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App presentation

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App presentation

  1. 1. Tablet and Iphone apps
  2. 2. The most popular fruit-slicing game in the world isnow available in a variety of forms, and across a rangeof platforms.... your fruit ninja journey will take youto the sensory satisfaction of touchscreen fruitdestroying, then the social networking smoothiemadness of fruit ninja frenzy, and finally through tothe full body experience that is fruit ninja kinect.Your success will also please the wise ninjaSensei, who will accompany your journey with wisewords, fun fruit facts, and he will reward you whenhe believes you have done good!
  3. 3. The game is well built, has good graphics and isextremely enjoyable, the only drawback we’ve seenis that there is an occasional lag on the processingof ball movements which can be quite annoying.Apart from that the makers have thought ofeverything, you get an easy to read directionalguide for cueing shots, you can adjust the powerand spin easily as well as your viewing angle. Thisis perhaps not a game to dip in and out of but onethat you can easily lose a good few hours as you tryto win the championship.
  4. 4. The smash hit game Angry Birds Online is now here!The game has finally become flash! Play the latest crazenow!You are given a slingshot to fire your angry birds at pigswho are placed within different variations of structures(such as wood, ice and stone) which progressively getharder and retrieve the eggs that those pesky pigs stole!As you advance through the game youll be given theopportunity to use different birds that have differentspecial abilities.The blue bird will separate into 3 different birds oncefiredThe black bird explodes, and the white bird can dropexplosive eggs! Small pigs are relatively weak and can be taken out quite easily but there are also larger pigs and pigs that wear items such as helmets and crowns! Each level has a pre-determined number type and order of birds at the start and if all pigs are taken out before all the birds have been used the next level is then unlocked and ready to be played! Were also in the process of trying to get an Angry Birds Online Download sorted for you guys so that you can download and play your favourite game straight from your computer!