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A Tutorial on the Delphi Decision Maker: Sahana Eden


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The Delphi Decision Maker is a module created in Sahana Eden. It supports the decision making process of large groups of crisis experts during extreme events. The real-time system takes many individual decision makers ranked list of solutions to any give problem, and calculates a single group opinion by providing a visual scale for fast feedback.

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A Tutorial on the Delphi Decision Maker: Sahana Eden

  1. 1. The Delphi Decis ion MakerReal-Time Decis ion S upport for Large Groups of C ris is E xperts Powered by Sahana Eden
  2. 2. In an extreme event or major disaster, very often there are bothalternative actions that might be considered and far more requests foractions than can be executed immediately. The relative desirability ofeach option for action could be a collaborative expression of a significantnumber of emergency managers and experts trying to manage the mostdesirable alternatives at any given time, in real time. The Delphi DecisionMaker can satisfy these needs given that anyone can vote or change theirvote on any options, and voting and scaling are used to promote a groupunderstanding. Powered by Sahana Eden
  3. 3. Tools Available Problem Generator – a place for the facilitator to list problems Solution Generator – group members can contribute to the solution set – at any time during the process Discussion Forum – each solution has its own forum discussion space Voting – members can vote, change their vote and vote only on the solutions they feel are worthy of consideration Feedback Scale – a single group calculation representing the group opinion Powered by Sahana Eden
  4. 4. Role S upport Guests – can only view the problem, solutions and scale Members – can view the problem, add solutions and vote Facilitator – can create problems, add solutions, and vote Powered by Sahana Eden
  5. 5. Problems are easily created requiring a Title along with a description. Powered by Sahana Eden
  6. 6. S olutions are submitted by the users which can then be discussed and ranked from best to worst. Powered by Sahana Eden
  7. 7. Forum Dis cus s ion is available for every solution offered. Powered by Sahana Eden
  8. 8. Voting – members can vote on only the items they feel are worthy, they can change their vote. Powered by Sahana Eden
  9. 9. Drag and Drop to rank your Lis t Powered by Sahana Eden
  10. 10. Once complete, S ave Vote and IF you change your mind later, vote again & again Powered by Sahana Eden
  11. 11. S cale of G roup Opinion is offered as afeedback mechanism. This reflects the groups opinion at any one moment in time. Powered by Sahana Eden
  12. 12. Even when all experts in a group may not be able to participate at themoment, or some may be unqualified to vote on a particular matter,nonetheless, a decision must be made. This system is conducive fordecision making given the worst of conditions, utilizing the information aswell as the experts to their fullest capacity. In a disaster, it may appearthat there are only poor selections after such a tragic event has occurred.However, a best decision must still be made, thus minimizing potentialfuture damages and hence, maximizing the best obtainable outcome forthe challenges that lay ahead. A dynamic Delphi system will support realtime decision making for virtual groups working in a changingenvironment. The Internet provides opportunity and lessens previousgeographic boundaries to a great extent. The system is available onlineand is accessible anywhere there is Internet connectivity and a browser. Powered by Sahana Eden
  13. 13. Demo Site & Sandbox: eBook Free Available on Amazon Powered by Sahana Eden