The victorian age


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The victorian age

  1. 1. The Victorian Age By Connor Ellis
  2. 2. Time Line1837 Queen Victoria comes to the throne1840 Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha1842 Mines Act bans women and children under the age of 10 from working underground1843 William Wordsworth is appointed Poet Laureate.1844 Public baths opened in Liverpool1845 Robert Thompson invents a pneumatic tyre1847 Sir James Simpson uses chloroform as an anaesthetic1851 Window Tax abolished1853 Crimean War1854 Florence Nightingale pioneers modern nursing1858 Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace announce theory of evolution of species1861 Prince Albert dies of typhoid
  3. 3. Time Line1863 Football Association founded. Work starts on London Underground1864 Chimney Sweeps Act forbids use of children1865 William Booth founds Christian Mission now Salvation Army1876 Queen Victoria is proclaimed Empress of India1878 Electric streetlighting in London1887 Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee1888 Jack the Ripper murders in Whitechapel1890 Forth Bridge opened1897 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee1901 Queen Victoria dies1903 Emmeline Pankhurst starts Suffragette movement1908 Robert Baden Powell founds Boy Scouts1912 Titanic sinks
  4. 4. ActsMines Act Bans women & children working undergroundFactory Act Female workers limited to 12 hour day, 8- 13 year olds 6 ½ hour daysRed Flag Act Steam road vehicles limited to 6.4 km/h and required to be preceded by a man with a red flag as a warningFood & Drugs Controls the substances added to foodChimney Sweeps forbids the use of childrenShops Employees to have half a day off every week in addition to sunday
  5. 5. Florence Nightingale (1830-1910)Florence Nightingale founder of modern nursing was born of wealthy parents in Florence, Italy. She trained as a nurse against their wishes. In 1860 Florence founded the first training school for nurses in London after the terrible sights she and her 38 nurses saw during the Crimean War. There the wards were filthy with unwashed, blood stained beds, medical supplies and bedding regularly failed to arrive.Florence Nightingale took charge and by the end of the war had saved many lives.She died in 1910 aged 90.
  6. 6. Charles Darwin (1809-1882)Charles Darwin became one of the world’s most famous naturalists. He developed his theory of evolution mostly from observations of nature made during a five year voyage on HMS Beagle.Darwin set off on 1831 to Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia and South America. The Galapagos Islands lie about 1610 km off the coast of South America and home to animals found nowhere else. Here he observed that these animals had adopted and evolved to survive.In 1859 Darwin finally published his theory, his book on the Origin of Species.
  7. 7. Quiz1. How old was Queen Victora when she came to the throne? a) 18 b) 19 c) 202. Who was appointed Poet Laureate in 1843? a) Charles Darwin b) William Wordsworth c) Elizabeth Gaskell3. What did Robert Thompson invent? a) telephone b) steam train c) pneumatic tyre
  8. 8. Quiz4. Who was Florence Nightingale? a) Nurse b) teacher c) maid5. What year was the Football Association founded? a) 1863 b) 1862 c) 18646. Where did Jack the Rippers murders take place? a) Mayfair b) Whitechapel c) Soho
  9. 9. Answers1. A2. B3. C4. A5. A6. B