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MFP Lina's

  1. 1. MY FAMILY PROJECT Lina Constanza Ramírez Orozco July, 2013
  2. 2. Gustavo Orozco 1929-1999
  3. 3. My grandmother Fabiola Alzate She is my grandmother, all her life she has been a tenacious woman, great housewife and teacher of life. She was born in Neira, Caldas and at her 17 years she got married with my grandfather Gustavo Orozco, he was a brave man who brought his whole family to the city of Manizales and there they had their own business. My grandfather died in 2000 and my grandma has been a widow since then. She still lives in Manizales.
  4. 4. My Aunt Elvia Orozco Social Worker She is my favorite aunt, she taught me to be a good professional; She was my first University student image, I used to be around her and her university friends when they did their tasks at home. She got married to Leonardo in 2004 and they live happily in Dosquebradas where they have their own business. They don’t have any children.
  5. 5. My uncle Armando Orozco Leather tailor and artist He is my favorite uncle, he has been an adventurer and bohemian guy; he has a nice family, his first son is my cousin Julio Cesar, he is an Industrial engineer, he lives and works in Medellín. Then Camilo, he’s a Geology student in Caldas University and finally Sofia, she is in sixth grade at a school in Manizales. Julio Cesar Orozco Cristian Camilo Ana Sofía
  6. 6. My aunt Damaris Orozco Business woman This is my aunt, she runs her own successful business in Manizales; she is my favorite cousin´s mother. She is also a very young grandmother, her grandson’s name is Ariari.
  7. 7. My favorite cousin Nataly Tabares Jewel and accessories artisan She is my cousin but I love her like a sister, she is an intelligent and adorable young woman. She has a beautiful son whose name is Ariari; they both live in Coroico, Bolivia. Some of the pictures were taken during my first visit to them in December, 2010.
  8. 8. Ana Doris Orozco She is my mother Héctor José Ramírez He is my father Lina C Ramírez
  9. 9. My parents got divorced and years later my mother got married again with Cristobal, he is my step-father, he is a public accountant and he also used to play the violin for the symphonic orchestra in Bogotá. My mother worked as seller for some years but now she devotes herself to her husband, her pets and her friends. They live in Sta Rosa de Cabal and I used to live with them when I was in high school.
  10. 10. Luis Carlos Ramírez 1917 - 1974 Carlos Andrés Ramírez Rincon STEP -BROTHER GOT DIVORCED 1990 Matias’ Baptism: We are his god-parents.
  11. 11. My grandmother Fabiola Toro This is my grandmother, she lives in Manizales. She got married very young and lost her husband very long time ago. She has been a widow since then but despite that she has been a great model to follow, she is very loving and an excellent cook; she likes to travel and visit her family around the country.
  12. 12. They are: My father (Hector José) my nephew (Matias) and my step-mother(Maria Emilia) My father also got married again, and from that marriage I have a step-brother; his name is Carlos Andrés. My father works at an office at the Major’s building in Manizales, his wife Emilia, is an excellent housewife and a loving grandmother. They all live together in Manizales, I also used to live with them while I was studying at the University.
  13. 13. My nephew and god son Matias Ramírez and My sister-in-law Valentina My step-brother and his girlfriend brought to life Matias, he’s my father and his wife’s love and light. Matias was born On May, 2011. His mother’s name is Valentina, she takes care of him and she sometimes works at different stores around Manizales.
  14. 14. Matias’ baptism This picture was taken on Matias´ baptism. In the picture we are holding him at the church. Andres is Matias’ god father and Emilie's nephew. I am Matias’ god mother. The celebration took place at “Catedral Basílica de Manizales”.
  15. 15. This is me and my boyfriend. This is my boyfriend Alberto, he works as seller traveling around Risaralda, Valle and Quindío. We´ve been together since October 2009. We have a lot of fun together and we love traveling and watching movies in our free time. And they are my pets: Juno and Lucas, they are the love of my life! They live with me in Pereira.