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Vinyl records


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Vinyl records

  1. 1. Vinyl Records Connor Wake
  2. 2. G-Eazy When It's Dark Out I like this vinyl cover as it only uses 3 solid colours. These colours are red, white and black and they are used effectively. Both the record and the record sleeves have text on it what shows the album tracks, artist, album name, record company etc. On the sleeve there is also pictures one being on the inside of the artist and a girl eating what shows delicacy what shows the record has delicacy. I also like the text font as it is scratchy and slanted what works with the album.
  3. 3. Oasis what’s the story morning glory I like this record as it has the logo of the band, it lists all of the songs and it also has the album name. It shows the back of the head of one of the band members what is more unique than the usual black and white record. There is a yellow background on the vinyl what makes it stand out more and makes it more viewable for the audience.
  4. 4. Michael Jackson Thriller I like this vinyl as it more vintage to me and reminds me of the actual vinyls used in the 70’s. It has the record company at the top being ‘epic’ and then underneath that it has the name of the artist and also the album name. It has when it was made and what side of the record it is on the right and on the left it has what its used on and the serial number and then at the very bottom it has the songs on the album. The colour scheme of this is very simple being black and white.
  5. 5. ACDC Australia I like this record as it is simple and has a traditional ACDC colour scheme being red and white, however it isn't the greatest vinyl record as it does not have the necessary information being what side it is, the serial number, the record company, and other information like that. However it does have the album name, the artist and the songs on the album but more information is needed on the record in my opinion.
  6. 6. The Beatles Revolution I like this record as it is different on both sides, on side one it is a full apple and on the reverse side it’s the apple split in half what is clever and unique. The record has the name of the band on it, it has the company name, the list of songs included and also the record name, this means it has all necessary information what is good.
  7. 7. What i need on my design - Band name/ artist name - Size of record (12 inch) - Record company name - Album name - Songs (a few) - What side it is - Colours (black and red) - No image, only text