C Watch Power Point 01.11.09


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C Watch Power Point 01.11.09

  1. 1. www.adsec.net
  2. 2. Cities Designed for easy implementation  anywhere outdoor surveillance Police Departments is needed or difficult to implement Water & Electric Quickly Deployable, normally  Utility Companies in 60 minutes - to a few hours Oil, Gas & Chemical Transmits & records 4 CCTV cameras for  Refineries immediate viewing of live and recorded video Schools Does not need camera cabling,  Park Departments network wiring or a WIFI infrastructure
  3. 3. Transmit CCTV Cameras over  cellular & WIFI networks Access live and recorded video  over , WIFI or Internet Pole Mount, Wall Mount or Portable  Live & Recorded MPEG-4 Video  Includes 3 PTZ Night/Day Vision Cameras  & 1 Variable IR Night/Day Vision PTZ Camera Local & Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control 
  4. 4. Remote View & Control Over Internet, Cellular Phones & WIFI Networks and WIFI PCs C-WATCH systems can be simultaneously accessed  over WIFI, Cell Phones and the Internet The Remote Software can operate on a PC, a cell  phone and even on a standard USB “Thumb Drive” The security on a C-WATCH is 3 levels deep  Access requires encrypted proprietary software,  unique IP address and exclusive password
  5. 5. The C-WATCH System Comes Pre-Configured: Four Day/Nite CCTV Cameras Pre-Installed  (including three models with 4 PTZ cameras) MPEG-4 digital video transmitter / recorder  WIFI access point for Internet access  Cellular Transmitter works on most cell systems  Variable IR Illuminator that automatically changes  intensity with zoom setting
  6. 6. C-WATCH: Remote Audio & Remote Triggers Audio enunciator for two recorded & live audio  alerts either remote or alarm activated Provides for remote triggers and alarms  (4 alarm inputs) for intelligent video option Remotely turn on switches, lights or open gates  The C-WATCH is 110vAC or 230vAC powered  Optional DC-powered battery & solar models  Integrated GPS details system location in  recordings. Can send alarm if moved & show systems location with cellular connection.
  7. 7. Recent applications of C-WATCH include: Large utility company in New York for substation  surveillance where we added intelligent video as an accessory to create a „virtual perimeter barrier‟ A police department in Kentucky for neighborhood  surveillance A police department in the Midwest for detecting  illegal dumping at multiple sights A public school in Ohio to view and record activity at  the athletic stadium day and night A city in New York for special event monitoring 
  8. 8. Extremely affordable with  an average cost of approximately $12,000-$15,000 for All-PTZ models For more information please contact AdSec at : www.adsec.net