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Owner Big Picture Repair Legal Issues


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Published in: Real Estate
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Owner Big Picture Repair Legal Issues

  1. 1. Class Slides 2004 Repair/Renovation of Buildings Owner Issues Instructor-Robert P Hall Jr, Esq. UC Berkeley Extension Class Handout Slides (2004) Presented by RPHall, Esq.
  2. 2. Typical Owner Expectations • The proposed repair/renovation project meets performance and aesthetic expectations. For example, new roof does not leak for a reasonable period of time • Work called for under contract documents complied with plans, designs and applicable code and industry standards • All subcontractor’s and suppliers were paid at the end of the repair project or a “lien free” job • Work completed “on time and on budget”
  3. 3. Owner “Responsibilities” • Decide on scope of work corresponding to owner’s budget • Establish quality control requirements for the work • Decide on level of involvement of the design team, if applicable • Make timely payments pursuant to contract requirements • Timely respond to design or field problems that arise during the performance of the work
  4. 4. Owner’s Liability • Potentially liable for contract price if unpaid without legal excuse • Potentially liable for lost profits or overhead if owner improperly discharges contractor during progress of the work • Possibly liable for delay damages imposed on the contractor if the owner unreasonably delays completion of contract