#y lead to a joint seminar in Georgia. These seminars help the LYNC youth team to expand the ideol- Dear iends, To k e e p t h e e q u a l i t y o f ogy that they currently As you already know, Liberal Youth responsibilities and opportunities for the explore. In a# three member countries, all of them areNe t w o r k o f t h e S o u t h C a u c a s u s countries local eventscurrently functions in three countries of represented in the steering committee have had several phases.the region (Armenia, Azerbaijan and e q u a l l y. E a c h c o u n t r y h a s t w o In this issue of the news-Georgia). This time we would like to te# representatives. Moreover, each working letter we want to shareyou shortly about the structure of the team has at least one member om each with you our experiencecommunity. Thus, our intention is to country. on local actions.invite you to a short trip along the The Manifesto and Constitutionchallenging path of young liberal teams are currently working on the twothinkers. basic documents of the community, which similar youth initiatives. The wi# be the ideological base of LYNC fundraising team has the re- On the way of its formation LYNC sponsibility to prepare a stra-members, with the guidance of the activities. Organization team, with the tegic plan to co#ect necessaryfacilitators of the initial seminars, contribution of other teams, has already resources for LYNC actions.decided to distribute the workforce of organized several local seminars in the And now we would likeLYNC between six working teams - member countries, and is preparing for a to su+est you to go readingOrganization, Manifesto, Constitution, joint seminar. PR & Communication about the local seminars.PR & Communication, International team is organizing the linkage betweenRelations and Fundraising. the members of the dislocated team of LYNC and implementing marketing With Liberal Respect, Each team has three members, tools for creation of a common image ofpara#ely, one of them is the responsible the organization. International Relations LYNC Teamsteering committee member of the LYNC. team is studying the world experience of PAGE 1
  2. 2. LIBERAL YOUTH NETWORK OF THE SOUTH CAUCASUSThe Azerbaijani team of LYNC held his first local event. On the 5th February, 2012, discussions on the topic i n B a k u " Th e F r i e d r i c h co n ce r n i ng t h e e s s en t i a l Naumann Foundation for principles of theor y of Freedom" and “Liberal Youth liberalism by the head of Network of South Caucasus” “Liberal Youth Network of held the seminar-presentation South Caucasus” financial on the topic “The essential department Yegana Hajiyeva, principles of Liberalism” and head of organization “Liberal Youth Network of department Asif Orujlu and the South Caucasus”. member of the constitutional There were about 50 young department Parvin Guliyev. participants   representing At the second part of the event different youth organizations, there was a presentation about institutions of civil societies, the project of “Liberal Youth members of the youth Network of South Caucasus”. organizations supporting the During the event youth asked different political parties and many questions and actively also journalists treated to join discussed points relating the the event. But only 25 importance of LYNC, about its participants were chosen to influence on the peace building par t i c i pate i n t h e event processes in the region of South (Representatives from Caucasus and the new “Democrat Yo u t h movement of liberal youth. As a Organization" , “Musavat Youth final result of the event, there  First Photo: Asif Orujlu (Or-ganization team) and Yegane Haji- Organization”, ADP Youth will be a selection of certainyeva (Fundraising team) Committee, “Dalgha” Youth active youth among the Second Photo: The local event Movement, “ Youth Club” participants for the next jointparticitpants with the organizers. Public Union, A zerbaijan seminar of LYNC that will be Third Photo: Yegane Hajiyevawith a future youth action member Student Youth Organizations held in Georgia.discussing the presentation of LYNC. Union (ASYOU) and others). During the event there were THE WORKING MOMENTS OF LYNC TEAMS IN TBILISI, GEORGIA PAGE 2
  3. 3. LIBERAL YOUTH NETWORK OF THE SOUTH CAUCASUSLYNC-ARMENIA HELD A LOCAL SEMINAR AND A DEBATES DAY On 26th of January the young liberals of Yer- regimes that Armenia had gone through and aboutevan had a chance to listen to Mrs Yasemin Pamuk’s the situation  in the country nowadays.lecture on the following subject - “What is Liberalism The final point of the program of the seminarand How it Works”. On that day the Armenian team was the presentation of LYNC to the participants.of Liberal Youth Network of the South Caucasus The Armenian members of LYNC were pleasantlyjoined Friedrich Naumann Foundation in organizing surprised by the interest of the Armenian young ac-the seminar at Aviatrans Hotel in Yerevan and even- tivists in this kind of youth initiative in our country.tually we had a chance to present LYNC to the new- Despite the fact, that the seminar was planned to lastcomers of the youth liberal world. three hours, in fact it took much more time to inter- The first presentation of Mrs Pamuk gave to pret, discuss, summarize and make conclusions onthe participants of the seminar a chance to get more the chosen liberal subjects.acquainted to the goals and activities of FriedrichNaumann Foundation. It was presented what phe-nomenas FNF stands for and what it rejects. Theseliberal aspects of life, including freedom of choice,human rights, etc. appeared to be quite interesting, asthey caused an active discussion in the conferencehall among the participants. The young activists had achance to express their point of view on the limits ofindividual freedom on an example of a person, whowished to appear in the society with a strange look.And this was just one of many examples that gave anopportunity to express youngsters’ individual opin-ions which varied quite a lot. There was an attempt tofind the relation between education and progress, aswell as the differences between modernization andwesternization. Here also, with the facilitation of MrsYasemin Pamuk, the participants talked about theimportance of education in the formation of the truepath of the progress. Afterwards, the vice-president of PoliticalLegal Economic Research and Forecast Center(PLERF) Vahagn Khachatryan switched the atten-tion of the auditorium to the economic aspects ofliberalism. He talked about the differences of political PAGE 3
  4. 4. LIBERAL YOUTH NETWORK OF THE SOUTH CAUCASUSLYNC-GEORGIA ORGANIZED A SERIES OF LOCAL SEMINARS ON LIBERALISM."Liberal Youth Network of the South Caucasus" In the framework of week there were held three(Georgia) in the framework of the Young Repub- seminars about liberalism. The first seminar waslicans, which is partner of Fridrih Naumann held on 29.02.2012 by Ivliane Khaindrava withFoundation, Germany and in general the young topic of “Liberalism- liberal ideology and itsliberals of the international liberal youth organi- competitors”. Second seminar was made by Pri-zations in Georgia made the set of seminars on don Sakvarelidze about the "Human Rights inthe topic of liberalism. Liberal State” on 01.03.2012 and the last seminar in this set was held on 02.03.2012 by Gigla Agu-The lectures were attended by new members of lashvili - "Rule of law & Liberalism".the Young Republicans, who are interested to ac-quire more knowledge in terms of ideology, all The participants were introduced the informa-representatives of LYNC from Georgia and the tion about LYNC and its importance in this re-employee of Young Lawyers Association, who is gion, had debates and discusses the most impor-a member of the LYNC too. tant issues which related to the subject. We are also looking forward to your visit to our blog ! CONTACT US e-mail: PAGE 4