20 metrics for small businesses


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This is the presentation I gave at Bend Webcam in October 2013. Focused on identifying KPI's for small businesses to monitor, manage and improve their online marketing efforts. Heavy emphasis on mobile/local performance.

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  • If you don’t believe me – go back to pre-not-provided times and look at the huge diversity of keywords driving traffic to your most popular pages.Long tell is where the action is.
  • # 7 ranking factor for local and primary ranking factor for natural searchWarning – for businesses that are part of networks – in my industry Findlaw, Justia, LexBlog.
  • #2 competitive ranking factor for local
  • Note mention of Quality/Authority
  • #8 competitve ranking factor for local.
  • Note – this is NOT Free#5 competitive ranking factor for local
  • #3 competitive ranking factor for local.
  • Note – these can’t be star only reviewsREVIEW MANAGER DISCUSSIONReview best practices – attorneys nervous about reviews“put a plan into action for garnering reviews from your clients on Google + on a consistent basis”In office BAD to review#6 competitive review factor for local
  • Sometimes you don’t know if you are being spammy or not.
  • Living in a world of <not provided>
  • Marshall talking about content is dead – importance of using social to promote and push content.
  • 20 metrics for small businesses

    1. 1. “Measure absolutely everything!” – Ian Lurie 20 ANALYTICS POINTS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    2. 2. 1.Ranking Reports @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    3. 3. 2.Domain Authority of Website www.OpenSiteExplorer.com @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    4. 4. 3. Quality/Authority of Inbound Links www.OpenSiteExplorer.com @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    5. 5. 4. Percentage of Links from Low Quality Sites 80+ 50-79 0% 0% 0-20 69% @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing 35-49 3% 20-35 28%
    6. 6. 5.Domain Diversity @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    7. 7. 6.Domain Concentration @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    8. 8. 7.Value of a Link @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    9. 9. 8.Index Count @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    10. 10. 9.Quality/Authority of Structured Citations @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    11. 11. 10.Quality/Authority of Unstructured Citations (Newspaper Articles, Blog Posts) @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    12. 12. 11.Quantity of Citation Sources @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    13. 13. 12.Quantity of Citations from Industry-Relevant Domains @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    14. 14. 13.Quantity of Citations from Locally Relevant Sites @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    15. 15. @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    16. 16. 14.Quantity of Reviews by Authority Reviewers (e.g.Yelp Elite, Multiple Places Reviewers, etc.) Google City Experts Yelp Elite @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    17. 17. 15.Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    18. 18. 16.Major Site Fluctuations (up or down) @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    19. 19. 17.Top Entry Pages @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    20. 20. 18.Klout Score @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    21. 21. 19.# of Identical Titles or H1s @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    22. 22. 20.Scattergraphs @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    23. 23. Bonus Slide: 21.Best Graph Ever @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing
    24. 24. Thank You Conrad Saam Atticus Marketing 206 486-2087 @ConradSaam @ConradSaam Atticus Marketing