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CGDL2018 - Sessió:" ChatBots en l’administració pública: una forma eficient de comunicació"


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Pere Galindo Tomàs

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CGDL2018 - Sessió:" ChatBots en l’administració pública: una forma eficient de comunicació"

  1. 1. Xatbot e l’ad i istració pública: una forma eficient de comunicació Pere Galindo Tomàs #GovernDigital
  2. 2. 4 tendències en mobilitat Messaging has surpassed social : • 4.1 Billionusers instant messaging apps • 6+ of Top 10 most used apps globally = messaging apps • Is the top app an offers a familiar environment • Here digital natives spend their time By 2020, usto ers will a age 85% of their relationship with the e terprise without i tera ti g with a hu a . Gart er • 4mins+ is the average time saving per Chatbot enquiry when compared with traditional call centers • 40% As long as they can get help quickly and easily, 40% of o su ers do ’t are whether a Chat ot or a person answers their customer service questions (HubSpot) • 47% of consumers are open to buying items through a Chatbot and 37% would buy items from Facebook(HubSpot) We Are in a New World Where Conversational Interfaces Will Replace the Most Common Interfaces on Computers and Connected Devices "Conversational AI-first" will supersede "cloud-first, mobile- first" as the most important, high-level imperative for the next 10 years. (Gartner 2017) 80% the average number of times a person looks at their mobile each day % of Adults worldwide will have a smartphone by 2020 150 87% % of People who always have their smartphone at their side, day and nightMòbil com canal principal Messaging com plataforma Servei al client via xat Creixement de Chatbots, AI i ML
  3. 3. Què és un chatbot? Un bot conversacional és un programa que simula mantenir una conversa amb un humà Senzill(Task Oriented) Intel·ligent(Data Driven & Predictive) Dues categories de Bots:
  4. 4. Facebook Messenger Bots Demo Oracle MetropoliMegaPizza Chatbot Facebook Messenger Bots Demo
  5. 5. Oracle Intelligent Bots: Components Channel Configurator Dialog Flow Execution Enterprise Data Integration Conversational AI Engine Unified cross-channel chat interface between bots & humans Declarative bot builder UI for bot flow State machine that executes context driven workflows with scoped variables Active machine learning algorithms that identify relationships and extract insights from unstructured data SDK to consume a ke d API’s that satisfy human requests via the bot Custom
  6. 6. Casos d’us • Bots per a empleats: Trobar continguts, RRHH (petició de vacances, nòmina), analítica, autoservei, despeses, gestió de temps, CRM, vendes accés a altres aplicacions de negoci, helpdesk ... • Oracle està incloent interfícies conversacionals en les aplicacions empresarials Atenció al ciutadà Customer Care i facturació (Modificacions, Us) Servet al client (Seat assignment, flight updates) Business to Consumer (B2C) Transaccional & Servei al client BANCASECTOR PUBLIC UTILITIES TRANSPORT (Airlines) Business to Employee (B2E) Servei al client (Returns & FAQs) RETAIL
  7. 7. Intelligent Bots Clients CONSUMER UTILITY BOT • Account Management • Outages • Billing & Payment • Promotions MEMBER RETAIL BOT • Account Management • Scheduling • Vaccinations • Store Information AIRCRAFT MAINT. BOT • Status • Reports • Resources • Parts STUDENT GUIDANCE BOT • Built in 2 weeks • Day 1: 2500 users • Wait time phone only 1.5 min, • 40 min last year • 47% less calls• Banking Transactions • Customer Service (FAQ) • Foreign Travel (ATM) • Credit Card Applications CONSUMER BANKING BOT INSURANCE BOT • Account Management • Quotes • Claims • Payment CONSUMER BANKING BOT • Banking Transactions • Customer Service (FAQ) CONSUMER SAFETY BOT • Incident Management • Status • Notifications CONSUMER RETAIL BOT • Feedback and inquiries • Installation requirements • Product repair • Account Mgmt. EMPLOYEE HCM BOT • Time Cards • PTO • Pick STUDENT BANKING BOT • Banking Transactions • Customer Service (FAQ) RESERVA DE RESTAURANTS • Realitzar reserva • Anul·lar reserva • Veure localització • Informació restaurants CITA PREVIA
  8. 8. Exemple xatbot Sant Just Xatbot servei cita prèvia
  9. 9. Bon dia
  10. 10. Definició del bot Elements del xatbot
  11. 11. INTENCIÓUtterance (Context) INTENCIÓ ACCIÓUtterance (Context) canvi titularitat Demanar Cita Previa Pay for Pizza obres reforma cuina Entities Conversació
  12. 12. Entitats del sistema Entitats personalitzades
  13. 13. Agafa l’o ada del canvi ORGANITZA COL·LABORA #GovernDigital Gràcies, ;-) @GovernDigital