Real Money For You and Your Family From STIFORP


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Discover Stiforp-a Backwards way to Make Profits
A simple way,transparent 100%,for earn more money

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Real Money For You and Your Family From STIFORP

  1. 1. Real MoneySTIFORP is a brand new company founded by NauderKhazan with 21 years experience in network marketingindustry. With Stiforp, you now have ALL the tools you need totake ANY business to the NEXT LEVEL. From landingpages to capture your prospects information, to follow upautoresponders to continuously remind them of youropportunity and get them excited about joining, to liveactors and flash movies on your website to help paint apicture of success for your prospects, to advertisements,follow up scripts, a traffic rotator to build multiplebusinesses at the same time, and so much MORE.THAT is what STIFORP is all about. The challenge in thehome based business industry is that the extent of mostcompanies’ tools is a corporate replicated website. While awebsite is great for information, it takes MUCH more thanthat to get people excited enough to join your opportunity.See video belowhttp://www.ownboss61.STIFORPTour.comWhat made STIFORP different from EVERY othercompany in the industry?
  2. 2. 1. NO COMPETITION – With tools that EVERYNetwork Marketer MUST HAVE to stay competitive in theindustry for just $9.95 per month, we are not competingwith your current network marketing program. We arehelping you BUILD IT!2. HUGE COMPENSATION PROGRAM – WithEVERY Network Marketer in the industry soon being amember of STIFORP, our compensation plan allows you toearn up to $2,047.50 per month without ever enrolling asingle person!Are you willing to work (Part-time or Full-time) online?$1000, $2000, $10,000, $50,000? Live Your Dreams.Your Financial Freedom is waiting for youNo Selling, No Meetings, No Pressure.TEST DRIVE the most powerful system on the internetnow!Every business requires investments.Our business requires only $9.95 per monthIf you are serious about making money onlineTurn your $9.95 into $2,000 up to $8,000 per month* Highest Payout in Internet Marketing HISTORY!* Highest Signup Percentages Ever Seen on theInternet!* Guaranteed "Forced" Spillover!* 2 x 14 MATRIX Payout!* UNLIMITED Monthly Income Potential!
  3. 3. * 100% Automated Recruiting!* No Phone Calls!* No Selling!* No Meetings!* Backed by a ROCK SOLID 3 Year Old Company!The Stiforp Product LineWith Stiforp there’s no tangible product line per say, butthe company instead offers marketing tools for its membersto use. The marketing tools offered by Stiforp are asfollows;Capture PagesStiforp provide hosting for up to three capture pages permember. Used to generate leads, these landing pages can beused to sell any business opportunity you’re currentlypromoting.Stiforp offer a total of ten different templates that can beused with each of the three capture page ‘slots’ available tomembers.Capture videos with live actorsStiforp currently offer three live actor marketing videos forits members to use on their capture pages.With two males and a female to choose from, these videosoffer a generic marketing sales pitch which presumably is
  4. 4. so generic and non-specific that it can be used to promotemost online opportunities out there.Flash based marketing videosIn addition to the live actor videos Stiforp offers, they alsoprovide four generic flash based marketing videos formembers to use on their capture pages.Again, these videos are supposedly generic and non-specific enough to be used with most online opportunities.AutorespondersWhen someone enters their details into one of your capturepages, you need some sort of response to be sent out. Thisresponse usually makes a call to action to get the leadyou’ve just generated to do some desired action.Stiforp offer autoresponders for each of the three capturepage slots available to members.Traffic RotatorThe traffic rotator is designed to make managing a co-op(marketers working together in a team) or managingmultiple business you yourself are trying to generate leadsin easier.Basically the idea is that you drive traffic to a single webaddress and the traffic rotator then splits this incoming
  5. 5. traffic how ever you set it to (usually by ratio or percentageto site A, B, C, etc).These are the main marketing tools offered by Stiforp butthe company also has provisions in place for additionalSearch Engine Marketing, business cards, email marketing(spam?), banner ads, e-Zines and newspaper ads.You will also receive: • Banner ads to increase your online marketing efforts • Print ad ideas if you want to build in your local market • Follow up scripts to explode your closing ratio • Lead source recommendations • MUCH MUCH MORE!How much do you think people would pay to have fullaccess to all of these tools and resources any time theywant to explode their business? Many leaders areALREADY paying HUNDREDS…even THOUSANDS ofdollars to get these tools individually! NOW, for the firsttime EVER, thanks to STIFORP, YOU can get them ALLfor just PENNIES A DAY!With STIFORP, our membersget full access to ALL of these tools 24 hours a day, 7 daysa week, 365 days a year for just $9.95 per month…not tomention a way to get it all for FREE AND add thousands ofdollars a month in residual income on TOP of that, with ourHUGEcompensation plan!QUALIFICATIONS
  6. 6. STIFORP is a forced matrix with up to 14 floors in abinary matrix inside the matrix grow personally sponsorDonot think you have to sign up 100 people to make moneyIdeeais that sponsors above you, still only 2 people can registertheir position in binary and all subsequent entries in thematrix levels down and fill vacancies, including tau matrixSo that explains the strength of the team sponsors bothabove and left the network the 2 enrolled own work to fillyour matrix And as noted above by spillover system, evenwithout a person can register to win by matrix addition tothose above and below you in the matrix, but it lasts longerif you get involved and personal!In STIFORP career therefollowing steps:-Publisher, you become when you sign up,pay the fee only $ 40 and first month subscription $9.95Positions that are active in business are from 1-5 stars: .1 Star when you have joined two persons wereregistered (and paid subscription fee) .2 Stars-when those two people sign up and they inturn each 2 persons, they became 1 star, or get personal andenroll 12 people and in your direct ramification to have 15people active .3 Stars-if 2 people directly inscribed into position 2star or personally enroll 30 people, with minim50 activepeople in your direct ramificatio .4 Stars-if two people enroll directly get in position 3star or personally enroll a minimum of 100 people and 150people active in direct ramification .5 Stars-if 2 people get registered at position 4 star orpersonally enroll 300 people, and have at least 500 people
  7. 7. active in direct ramificationThe conclusion is a simplecareer plan basically if everyone joined in turn register 2other people while qualifications are obtained successivelyBut if you get involved and promote continuous personaltime for each qualification shorten Note that here we arenot talking about a overnight enrichment scheme butseriously build time extra income as stated above andfurtherWARNING! And even if youre not interested in these tools, onlypromotes STIFORP all your friends and youll earn asignificant supplemental income. DO NOT MISS IT!Share this opportunity with at least 1 person for 30 days,and watch your business explode around the world!COMPENSATION PLAN1.Powerline BonusesEvery day, more and more people are joining STIFORPeither to use our powerful tools to build their existingbusiness, or to take advantage of our HUGE compensationplan, or BOTH. One of the most exciting parts of ourCompensation Plan is that you can start to earn income justby locking in your position!
  8. 8. In fact, YOU WILL GET PAID on the first 3 people underyou in the powerline just by locking in your position.How’s that for proof that this is the FASTESTPAYING compensation plan in the industry!2.Fast Start BonusesFor each new member that you personally enroll inSTIFORP, you will earn a $25 Fast Start Bonus paid thatweek!PLUS, for everyone those people enroll, you will earn a $2Second Generation Fast Start Bonus, and a $1 ThirdGeneration Fast Start Bonus for everyone those peopleenroll!And as you achieve ranks of 4 Star and 5 Star in our HUGEcompensation plan, you will earn an additional $1 InfinityOverride for every single person in your open 4 Star and 5Star enroller tree!
  9. 9. *Examples: If you are a 5 Star leader and you enrollsomeone, you will earn the 25 Fast Start Bonus plus the $14 Star Infinity Override, and the $1 5 Star Infinity Override,for a total of $27. If you are a 5 Star leader and 2,742people joined your team before anyone else in yourorganization advanced to 4 Star or 5 Star, you wouldreceive the $1 4 Star Infinity Override AND the $1 5 StarInfinity Override for a total of $2 per personREGARDLESS of what level they fell on in yourorganization for a total of $5,484 on TOP of all othercommissions!3.Matrix CommissionsWhen you lock in your position in STIFORP, you are givenyour own business center in our fast filling 2x14 Matrix!As more people join STIFORP every week, they are placedin the matrix UNDER everyone who is already in there. Sothe sooner you lock in your position, the higher yourposition will be in the matrix.
  10. 10. Distributors and 1 Star leaders automatically qualify to getpaid on 12 levels in their matrix. 2 Star leaders qualify toget paid on 13 levels in their matrix. And 3 Star, 4 Star and5 Star leaders qualify to get paid on a FULL 14 LEVELS intheir matrix!All percentages are based on monthly $9.95 membershipfees. Commissions for people who join at the yearly optionwill be paid out over 12 months as $9.95 per month.4.Matching BonusesAs HUGE as the Fast Start Commissions and MatrixBonuses are, our Matching Bonuses are even BIGGER!On top of the $2,047.50 or $8,191.50 that you can earn in
  11. 11. your personal matrix, you also have the ability to match50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll,AND a percentage everyone those people enroll FIVEENROLLMENT GENERATIONS DEEP, regardless ofwhere they fall in your matrix!Example: If you are a 1 Star leader, and you enroll just 4people into STIFORP, and each one of them were earning$800 per month in their matrix, you would match 50% ofeach of their matrixes for a total of $400 each, making youan additional $1,600 per month on TOP of YOUR matrixcommissions!PAYMENT COMMISSIONSPayment is made in 2 ways:1.ByBank Transfer from Payoneer, in your bank accountestablished in the country2.By Mastercard from Payoneer, to request (cost $ 12.95)and from there you can withdraw money from any ATM inthe world or make payments different start until earningsincrease, it can go on the first version. Fast Start Bonus isreceived weekly (Wednesday for the previous week), andother monthly on the first Wednesday of the month for theprevious month
  12. 12. When is the right time to get into this business? Now, Everiday. sign up (as active members) about 50-100 and preenroll over 1.000.Some these people you maybe after you in network and that you can generate passiveincome of $ 2047.5 per month.Every hour, every day there are people who enroll innetwork Some these people can be your network if youact fast or you can lose.As Boch your position faster network even faster you get $2,047.Sign up using the link below, study the issue and will notbe disappointed! English: Russian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese
  13. 13. Portuguese French Hungarian Swedish Croatian German Malaysian Indonesian Singaporean
  14. 14. Greek Italian Mandarin Czech Polish Serbian http://ownboss61.STIFORPRS.comIs safe this business?Stiforp CitizenCorps cataloged the 4 th place in top ratedbusiness On youtube you can write stiforp and you will find a lot
  15. 15. of videos that can demonstrate how effective it is and howmany people earn thousands of dollars from this business How much?It seems a large sum as I thought when I signed up, butlooking at the product offered and especially theopportunity to earn at least $ 2000 per month I think it isquite small, even insignificant.The monthly fee is $ 9.95, and the activation pays $ 40just once at enrollment.How do I register?1.Click the link below:http://www.ownboss61.STIFORPMovie.comInput in your personal information Choose username andpasword2.Decide your Start-up Package: option 1 -Monthly Membership $9,95 plus one time $40sign-up fee option 2 -Yearly Membership $99,95 plus one time $50sign-up fee Best value-Save 20%3.Input in your Billing information, agree to terms andclick SubmitReview your account and get with your introducer for anyset up and business start-up adviceOpportunities as unique as STIFORP come along only in alifetime ACT NOW to secure your financial future,use their tools(if you need) to build your MLM business online
  16. 16. How to EXPLODE your Stiforp Business NOW ! 3 SIMPLE steps you should follow & TEACH yourteam with ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION for the next24 MONTHS. Step #1 > Ask your TOP 10 / 25 contacts to take a FREEtour on one of your MANY Stiforp landingpages found in the "My Website Address" section of yourStiforp back office !! Step #2 > Invite them to listen to; WMt3GKYs or Dialin 512- 827-0080 pin 777444 # and LOCK their positionNOW !!. Step #3 > Ask them to repeat steps #1 , #2 and #3 NOW !!Simple, EASY and DUPLICABLE ...You can sign up a person this morning and teach the above1,2,3 steps to that new teammember and by TONIGHT, she or he could have 5personal sign ups... S I M P L E ...PLEASE listen to these 3 TRAINING audio files ATLEAST 3 times ASAP :Very IMPORTANT ( What is Stiforp and FastStart training ) :>
  17. 17. IMPORTANT Fast Start Training Video > v=sePUSSgbxpEBrother A and brother B : > WLTHyq2sPlace A Friend :> my friend , """ THE BEST TRAINED TEAMWITH A 24 MONTHS FOCUS AND ALL OUTMASSIVE ACTION, WIN$ """BE INSPIRED TODAY!For other problems,please send me e-mail atconantohe@gmail.comConstantin