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Discover addwallet

  1. 1. Discover ADDWALLET-Better Than ZEEK(A Complete Passive Income With Best Advertising Income Ever) Introducing .... ADDWALLET!! new project, which willreplace ZeekrewardsSo far, pre-registration is FREE After login you pickmembership from 10USD ... Qualify for dailyrewards by viewing "7" twenty second ads ... DO NOT BE LEFT BEHIND ON THIS ONE !!!!WHY ADDWALLETZeeks business model, if tweaked to complywith certainlaws, and with a product/service that is morein demand,could continue to make huge income for manypeople, even the passive person who neverreferred asingle member.....and this is what everyone isafter.Addwallet is one such program that hasfashioned itselfoff the Zeek model but also offers a veryuseful advertising
  2. 2. platform for its members to display theirvarious programs.THEADMINFour businessmen, with over 20-yearsexperienceowning and running multi-million dollar onlineinternetbusinesses that sold website traffic, SEOmarketing,etc., saw the Zeek business model, anddecided inJanuary of 2013 to create a new business,designedaround what was probably the greatestcompensationplan ever created…the Zeek “revenue share”model!However, they realized it had to be 100%“legit” and“compliant” right out the gate.Here Are Some alterations that they madetoachieve this* Luis Cordero (CEO of AdWallet) createdAddWalletwith a purpose. In his Mission Statement he
  3. 3. said hewanted to: "Create The Best Home BasedMoneyMaking Vehicle In the World!”* AddWallet is owned by “CarteraInternational,” anEcuadorian-based legal corporation.* AddWallet is going to drive a tremendousamountof traffic to everyones website including majorcorporations, and generate “A MassiveAdvertisingRevenue For Its Members Passively!”*AddWallet is completely offShore (Panama &SouthAmerica ), opening Its office In Ecuador inFebruary!* AddWallet’s attorney & management teamworkedtremendously to ensure they are not shutdown forany reason whatsoever!* AddWallet’s management team collectivelyhasover 20 years industry-related experience!* Soft launch beta testing began January 18,2013so this is excellent timing to get involved.
  4. 4. The Addwallet system delivers on traffic and making sureyour business is profitableADDWALLET is a "Collective Retail Business" thatshares the profits from all of its products and services-Auction Sites,AddFrame,Keyword System and so manymore productsCOMPENSATION PLAN1) PASSIVE REVENUE SHAREBuy Ad Units (AU’s) for $1 each to get views toyour website and earn your daily revenueshare,which averages 1-2% daily, compounded at100%!* You can purchase $1 - $10,000 in AU’s!* Multiple accounts allowed per household!* Just view 7 websites for 20 secondseach, everyday, to qualify for daily revenue share!* Other virtual products & services comingsoon toadd to the daily revenue share potential!2) MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOMEMembers must Upgrade to Silver ($10); Gold($50) orDiamond($99). From this you also earn on a2x15 matrix.
  5. 5. * 2x15 matrix pays $0.30 - $2 per week, peraffiliatesubscription, on their monthly subscriptions,andtotals up to over $131,000 per month!* Direct “Enroller Bonus” pays 20% permonth, persubscriber you refer, up to $20 per montheach!No Sponsoring Required for matrixearnings!Matrix earnings is dependent on Upgradelevel:Silver affiliates earn on a 2x10 matrix.Gold and Diamond affiliates earn on a2x15 matrix.3)REFERRAL COMMISSIONSYou get up to 2 Generations of “AddGroupBonuses,” .This depends on your upgrade level:Silver Upgrades earn : 7% Gen 1Gold Upgrades earn: 7% Gen 1 & 5% Gen2Diamond Upgrades earn : 10% Gen 1 &5% Gen 2 Note: These Bonuses are paidimmediately on the AU’s purchased by your
  6. 6. 1st and 2nd generation affiliates, as well astheir daily revenue share earnings!* Commissions paid DAILY, weekly andmonthlyvia Payza & STP, with low $10 withdrawalrequest.*Join Free Now (Payza & STP ManualApprovals)!* Upgrade to Silver ($10); Gold ($50) orDiamond($99). Refer 5 and BREAK-EVEN every month!* Withdraw up to 75% daily* Minimum withdrawal $10* Withdraw earnings via payza and STP, anddebit card coming soonHOW TO GET STARTED.JOIN ME HERE: note that you will not get a welcomeemail after signup )Additional Steps1. Log into your account2. Click on the blue "Accounts PROFILE" link
  7. 7. at the bottom of thepage and add yourpayment processor details.3. Click on the purple "Withdraw/LoadAccount" button4. Select either Payza or Solid Trust Pay5. Follow the instructions and make sure toinclude your Add Wallet ID number andusername in the spend memo.6. Watch for your eWallet balance to becredited. Not sure how long it is taking rightnow. At the website it says that "Funds loadedwill be visible in your Virtual Wallet within 24Hours".7. When the funds reach your eWallet you canclick on the red "UPGRADE NOW" link at thetop of the page.8. You must first select your membership leveland make your first monthly payment.a) Monthly subscription @$99 - Diamondb) Monthly subscription @$50 - Goldc) Monthly subscription @$10 - Silver
  8. 8. No need to upgrade higher than Silver if youwill not be promoting.Everyone earns equally in the daily profit shareregardless of theirmembership level.9. Purchase your Ad Units and start viewing atleast 7 websites each day to start earning dailyrevenue share payments.( Forpurchase:Earnings-Cash available-AccountLoad-Upgrade and Purchase-Purchase AdCredits-Purchase)