MUFICATA EU-RTD-IB SL presentation 2011


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Advanced information and communication technologies, applications and solutions.
Research, Innovation and Business in Information and Communication Natural Environments.
Euro-Cluster pro-Information Society Open Technologies.
Scientific Prospectors, Technological Envisioners, Germinal Ideas, Conceptual Developers, Consortia Builders, Collaborative Networks, Innovative Performers, Responsible Managers and Sustainable Maintainers.

FP7 PIC n. 969894465
T.: 34 93 423 82 67
Jaume Fabra 12
08004 Barcelona
Catalonia (EU)

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MUFICATA EU-RTD-IB SL presentation 2011

  1. 1. MUFICATA SL Natural Information Environments MUFICATA SL is a small private research and technical consulting firm focused on natural information, communication, knowledge, collaboration and innovation, environments on the Internet, settled in Barcelona with European scope and world-wide vision. 1Presentation 2011MUFICATA SL (C) Copyright 2001-01-01 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. 1 Consultants technology company MUFICATA providing information and outsourcing strategic and high-valuable services to the Business, Software development for Collaborative netwokers, scientific Industrial applications - Education, prospectors and technological Financial, Manufacturing - Innovation, envisioners for the germination of Research alongside Information innovative and fresh ideas to provide Technologies recruitment and project high-value services of conceptual staffing services. development and consortia building to deliver responsible and sustainable Operating in the Information and solutions. Communication Society Open Technology sector at European Level, we are constantly evolving in the market of high-tech and user-friendly customized applications, technologies, standards, services, businesses and solutions for natural information spaces. 2Presentation 2011MUFICATA SL (C) Copyright 2001-01-01 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. 2 MUFICATA S.L. was constituted as MULTIFINANCIAL CAPITAL S.L. Corporate-Finance firm in 1997 in Barcelona.MUFICATA s.c.p. Company was set up in 1992 by a group of professional consultants specialists with experience in business, Corporate Finance, Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate restructuring, Information Technologies and Business Administration. The company grew steadily and is further successfully expanding in the Catalonia area. Our employees and staff had extensive experience and strong capabilities in Business and IT Strategy Moreover, in October 2008 MUFICATA Consulting, Systems Design and founded the Acoustic Computing for Integration, Programming, Web design, Artificial Intelligence and Ambient Project management and IT recruitment intelligent Applications ( and staffing services. In 1997 became a alliance of micro-companies leading some limited responsibility society (S.L.) conferences and proposals in this world- directed by Mr.Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut. wide innovative technological field. ACAIA is a world-wide innovative initiative and In 2004 MUFICATA founded the first community in the technological areas of European Grouping CONSEN EEIG Euro- Audio and Acoustics Computing. Group as Cluster of Samll and Medium Enterprises (SME) with the main objective The current actions are to apply for to establish an ongoing and effective diverse EU granting projects in the FP7 dialogue between members and Research and Technological Development collaborators focused on Research, and Innovation, build a scientific and Development, Innovation and Business at technological platform and a legal pool of European level with the purpose to spin-offs and start-ups providing exploit and manage their competencies products, solutions and services based on with a synergistic effect. MUFICATA was the ACAIA technologies and domains. leading CONSEN Euro-Group trans- Nowadays ACAIA has extended the national network organization, formed by concept to all the Sensing-Events 51 core-partners and 165 members from Computing ( who is seeking 35 European states, however it was not grants and looking for partners with EU financed, they carried out Research scientific and technological competences and Innovation projects and works, and capacities for research at FP7-PPP preparing several FP6-IST projects and programme. participating and organizing events and meetings, from 2003 to 2009. 3Presentation 2011MUFICATA SL (C) Copyright 2001-01-01 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut is CEO of3 MUFICATA S.L. He is an Industrial and Agricultural Engineer by profession and Master in Business Administration. Despite he has been involved in research and innovation in different sectors, it is important to remark upon his work as manager of the Research and development department of phyto- pharmaceutical products. In a personal entrepreneur project founded MUFICATA as a information and communication technologies technologies (ICT) consulting and merged and adquisition and corporate finance firm to provide Enterprises with novel services in the Barcelona and Catalonia area. The Internet was the instrument used to convert International services to Europe Union information and project management services. After a couple of years he founded CONSEN E.E.I.G. Euro-Group, as first small and medium entreprises cluster operating in ICT, aftyer this Acoustic Computing Ambient Intelligent Application ( initiative, Sensing Events for Artificial Intelligent Applications (, andSince 1997, MUFICATA has been recently the Internet of Sensing Thingsproviding European project management ( network.Research and Technological Development, Actually he is member and contributingreports, and services in Information in diverse projects and collaborating toSociety Technologies. Our unique, web- several more European initiatives,based information, knowledge and networks and technological platforms incollaboration environments are the hub of Information Society Technologies asour Information Society Research. eMobility, ISI, NESSI and NEM.The always-pioneer info-space containsthe most fresh ideas based on end-userand future needs and punctualrequirements and advanced novelenvisions and global perspectives needed MUFICATA SLto create, build up, develop and maintain B-61421830a successful project management Tef.: +34 93 423 8267environment. Jaume Fabra 12 08004 Barcelona (Catalonia) 4Presentation 2011MUFICATA SL (C) Copyright 2001-01-01 All Rights Reserved