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From Silos to DevOps: Our Story


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Some background on DevOps, and the journey of Basis Technology as it moved from traditional development, to DevOps, NoOps and beyond.

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From Silos to DevOps: Our Story

  1. 1. From Silos to DevOps: Our (in Progress) Story April 2, 2015 Gil Irizarry (Director of Engineering, Tools) David Murgatroyd (VP, Engineering)
  2. 2. Our Goal for this talk ● Talk about DevOps ● ...and how it fits into Basis... ● ...and discuss the future (ours and yours)
  3. 3. Quick survey: How many of us... ● Work for companies whose product is delivered via SaaS? ● … but that didn’t start out doing SaaS (e.g., delivered on-premise products)? ● … and consider your deployment strategy less than ideal? ● How many attended the previous talk?
  4. 4. And now for some...
  5. 5. What is DevOps? ● From Wikipedia: a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration, integration, automation and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other IT professionals. ● Acknowledges the interdependence of software development, quality assurance, and IT operations, and aims to help an organization rapidly produce software ... and to improve operations performance.
  6. 6. DevOps principles: CAMS Culture Automation Measurement Sharing From Damon Edwards and John Willis
  7. 7. Some (likely apocryphal) stories: ● The Banana Corporation ● Best Buy From part-1/
  8. 8. Background reading ● History of DevOps: ● Convergence of DevOps: devops/ ●
  9. 9. The Basis Story ● Delivering on-premise text analytics libraries (e.g., jars) for ~15 years ● Customers across many industries and around the world -- you may have used us today without knowing it ● Rolling-out of a text analytics API later this year -- currently servicing Alpha users
  10. 10. Producing an On-Prem Library v. a Service Library Service What we deliver A tarball RESTful API How often we deliver Release a few times a quarter Deploy a few times a day When something goes wrong Customers email us Monitors page us Most important system to keep up Build machines Runtime service Key software measurements Speed & accuracy (value to customers) … and also utilization (cost to operate) Key components Open source libraries (e.g., Apache’s) IaaS tools (e.g., AWS’s)
  11. 11. What we do at Basis ● Bamboo for automated builds, pulling code from git repositories ● Builds tagged by development as ‘release’ get pulled into a custom-baked AMI on AWS integrated with auto-scaling ● Custom script uses the AMI to deploy EC2 instances, ELBs and infrastructure.
  12. 12. What we do at Basis ● The good news: software-defined infrastructure (SDI) ● Also good news: IT and Dev have worked together from the start to define the deployment process ● Needs improvement: deployments are still kicked off manually (but hey, we’re still in alpha)
  13. 13. Now and Future ● Now: We have a de-facto DevOps team composed of IT, Tools, RelEng, and Eng, but… ● Future: We aspire to create a NoOps environment. But what is “NoOps”?
  14. 14. ● NoOps is the concept that an IT environment can become so automated and abstracted from the underlying infrastructure that there is no need for a dedicated team to manage software in-house. ● FYI, Forrester coined the term NoOps, here’s a table of theirs... What is NoOps?
  15. 15. Why NoOps for Basis? ● empower developers (developer-defined infrastructure - DDI) ○ Check out geek-shall-inherit-the-earth-the-age-of-developer- defined-infrastructure/ ● reduce the effort needed to maintain the deployment ● transition to SaaS without building up a large Ops team
  16. 16. Discussion topics? Suggestions... ● What are the challenges with NoOps? ● What advice would you give us (Basis)? ● From what different traditional software engineering roles do folks transition into *Ops? ● How does *Ops affect your software development methodology? How do you reconcile fixed-length sprints in a continuous deployment environment? ● Is Basis hiring *Ops? (Hint: yes.)