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Beauty & Lifestyle

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Beauty & Lifestyle

  1. 1. Creative Enhancement Ltd Permanent Cosmetics and Tattoo Removal Jo Bregazzi-Udakis is a qualified nurse and designer at Creative Enhancement and specialises in beautiful, natural looking Permanent Cosmetics, (sometimes known as cosmetic tattooing) and Tattoo Removal for those unwanted tattoos that may limit your choice in wedding dress. Jo also specialises in treatments that can build your self-confidence, such as, Permanent Scar Camouflage, in particular, for surgical or trauma scars and stretch marks and Nipple and Areola shape and colour correction. Through artistically creating illusions with colour, Jo can enhance your natural features or correct asymmetry that can give you a fresh, more youthful look, much like a non-surgical face lift. To frame and define your eyes, Jo designs personal elegant eyebrows where each hair is simulated to create the perfect enhancement for your natural features and can correct over-plucked, very light or asymmetrical brows. Jo also specialises in Non-Laser Tattoo Removal using the Rejuvi e-raze system that works much like having the original tattoo but instead of ink uses a specially formulated cream that bonds with the original ink and draws it up to the skin surface. The cream doesn’t remain in the skin, or replace the tattoo and the treatment is so effective (and far less painful than laser removal) that a tattoo can usually be removed in just 3-4 sessions compared to dozens of treatments required by laser removal methods making it a far more affordable option. Jo also uses a newly developed application method which reduces, even further, the risk of scarring. As you start to fill in your wedding planner, why not consider making life easier for yourself for the big day, the honeymoon and for years to follow, by planning a permanent cosmetic consultation with Jo approximately 3-6 months before your wedding day, or 10-12 months prior for a tattoo removal. Every Permanent Cosmetic treatment consists of a consultation to discuss design, style, colour and medical history and sensitivity test, an initial permanent cosmetics procedure plus a control procedure 4 weeks later to perfect colour and style, once the initial pigment has settled into the skin. For further information or to book a consultation to speak with Jo, call Creative Enhancement Ltd on 01743 246 548 or 07793 058 170