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  1. 1. Cambridge Journal – 4 page feature
  2. 2. South Wales Evening Post
  3. 3. Somerset Life
  4. 4. Cambridge Style
  5. 5. Evening Gazette, Teeside
  6. 6. Express & Star, Staffordshire
  7. 7. Good Homes
  8. 8. Your Home
  9. 9. A Real Birmingham Family campaign
  10. 10. Overview IKON art gallery based in Birmingham is running a competition to find a ‘real Birmingham family’. The campaign, owned by the IKON Gallery, is designed to celebrate diversity and ‘family’ values in society. The winner will be selected by a panel of upstanding members of the Birmingham community e.g. newspaper editor, local Mayor etc (still tbc). The winning family will then be immortalised as a bronze sculpture created by local award winning Turner prize artist Gillian Wearing, and positioned in Centenary Square in central Birmingham. The Ikon Gallery has held several mini ‘search’ events so far – some in public spaces and some in commercial places such as hotel brasseries. HomeSense hosted one such ‘search’ event in the Birmingham. Fort retail park store on 25 and 26 February. IKON’s photographers will photograph HomeSense customers for entry
  11. 11. Increase footfall to Birmingham Fort store Raise awareness of the HomeSense brand and product Create a strong link between HomeSense and the local community To create substantial buzz and excitement around the weekend To attract new customers Build and promote core brand values Objectives
  12. 12. Leaflets bag stuffed in HomeSense Fort, HomeSense Merry Hill, TK Maxx Castle Vale, TK Maxx Bullring (from 13 Feb – event) Window posters at HomeSense Fort and HomeSense Merry Hill (displayed from 13 Feb – event) Digital activity – emails to HS database in the Birmingham area (16 & 23 Feb) Facebook activity (from 13 Feb – event) Event listed in the Ikon newsletter which goes out to 7,500 people Ikon distribute another 20,000 leaflets in Birmingham Event listed on the Real Birmingham Family website Marketing activity
  13. 13. Twitter feed:  Ikon Tweeted about the weekend  Connor PR tweets to local Birmingham Sites including @local Birmingham @brum survival @daily Birmingham @brumculture @bhamcitysu Adil Ray, BBC Five live presenter @adilray retweeted to 7,591 followers BBC West Midlands today Suzanne Virdee retweeted to 3,020 followers Facebook:  HomeSense FB posts, Ikon FB page • Web Raiding:  Connor PR actively targeted forums and chat rooms and spread the word about the event  Ie Netmums  you-and-your-family-fancy-being-the-face-of-Birmingham-cast-in-bronze-by- Turner-Prize-winner-Gillian-Wearing Spreading the word...
  14. 14. real-birmingham-family
  15. 15. Print coverage
  16. 16. Print coverage
  17. 17. Broadcast The presenter of the breakfast show Jo Russell gave the campaign shout outs on air Listenership 331,000 adults per week The event was pitched to local TV including BBC Midlands Today and Central News The curator from Ikon was offered to BBC Radio WM as a guest The event was pitched to BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and Front Row Both are still interested in doing an item and are being followed up
  18. 18. Feeback from Ikon has been very positive 22 families were photographed over the weekend Birmingham Mail also sent a photographer to HomeSense This was followed up with a quote from the curator at Ikon 'Ikon is delighted by the reaction to our weekend at HomeSense. We had many new families nominate themselves to be the face of Birmingham, and we feel that momentum is building as we approach the closing date for nominations at the end of March. Anyone who wants to get involved can still do so at' The Event
  19. 19. BUSKIVAL 2-3rd June 2012, York
  20. 20. HomeSense sponsored York’s very first festival celebrating street performance, Buskival. Buskival is an important new event, launched as part of City of York Council’s 2012 York 800 programme York has had a long association with street entertainers and the festival celebrated the sometimes wacky but wonderful tradition by showcasing the successful busking scheme operated by City of York Council A trail of busking pitches was created around York during the Diamond Jubilee weekend, which formed an easy path for members of the public to enjoy Overview
  21. 21. Drive footfall to York, Foss Islands Retail Park store Raise awareness of the HomeSense brand and product Increase fame and personality within the local community To create substantial buzz and excitement around the weekend To attract new customers as well as existing ones Raising brand awareness about who we are and what we do Get people talking Build and promote core brand values Objectives
  22. 22. As part of the two-day festival, a competition was held for members of the public to choose their favourite amateur busker The winning artist won a prize of £200 and there was also a runner-up prize for second and third place Members of the public could win a £250 HomeSense gift card and five runner up gift cards of £50 Competition
  23. 23. HomeSense Logo on all Buskival advertising, leaflets, banners, programmes, sponsors speech Profiling of Home Sense goods by dressing Buskival marquee in city centre Leafleting in City Centre by Home Sense staff – maintaining high presence during event Hosting of a Buskival site at HomeSense HomeSense presentation ceremony in marquee on Sunday 3 June Marketing
  24. 24. Announcement of sponsorship and support by HomeSense – Buskival and York 800 Press and publicity before event through advertising of a prize and sponsorship, including Local Link, York Press, BBC York, etc Acknowledgement of sponsorship in Buskival publicity on CYC and York 800 websites Coverage on BBC Radio York Participation in photo opportunities with local press and City of York Council dignitaries PR Opportunities
  26. 26. Twitter feed: The following tweeted about Buskival  @city of York  @York 800 Facebook:  HomeSense FB posts  City Centre FB page  CYCThe Councils intranet which is called COLIN  Buzz – councils monthly electronic news letter Spreading the word...
  27. 27. Online coverage
  28. 28. Print coverage
  29. 29. Broadcast BBC Radio York Launch interview on May 3rd with Debbie Bell, York City Centre Events Manager and a busker, Rob Roy Collins Live interview with a busker on Saturday June 2nd The Press did a video at the second press call at the HomeSense store Click on link to see film Pushed for shout outs on Minster FM
  30. 30. Footfall figures show an increase of 4.1 % on the previous year. Despite the poor weather total footfall for York that weekend was 127661 Councillor Sonja Crisp, cabinet member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said : “The event made for a wonderful weekend in the city, despite the weather on the Sunday! We have received very positive feedback from the public and the buskers themselves since Buskival, and are negotiating about the possibility of holding it again next year. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!” The Event
  31. 31. Key Learning's & Evaluation Summary of coverage achieved Print: 6 items Broadcast: 3 items Online: 15 items Social Media: Facebook & Tweets 15 items Since the event, the editor of BBC Radio York the station has said they would like to be much more involved in any similar event next year, having seen how good it was
  32. 32. The House Whisperer Comes to HomeSense, Leeds
  33. 33. HomeSense customers find out what their home really says about them HomeSense has teamed up with the nation’s top home psychic, Raymond Castrogiovanni from Five’s Housebusters, Sky’s Psychic TV and LIVNG’s Jane Goldman Investigates The house whisperer to offer readings to shoppers in the Leeds store, revealing information about themselves and their homes from a photograph of a room Fun and interactive way of engaging customers Drive footfall Opportunity to invite local press along Overview
  34. 34. Drive footfall to Birstall Retail Park, Leeds Raise awareness of the HomeSense brand and product Increase fame and personality within the local community To create substantial buzz and excitement around the day To attract new customers as well as existing ones Raising brand awareness about who we are and what we do Get people talking Build and promote core brand values Objectives
  35. 35. The event was supported via content & pictures being uploaded on the HomeSense Face Book site Content about House Whispering was also uploaded Store was fully briefed and banners and leaflets were available to promote the event The store had an associate leafleting at the entrance and welcoming customers HS blog HS database emailed Marketing
  36. 36. House Whispering A fusion of Feng Shui and Spirituality. House whispering creates harmony in the home. House whispering helps you get the best out of life by making the most of your environment, utilizing colour, space, nature and location of your home. Each individual sharing a home creates a dynamic that can be positive or negative. It is the role of the House Whisperer to enhance all aspects of your home to make the best environment for you and the people you live with, using colour and texture to feed the soul of all you share your space with. Red walls or green walls will touch our subconscious in different ways. How textures look and feel also have an emotional impact. Smooth and reflective surfaces reassure and strengthen. Soft and warm fabrics comfort and relax us. Different types of light can affect our mood, ie candle light - romantic, bright white light - alert and focused soft light - calming. Wooden furniture connects us to nature, plants enhance our sense of responsibility, art work and objet d'art expresses who we are. Its colour that has the strongest impact. For instance, red tones in the bedroom attract love, yellow in a hallway enhances joy, black and white in a bathroom feels cleansing. Grey's with splashes off vivid colour in a kitchen helps the creative juices. A living room should not just be neutral but utilise the colour appropriate to each individual to create comfort and security.
  37. 37. Press and publicity before event through mentions on the local radio station Magic 828, Aire FM Support of event by local paper Yorkshire Evening Post, Birstall News Social media, twitter, net mums and other local listings PR Opportunities
  39. 39. Via Facebook:  HomeSense FB posts  Leeds local what’s on pages Social network sites including  Mumsnet  Netmums What’s on listings  Where can we go Spreading the word...
  40. 40. Online coverage HomeSense Leeds You +1'd this publicly. Undo TV Psychic, The House Whisperer, will be offering customers at HomeSense on Birstall Retail Park, Leeds, handpicked homeware from all over the world a free ... Free event in Leeds, September 29th (full thread) | Mumsnet ... › Topics › Local - LeedsCached You +1'd this publicly. Undo 1 post - 17 Sep TV Psychic, The House Whisperer, will be offering customers at HomeSense on Birstall Retail Park, Leeds, handpicked homeware from all over ... Get more discussion results 96.3 Radio Aire - Leeds, United Kingdom - Broadcasting ... - Facebook You +1'd this publicly. Undo TV Psychic, The House Whisperer, will be offering customers at HomeSense on Birstall Retail Park, Leeds, handpicked homeware from all over the world a free ... HomeSense UK | Facebook - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo Come to our Leeds store this Saturday between 1 and 4 to meet the House Whisperer, Raymond Castrogiovanni - off the telly! Bring a photo of your home to get ... You +1'd this publicly. Undo LEEDS WHAT'S ON | Facebook You +1'd this publicly. Undo Joined Facebook · December · November. LEEDS WHAT'S ON is on Facebook. To connect with LEEDS WHAT'S ON, sign up for Facebook today. Sign UpLog In ...
  41. 41. Print coverage
  42. 42. The event ran from 1-4pm We were off to a good start with customers waiting for The House Whisperer to appear Customers had seen the feature in the local paper The House Whisperer did 14 readings The Event
  43. 43. Key Learning's & Evaluation Summary of coverage achieved Print: 4 items Broadcast: mentions on Magic & Aire FM Online coverage Social Media: Facebook & Tweets Briefing notes were sent to the store manager and talked through The store was fully prepared & very supportive of the event The event bought new faces to the store as well as existing customers