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Am rev journal patriot connor


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Am rev journal patriot connor

  1. 1. American RevolutionBy: Connor ChangPatriot
  2. 2. IntroductionThe journal below is a fictional character duringthe American Revolution during the 1700s. Thecharacters name is Henry and his family wassent by the British to colonize America for theBritish, but later on, the British set new acts thatupset lots of people and this caused a rebellion.Starting from the Boston Massacre, therevolution starts for Henry. Henry later on joinsthe colonies side, so he became a patriot andfought against the British. These journal entrieswill bring you through those battles and show youhow modern America is created.
  3. 3. March, 5th, 1770Bloody BostonThe Boston Massacre, themost terrifying moment of mylife yet.
  4. 4. Bloody BostonMarch, 5th, 1770This is outrageous! I am a 17 years old boy that is in a rich family, which was sent by the British to colonizein America. My name is Henry. We went to the King Street, seeking for a peaceful way to talk about theridiculous stamp act that the King issued upon us. The stamp act was the act that the king issued, the kingwanted to increase the tax on any writing related tools, ink, pen, paper and many more, and is thereason why this massacre happened. How am I supposed to write? I am writing right now, and it is costingme quite a bloody lot because of this freaking dumb act. They said that the act was for us to pay ourdebt because of the British protection they gave us during the 7-year-war, against the French andthe local Indians, the war that my beloved father fought bravely. My father was a commander on thefrontlines the manliest of the manliest soldiers. He once rode a horse and taking his sword and rifle withhim, raising his sword out in his left hand, struck the French with his mighty strength. The British wants us topay for what WE colonist did. Those British soldiers, I just want to kill those red coat lobster backs. Todaysmassacre will always be in my mind, I call it the Boston Massacre, the moment we started to chant forfreedom, the commander said fire and killed my five friends while everyone was fleeing the streets.The taxes rose unreasonably and now I look back at the massacre. The red coats were aiming at us, as ifwe are just some type of target that they practice shooting with. Those ruthless money-suckingbullocks, taking peoples freedom. If people are not able to afford the high taxes, they will go to jail.Think about their family, the children! They have to live without their father taking care of them. This isabsolutely taxation without representation. The idiotic king later issued the sugar act, and it was at ourlowest economic status. Many people were broke and it influenced many people, especially for the importand export business. They had to pay so much to do what they do and many smugglers could notsmuggle items because it was too risky because of the new sugar act. Samuel Adams and JohnOtis, both from Massachusetts, were two major people who wanted to get rid of the Sugar Act. I believe thatthey are the right and the British are the wrong, I will follow what they believe is right for us. I was walkingalong the streets when I overheard two men saying they were going to raid a British ship. When I heardthat, I was excited so I walked over to them and asked what they were planning to do. They explained theentire plan to me; I would walk up to the ship and do what they tell me to do. The Boston Tea Party will be
  5. 5. July, 4th, 1776Great Sons of LibertyThe Boston TeaParty, we havemade a lot ofdestructiontowards the British.
  6. 6. Great Sons of LibertyJuly, 4th, 1776We marched along the streets, with many men along me, I feel safe doing this. We were planning of raidingthe ship that just arrived in the Boston Port, and we were planning to pour all the tea into the ocean to showhow we are unsatisfied with the king’s new acts. When we marched, many looked and many followed. Wewalked onto the ship, and beat anyone who got into our way, later, the British soldiers came, but we keptpouring the tea. Even though many of our men were hurt, we never stopped; we need to show the Britishthat we are capable of doing things that will harm their profits. Now they cannot just care about theirmoney, they will need to care about us, their colonies. Many people call it the Boston Tea Party. This wassuch an important step towards our revolution to freedom and independence, because this was to showhow us, colonist, did not want the tea act from the stupid king.This rebellion caused the most evil act ever, the intolerable acts or the coercive act. This act destroys allof our freedom and I see this as a punishment because of the Boston Tea Party. I am sure this made alot more colonist wants to go against the British now. This act also made the whole colony boycott all theBritish products to try to over throw this act from the king. The congress had agreed to give support toMassachusetts in case of being under attacked by the British, which meant that all 13 colonies leaderhad all agreed to be in a revolutionary war, the American Revolution War.The sons of liberty are all having a meeting in Philadelphia. It’s is called the First ContinentalCongress, the meeting between all 13 colonies. During the meetings, each colony representatives hadrepresented their own problems to others. Mostly about the British acts and laws, also they had all talkedabout starting a war against the British to get their independence. Thats why they all singed the declarationof independence. The revolution had just begun. Many great men had been part of thisrevolution, including, John Hancock, George Washington, John Adams, Sam Adams, PatrickHenry, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The Sons of Libertyis what they are. They have all signed the Declaration of Independence, showing the British we wantfreedom and independence from their tyrant, King George III. They are all great people, not afraid of the
  7. 7. October 17th, 1777British DefeatedThe Battle of BunkerHill, a very scarybattle
  8. 8. British DefeatedOctober 17th, 1777Today, I marched along the great land we fight for the patriots, the people who love their own country. Keeping it awayfrom those loyalist British bastards, who thinks that they are British and they think they are so much better than we arethe people who love their land that they grew up in. Now they just want it to be destroyed by the British. This battle isimportant because this would decide if the French would help us or not. First, I need to write down what I rememberfrom Bunker Hill and Lexington.In the Battle of Lexington and Concord, many of the soldiers were just like me. They were all just normal civilianswho want independence from the British. The army, which is formed by civilians, was called militia, and we weredefinitely a militia. Most of the people in the army were a farmer. I was sure that we couldn’t win this war against theBritish with a group of farmers. This was proven at Lexington, the moment the British arrived, the first shots were firedand many of us were already killed! While I was battling, I heard a quick swoosh and I can feel the impact because Isee a hole on the top of my hat behind me and I saw this part of my hat scratched of by that deadly bullet and I knewhow close I was to dying in this battle. We had lost many men during that battle and I was devastated.During the battle of Bunker Hill, we were all very exhausted from fighting against the British. I was ordered to go toBunker Hill and then go to Breeds Hill to block off the British from moving towards Boston. Honestly, I was veryscared, I was just a normal teenager colonist that was quite rich, but then now I have to go to war. But I felt a lot saferwhen I heard that William Prescott will be leading us in this battle, I am not afraid to fight for him. We were all linedup on the vast hills of Breeds Hill and when the British came up the hill, we shot them first, but they shot back. Thisbattle was very quickly over since a lot of people were all in open spaces. 226 of the soldiers on the British sidewere killed, including 19 officers and 886 were wounded. 115 of us were killed and 305 of us were wounded.Even though we killed more and injured more, they sent waves of assault and finally they broke through our defenseand conquered Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill but costing them a total of 1054 men.Back to the Battle of Saratoga, we had won the battle. It was all because of our great tactic, Guerilla Warfare. GuerillaWarfare is where we hide in the bushes below the British eye level and we ambush them and kill the officers. TheBritish were trained to shoot at the eye level and in the same line, so we were sure that we could win this battle. Ofcourse, this tactic worked and we had killed 19 officers and we had defeated the British in a battle for the first time.Luckily, the French now trust us in our capabilities and they are willing to send their support to us and help uswith this war, and it is all thanks to Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin went to France and talk to manypolitically powerful people and he was the representative for us at France. Another reason why France wanted tohelp us was because the British and the French fought in a war before, and they weren’t too successful during thewar. But now they know that it is certain that our side would win and that we shown the world that the Britishmilitary could be defeated. The French will now help us, and we started marching towards York Town.
  9. 9. September 3rd, 1781Our Last StandOur last battle in this war,finally, independence
  10. 10. Our Last StandSeptember 3rd, 1781Today was the day that the British signed the Treaty of Paris with us, Americans. Our 13 colonies arenow called the United States of America, the Treaty of Paris allows us to have no control from the British inour land anymore. The taste of freedom is a sweet as the British tea dumped in the ocean during the BostonTea Party. The Treaty of Paris was signed by, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Henry Laurens and JohnAdams. The British representatives were David Hartley and Richard Oswald. I’ve heard that painterBenjamin West tried to paint the scene where the British and the Americans is negotiating on the treaty, butbecause they are sore losers they didn’t pose for him. The Treaty made clear rules, America to be itsown independent nation, a border between America and British America, right for Americanfisherman to fish in the grand banks, and United States would prevent confiscating Loyalistproperties. Those agreements were all the most important out of all the 10 agreements.Bring back from the Treaty, I need to write about the French assistance. The French sent soldiers 24hours later our victory in Saratoga, just in time for the Battle of York Town. I was stunned to see thissight with my own eyes. George Washington, one of the sons of liberty rode a horse to the frontlineand he said that he would lead us in this glorious battle and fight along side us! I was so excited!George Washington himself would fight in this battle, the battle of York Town. I am sure this will be ourlast battle in this war. I want to go home and get away from these battles and not see any more of myfriends get killed. We are all tired from fighting against the British, but this is our last push towards freedom.Earlier, the French had blocked off the attempted escape of the British officer, Cornwallis, at theYork River in York Town. The moment we got the news that Cornwallis was staying in York Town,the French troops moved towards Virginia and Washington also brought us to York Town. Eventhough the British had taken over New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. We were now where close tolosing this war and we are not going to stop fighting.The continental army, meaning the French, and us arrived in Virginia the day after the Battle of Saratoga.With the total of 7000 soldiers, Washington and Rochambeau led us towards York Town and it wascalled the celebrated march. The battle started and Washington fired the first cannon and it was a greathit! I am sure there are many people on that side that is wondering why Washington is here and wonderinghow he has such good aim! We started setting up cannons and the British tried to get close to us, but themen at the frontline took their bayonets and stabbed them while they tried to come up our trench, thistactic was called trench warfare. Fighting for over a whole day, Cornwallis finally surrendered and wehad won this battle and most importantly the war.
  11. 11. March 4th, 1789The Three to Rule Us AllThe rebels in Shay’srebellion
  12. 12. The Three to Rule Us AllMarch 4th, 1789The Articles of Confederation is such a steaming pile of cow waste, even my 5 year old brother can write this so called “laws” that waswritten by the continental congress. We have fought along side with each other and all the states still doesnt want to have the samegovernments and they are only states that are friends? I thought that I fought for everyone to be together at the end and not beingcontrolled by the British. If this Articles of Confederation wants all 13 colonies to be called United States of America, then they allneed to be united.A while ago, people have talked about a rebellion against this Article of Confederation. The man leading this was Daniel Shays; I haveknown him during the war against the lobster backs. Daniel Shays is a man to be respected, he has fought many battles for our nationand he is leading this rebellion against the Articles of Confederation for a reason, because it is a horrible way to govern our new land andits citizens. There were a total of 3000 soldiers recruited for this rebellion and that made sure that this would be a successful rebellion.Which it was because this rebellion kicked out the Articles of Confederation.When the congress kicked out the Articles of Confederation, they all created the US constitution. The US constitution makes sure thatno leader gets too much power. So all the power are divided in 3 branches, Legislator, Executive and Judges. The Legislativebranch controls all the laws and they present it to the Executive branch, which is the President George Washington, and hewould present it to the congress if they agree then the law will be passed. If the law is passed from the congress, the SupremeCourt will justify it and put it into action. Most importantly, only the congress can start a war but the president is the one whoputs every single thing into action. The executive branch, which is the President doesnt have that much power as I thought hewould. The president can veto laws and can also appoint judges in the Supreme Court. The legislative branch can override vetoand can impeach judges in the Supreme Court. Finally, the Judges can get rid of laws or get rid of laws that go against theconstitution. James Madison created the US constitution, James Madison is considered as the father of the constitution and theone who started this whole new government. Of course, he tried to put all the pros of the governments into one and take out all thecons. Now all this country needs had been set, I can now live my peaceful life as a real American. The right to be an American that Ifought for during this revolutionary war.
  13. 13. ConclusionThe American Revolution had ended with many violence, many battles, including Battleof Lexington and Concord, Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Breeds Hill, Battle ofSaratoga, and the final battle, Battle of York Town. After the revolutionary war, there weremany effects on America either short or long. The short term effect was the USconstitution, which I mentioned about in my last entry. The US constitution gave theUnited States of Americas citizens a government to control the land and protect them aswell. The long term effects were, this was the first revolution ever, this gave the modernAmerican their modern rights, from 13 colonies controlled by the British for over 200years, they became one nation which is the United States of America.From the beginning of the American Revolution to the end, many things have changed.In the beginning of the revolution, the revolution was caused by many acts that raisedthe taxes by a lot. That was the reason why this revolution started in the first place. Themajor difference is that from the 13 colonies that had different laws, and differentcurrency. To the end, all 13 colonies united and became the United States of Americaand became their own country. What they truly wanted, their own independence. FromKing George III having all the power, all the power was spread out in 3 branches andthat made sure that no one in the government would get too much power.From 1700s to 2013, definitely many things have changed. People fight wars extremelydifferently because they all got different weapons that are a lot more effective, themodern rifles do not take 15 seconds to reload to only have one shot. Also, people donot march towards each other and stab the opponent when they are close. This is allvery different from the past. Most importantly, countries do not use militia to fight warsanymore, they would recruit soldiers and train them but they would not use citizens tofight the war for them.
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