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Holla magazine powerpoint


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Planned production of music magazine

Published in: Education
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Holla magazine powerpoint

  2. 2. PROPOSAL• The genre of my magazine will be made up or R&B, Hip hop and Rap. It will include artists from both America and the UK whether they are new to the music industry or whether they have been in the music industry for many years there may be artists such as Usher, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys etc. This type of music already starts to describe my audience. The audience of my magazine will range from the ages of some of the older artists such as Dr. Dre (aged 47), Nas (aged 39) and Jay-Z (aged 42) to 16-18year olds who are in or leaving college and are now able to buy alcohol watch over 18 movies, smoke etc. Also those of a middle or working class who currently listen to these genres of music and wish to keep up to date with news on artists and their music. The audience is likely to come from urban area like London or some of the many urban cities in the US.• The title of the magazine is going to be HOLLA; a slang word commonly used by young people under 50 as the word has been used for many years and so it fits together with the audience. This is going to be placed in a text box in the top left hand corner. The font should be bold so it stands out. The colour scheme of each issue or the issue will be dependent on the cover image of the magazine. The magazine
  3. 3. ABOUT THE MAGAZINE AND AUDIENCE• A monthly magazine• For audiences of both the US and UK• Aimed at 16 to 18 year olds to those in their 30’s• Middle/ working class people• Artists such as Chris Brown, Nas, Chipmunk, scorcher rising artists, less commercial artists etc.• R&B, hip-hop and rap based magazine Categories Percentage (%) Categories Percentage (%) Gender Male 70% Education Secondary 25 female 30% College 45 Race Black 70% University 30 White 20% Age 16-24 40% Asian 10% 24-28 30% Minorities 10% 28- 32 15% Employment unemployed 60% 32-36 10% employed 70% 36-40 5%
  4. 4. LAYOUT OF THE COVER PAGE The image in the background will be dark with one person in the middle showing his face in a bright light In the dark. But I may change this so that is opposite to this. The Most of the text will be either White or gold; gold because of the rising stars cover article. This may be changed as well. This means there is going to be a colour scheme of golden yellow, white and black.
  5. 5. THE FONTS USED FOR THE MASTHEAD OF THE COVER PAGE 412 1. Is a graffiti font which is linked to the urban genre’s. Although its more child like 2. Is like the font used in the game GTA which many people of my audience’s age have played or play. 3. Is a bubbly round font; bold but is it hard enough for my genres of music. 4. Is a dirty font, I would personally find it attractive but this would3 fir the grime genre better than R&B, hip-hop and rap.
  6. 6. CONTENTS PAGESTwo contents pages because I want the audience to get a better idea of whats in themagazine so they know it’s the type of magazine they are after.1. The first contents page has contains the majority of information and has more contents on and has just one image n it just like the cover page.2. The second contents page has more images to give a better feel of what the magazine looks like inside, the images will have text on them describing what the are and showing the page numbers, they can then link this to the first contents page with more information on it.Both contents have the same at the moment but plan to change them later on.
  7. 7. CONTENTS PAGES LAYOUT Other information, e.g. website, social networking
  8. 8. THE DOUBLE PAGE SPREADThe colour scheme of the double page spread is the same as the cover page, black white andyellow so that it fits with the title of the article.1. The stars creates the golden yellow in the colour scheme.2. The shadows creates the dark background of the two pages3. The white will stand out against the black background.The picture of the three people pointing upwards will be used because they are rising up fromthe shadows.The quote will be in golden yellow because a star has said it; so it sends the message thatwhat they say is golden.
  9. 9. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD LAYOUT Introduction of the Image with group/ artists three people looking and pointing up QUOTE BY GROUP MEMBER 3 columns for question and answerSTARSRISSING FROMTHE SHADOWS OF LONDON