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OpenQI - Brighton innovation forum presentation Jan 2014


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Presentation of OpenQI at the Brighton innovation forum Jan 2014.

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OpenQI - Brighton innovation forum presentation Jan 2014

  1. 1. OPEN QI MANAGE, SHARE, COLLABORATE Dr Conrad Lee (BSUHT) Dr Michael George (PHT)
  2. 2. The NHS strives for continued quality improvement and innovations
  3. 3. The Care Quality Commission requires all organisations to submit a Quality Account
  4. 4. “You must take part in systems of quality assurance and quality improvement to promote patient safety.” - GMC Good Medical Practice 2013
  5. 5. It is now compulsory for clinicians to participate in clinical audits, as one of the pillars of clinical governance.
  6. 6. Clinical Audits?
  8. 8. #FMLMQI twitter chat
  9. 9. NHS trusts that have junior doctors have a built-in supplement to the clinical audit workforce.
  10. 10. Are we utilising this process effectively to improve care quality and educate our staff?
  11. 11. Multiple studies show substantial improvement in clinical care is only possible through completing audit cycles.
  12. 12. Only Singh et al 2013 Venkatesan et al 2011 17% of clinical audits were Gnanaligham et al 2011 Iqbal et al 2010 Completed Guryel et al 2008 John et al 2004
  13. 13. 5% Only of audits led to any change in the practice or process studied
  14. 14. Considerable time and resources are wasted on projects that get
  15. 15. ?
  16. 16. Project initiation Project management Collaboration
  17. 17. Project initiation
  18. 18. Where are the resources to help generate good QI project ideas and design?
  19. 19. What are the priorities of my department?
  20. 20. Frontline staff often see practices that can be improved… but where can they collate these ideas?
  21. 21. How can we stop reinventing the wheel?
  22. 22. Kent Surrey Sussex Out of 10 hospitals surveyed in KSS… All hospitals take part in QI.
  23. 23. Kent Surrey Sussex Out of 10 hospitals surveyed in KSS… All hospitals are require audit projects to be registered
  24. 24. Kent Surrey Sussex Out of 10 hospitals surveyed in KSS… only 1 have an online audit database that is openly accessible to their clinicians.
  25. 25. Project management
  26. 26. With frequent changeovers of clinicians ... There simply isn’t enough time for re-audits to be done in a single clinical rotation.
  27. 27. ? No robust project management tool for departments/ trust
  28. 28. Good QI Projects are just evaporating into thin air…
  29. 29. Tell people how you did… If you succeed, explain what was key to that success; If you fail, tell people why this happened. ” Going beyond audit – Riaz Dharamshi, Toby Hillman
  30. 30. Networking & Collaboration
  31. 31. “It is a bold agenda. We need to not just innovate, but also be sure that we are sharing those innovations all across the country” – From innovation to Action: The First Report of the Health Care Innovation Working Group
  32. 32. Current collaboration methods The Sharing Good Practice event KSS prize day Clinical Audit Support Centre (CASC) annual junior doctor clinical audit conference conferences The Clinical Audit Support Centre , Leicester Journals Online National Clinical Audit Forum (NCAF)
  33. 33. Senior involvement and MDT approaches are key to bringing change in clinical practise
  34. 34. What … • An electronic platform for storing and sharing ideas / projects • Facilitate ease for healthcare professionals to monitor and manage QI projects • Readily and freely available on the internet • Online support and collaboration
  35. 35. We should embrace the technology!
  37. 37. Benefits - in summary • Increase and streamline QI activity • Greater control of QI projects • Improve continuity and completion of projects • Encourages collaboration and sharing of ideas
  38. 38. Collaboration • Software compatibility • First step in regional collaboration
  39. 39. The proposal • Resources and expertise to help develop and maintain this online platform • Senior / trust involvement in educating doctors in QI and increase awareness of the online platform • Structuring responsibilities
  40. 40. "Our vision is that someday, through OpenQI, each hospital can share, learn, and be proud of every single Quality Improvement project they have done.”
  41. 41. Acknowledgments Craig Thomas (Web developer, Cardiff) Dr Sebastian Yuen (Consultant Paediatrician, Bristol) Jo Carter (Director of SatoriLab, Cardiff) Nick Theodorou (Project manager, London)
  42. 42. Acknowledgments Mark Renshaw (Deputy Chief of Safety) Eirwen Record (Clinical audit facilitator) Tom Roper (Clinical Librarian) Mr Anil Ghosh (General Surgical Registrar)
  43. 43. References • •“Audit of audits in an orthopaedic university teaching hospital: eight and a half years of experience” R Singh et al; Ann R Coll Surge Engl (Suppl) 2013; 95: 59-61 •“Auditing orthopaedic Audit” E Guryel, K Acton, S Patel; Ann R Coll Surge Engl; 90: 675-678 •“Going beyond audit” Dharamshi, T Hillman; BMJ careers 2011 •“The way we see it: Quality improvement” T Hillman, A Roueche •Venkatesan M,Amin RB,Armitage A. Standards and effectiveness of the orthopaedic quality improvement process: review of a decade of audit database. OJCA 2011; 3(2). •Gnanalingham J, Gnanalingham MG, Gnanalingham KK. An audit of audits: are we completing the cycle? J R Soc Med 2001; 94: 288–89. •C M John, D E Mathew, M G Gnanalingham. An audit of paediatric audits Arch Dis Child 2004;89:1128–1129. #OpenQI THANK YOU @OpenQI Dr Michael George @drmgeorge87 Dr Conrad Lee @ckwl1