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Changes and Challenges of Producing a Student-run Peer-reviewed PublicationThe Dalhousie Journal of Information &         ...
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DJIM poster 2.0 - OJS


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DJIM poster 2.0 - OJS

  1. 1. Changes and Challenges of Producing a Student-run Peer-reviewed PublicationThe Dalhousie Journal of Information & To stabilize and authenticate DJIM’s onlineManagement was formed in 2005 by a presence, we applied for and successfullygroup of six Masters of Library and obtained an ISSN: 1923-6530.Information Studies students who wishedto showcase the best student work from DJIM is now listedDalhousie’s Faculty of Management. in significant journal repositories,By 2008 it was renamed the Dalhousie such as theJournal of Interdisciplinary Management Old Home Page Directory of Open(DJIM) to better reflect the diverse and Access Journalswide-ranging work coming out of the (DOAJ) (Fig. 4).Faculty of Management. Fig. 4: DJIM in the DOAJ A social networking presence was established through Facebook and Twitter Workflow Management Embedded Email Client accounts.DJIM is a student-led initiative aimed atpublishing Dalhousie graduate student Find us!:work of the highest quality and in all areas of management. foster the convergence of ideaswithin the fields of Business 1. Acquire funding for a Digital ObjectAdministration, Environmental Studies, Identifier (DOI)Information Management, Public New Home Page: Fig. 3: Anatomy of the new DJIM websiteAdministration, and Marine Affairs 2. Expand our coverage to two issues per2.To promote collegiality year—one each in the Fall and Winter3.To encourage interdisciplinary semesterscommunication and research 3. Expand our interdisciplinary scope, with the goal of publishing equal content from all schools within Dalhousie’s Faculty of Management 4. Register content in further onlineIn 2010, DJIM expanded its organizational repositories to increase DJIM’smandate by: readership and influence•Creating departmental liaison positions in all 5. Continue to publish the best graduatefive Schools in Dalhousie’s Faculty of Fig. 1: DJIM email student work from Dalhousie’s excellentManagement Faculty of Management!•Revising our executive structure toincorporate new positions in Special Projects Poster created by:and Communications Amy Paterson and Stephanie Winston,•Increasing participation across departments DJIM Editorial Co-Chairs 2010-11 Fig. 2: FTP file storage