Content Marketing, tell me more


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Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing is something we are hearing a lot more about. You and your marketing team are busy, so this presentation aims to give you a very high level overview about the whats and some how's of Content Marketing.

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Content Marketing, tell me more

  1. 1. Content imageContentMarketing…Tell me more….Conor ByrneHead of DigitalJune 2013
  2. 2. I made a presentation4 years ago….
  3. 3. In summary it said…
  4. 4. Ok – it wasn’t revolutionary….
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Oddly for digital……
  7. 7. 5 years later things havent changed
  8. 8. In fact Content is even moreimportant now
  9. 9. It is changing the advertisingindustry
  10. 10. Not killing it……
  11. 11. For anyone who is asleep at theback…….
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Content Marketing is the most completeadvertising strategy available to advertiserstoday
  14. 14. it speaks to consumers at everystage of the purchase funnel
  15. 15. It’s happening now…
  16. 16. 2013Global ContentAppointments
  17. 17. Content marketing is being used by some ofthe greatest marketing organizations …and bysmall businesses and one-person shops allaround the globe.
  18. 18. “A recent survey of marketers based largelyin the United Kingdom and Europe showedthat 70 percent would increase their contentbudgets this year.”Alexander Jutkowitz, Ad Age, April 2013
  19. 19. Because it works
  20. 20. It is challenging to get it right– there is a gap between thedream and reality.
  21. 21. The dream, is to… Publish amazing blog content every day. Create new lead generation offers every week. Design beautiful, engaging images to share onsocial media. Newsjack in the blink of an eye. Be on the cutting edge of new content formatsand ideas
  22. 22. The reality is wildly different….
  23. 23. It can look more like this…. Publish blog posts when someone has time to write Create a a new lead generation offer before the endof the quarter. Maintain a largely image-free social mediapresence Newsjacks a few days after news breaks remain about 12 months behind adoption of newcontent trends
  24. 24. The key to successful contentmarketing is to…...
  25. 25. …stop thinking about how toshock your audience intopaying attention. Instead, startthinking about what they mightwant to know
  26. 26. what could your organization sharethat might make people come back dayafter day?
  27. 27. Doing this right is more expensive andtime-consuming than sending a pressrelease or tweeting.
  28. 28. If brands want to become mediaplatforms, they have to accept some of thecosts of being a publisher.
  29. 29. .Content marketing allows you to createbrand affinity but can also be powerfulin building a new audience of potentialcustomers
  30. 30. Content marketing is a greattool for thoughtleadership, education andcustomer relations.
  31. 31. Once content is created, search andsocial networks can distribute, butmake sure you distribute it to otherswho may not know it (or you) exists.
  32. 32. Executives from AmericanExpress, Unilever’s Degree Men and eBayshared their rules for success atContently’s Social Commerce Summit…..
  33. 33.  Plan , Find the right content hook, Play to passions, Operate as a newsroom, , Evolve your strategy, Tell real stories, Monitor and evaluate , MeasureThey are……
  34. 34. The power of content marketing is that itgets prospects to lower their MarketingDefense Systems for a few minutes. Longenough, to get their attention and earntheir custom.Velocity partners
  35. 35. There is a danger of a deluge ofcontent
  36. 36. Which will just have peoplerunning scared
  37. 37. But the winners will be thosethat build Great Content BrandsVelocity partners
  38. 38. So be a brand that is famous forproducing intelligent, useful &entertaining content that’s always worthconsuming.Velocity partners
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Sources & Resources
  41. 41. Contact mewww.conorbyrne.wordpress.com