Using Psychology to Build Community - Community Management Tips


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Since the beginning of our existence, we’ve naturally formed communities, but why? What purpose did community serve, and perhaps more importantly today, how can your business use the knowledge of our ancestors to build community around your product or service?

A basic understanding of psychology can help. Of importance is learning to understand how we think as human beings. For your business, this means knowing your customers: current and future, inside and out. What is important to them? What are their pain points? Investing time in getting to know how your customer base thinks allows you to be more strategic in your marketing efforts.

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Using Psychology to Build Community - Community Management Tips

  1. 1. Inspiring strangers to do stuff Using psychology to create community Community Manager, Americas @ConnorMeaks Connor Meakin
  2. 2. They naturally formed communities for survival The stakes are different, but the principle remains You need to form communities for the survival of your business We can learn from this guy
  3. 3. How we ‘think’ as humans What is important to us What defines us What makes us ‘tick’ + Psychology = where the community magic happens But also from psychology
  4. 4. • Find your current & future customers (listen) • Social listening • Goal: become BFFs with every single customer Community starts with research
  5. 5. Like these two But how do you get to BFF status?
  6. 6. • We crave social validation, so do your customers • This is easy online • Comments, likes, +1s, RT’s = Hurray! • Sounds trivial but social = 1st touchpoint • Relationship building Acknowledge they exist
  7. 7. Be local everywhere with social
  8. 8. • They want a solution • So talk about solving a problem • Some will want more → #Community!!! • Keep this in mind in all your customer interactions • Articles, blogs, emails, tweets, comments Take your customers point of view
  9. 9. • Send them stuff • 3D → 2D = wow factor • Swag = warm and fuzzies • Unique per region • Makes them feel special Identify your hand raisers
  10. 10. ● We all have a need to belong ● Develop programs and communities to address this need ● Movember! ● Make it about them ● Public vs. private Arouse a desire to belong
  11. 11. ● Like any other Ambassador program, but better ● Natural brand advocates ● Empowerment ● Build and grow your global community Ambassador program
  12. 12. Treat them like royalty
  13. 13. “Regardless of what country you are in, each local Hootsuite community is built by the same grassroots efforts that has made them such a huge success.” Danielle Hatfield Hootsuite Ambassador, North America
  14. 14. #Takehome: Always build your tribe
  15. 15. • Great content speaks for itself • Document from day 1 • It’s a disservice not to share Share interestingness
  16. 16. • Your brand • Your competitors • Listen to what your community wants… and give them more Social listening
  17. 17. • We’re wired to like :) • You can win anyone over • Nuance Every mention is an opportunity
  18. 18. “What differentiated our community programs and what contributes to our continued growth today is that we always prioritized users first and spoke to them over social media.” -Ryan Holmes
  19. 19. • Show the good and the bad • People can sniff BS • Brands can be real people too • Acknowledge everyone (if you can) • Buzzwords = brutal Let people in
  20. 20. Q: What’s the best sounding word?
  21. 21. Your name.
  22. 22. Bootstrapping takeaways
  23. 23. Start simple…
  24. 24. Remember what works…
  25. 25. People want to be appreciated
  26. 26. Virtual = scale. Real life = depth. Balance the equation so it suits your community
  27. 27. Change can be a good thing…
  28. 28. But stay true to your roots
  29. 29. hosting-community-events brand-advocacy-program Building a Brand Advocacy Program 100’s of FREE RESOURCES! @hootsuite /hootsuite /company/hootsuite /+hootsuite Community Events With Strong ROI
  30. 30. Thank You! Connor Meakin Let’s be friends :) @ConnorMeaks