Social media presentation


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Enhancing Social Media for Business
• Value of social media
• Getting connected with the ‘Big 3’
• Branding, blogging,
internet marketing, SEO
• Content strategies
• Questions
• and possibly...A few extras...

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Social media presentation

  1. 1. Connect • Converse • CollaborateEnhancing Social Media for Business• Value of social media• Getting connected with the ‘Big 3’• Branding, blogging, internet marketing, SEO• Content strategies• Questions• and possibly...A few extras...
  2. 2. Definition of Internet MarketingInternet marketing is the process of marketing goodsor services through the Internet - both for those whoseincome is derived solely from the Internet - and for thosewho have a brick and mortar location but choose toadvertise on the Web. (source: Media is justone componentof InternetMarketing as areWebsites, blogs,vlogs, emails,e-newsletters, etc.
  3. 3. Definition of Social Media The umbrella term for the many tools that allow people to socialize on the Web, such as social networking sites, blogs, wikis, etc. (source: Principles of Internet Marketing, Jason Miletsky Course Technology 2010)Now that Google and Bing are displaying real-time Twitter and Facebook search results, it’scritical for businesses to have a presence onsocial media.
  4. 4. Social Media - It’s not Twitter or Facebook It’s the power of the network.
  5. 5. Big Game Advertisers Tap social media to Extend BuyEarly peaks of spots were launched prior to the big game, voting was done throughout and large numbers of hits continue to spike today.
  6. 6. Not all social networks are the same...“LinkedIn is for people you know.Facebook for people you used to know.Twitter for people you want to know.” – Author Unknown
  7. 7. LinkedThe World’s Biggest Professional Network.Over 101 million users worldwide... and growing fast.
  8. 8. • The social network to be when you are seeking employment• Great source for finding leads resources• Connecting with professionals from small businesses to fortune 500 companies
  9. 9. 41.1% Female, 58.9% Male18-24 = 20.9%25-34 = 35.8%35-54 = 36.3%+54 = 6.9%credits: Amodiovalerio Verde
  10. 10. How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn with your ProfileLinkedIn offers a professional profile for a fee.A free LinkedIn profile will suit most small businessess.100% Complete ProfileImportant because it is the main way of showing up insearch results.You need at least 3 recommendations to have a 100%complete profile!
  11. 11. Share Your Basic InfoFor the right people to find you makesure you get your basic info right sopeople can find you.Executive SummaryThis is where most people start whenthey review your profile. Be creative,use keywords and include your mostimportant service or products.
  12. 12. Add Education and Previous Job Experience Connect with people that you know from work, school/college.Viewers of your profile, customers, vendors,lenders will check your education.• Assists in completing the profile entirely• Highlight all your experience and connect with co-workers.Use a Spellchecker: First impressions count!Go to
  13. 13. Use Recommendations Effectively• Customize messages• To get recommendations, start by giving them
  14. 14. Send Personalized Connection RequestsSend an invite from thecontacts profile pageand click on “Add toyour network”.Be careful aboutreaching out to peopleyou do not know.
  15. 15. Change it Up Drag and drop parts of your profile around.ImportanceOf SharingLinkedin offersreal time sharingsimilar to Twitter.Add high qualitycontent of interestto your networkand groups.
  16. 16. Introduce Your Company on LinkedIn You can’t set up a profile page as a company page in LinkedIn. Set up a company page with these steps. 1. Go to the “Companies” menu on LinkedIn Connectwith 85 2. From company, select “Add Company”millionbusinessmembers
  17. 17. 2. Enter basic information, a description, industry, number of employees.....
  18. 18. 3. Follow the wizard – add your logo, locations, blog feed, products and servicesLinkedIN thenpulls in datafrom the site.• median age,• top schools and other companies you are connected with.
  19. 19. Customize Your Page1. Introduce your staff2. Add service, products with graphics, video, blog or vlog feeds3. Get Recommendations and Display on your Page4. Follow Us on LinkedIn Button
  20. 20. 5. You can now feed blog posts and tweets automatically to the overview page.6. The analytics on the business page tracks: • your page views • who has visited • what industries are interested in your company • companies who have been looking at your page.Has your competition stopped in?
  21. 21. 6. Get Client Recommendations without them having to go to LinkedIN Just add a “Recommend” button to your website and it populates back to your LinkedIn business page! 7. Groups are an integral part of LinkedIn- • great places to network • find followers • meet industry experts.Recommend Us! New features for groups to help cut down on spam
  22. 22. ( LinkedIn Share Button The same as a ‘Share button’ on Facebook. The exception is that it updates all your LinkedIn network connections.
  23. 23. Time to Fly over to Twitter.As Chris Brogan says Twitter allows us to interact withpeople around the world in three different ways:1) Send a short message to a bunch of people publicly2) Send a short message to a specific person publicly3) Send a short message to a specific person privately
  24. 24. Join the conversation! 55+ = 9%• 175 million registered users 45 to 54 = 17%• 95M tweets are written per day 35 to 44= 27%• 52% Female, 48% Male 26 to 34 = 30%• 8% Of Americans Use Twitter 18 to 25 = 13% 13 to 17 = 4%
  25. 25. Using Twitter for Business TWITTER - News as it’s happening, - the real magic of Twitter is the continual flow of real-time news that matters to you. (see also
  26. 26. Twitter is a micro-bloggin service. • You can post updates with 140 characters or less. • Get in the practice of using less than - use characters so your entry can be retweeted to shorten website • The links within those 100 characters postlinks - and lead you to a lot of interesting content. you can • Messages from others you follow will show track the up in a readable stream on your homepage hits to it. timeline. Click links in others’ Tweets to view: websites, photos and videos they have posted.
  27. 27. Twitter can be used for Marketing •PR • Customer Service• Develop and Promote Your Brand• Track and Analyze Your Campaigns• Interact with your customers• Promote blog entries, e-news links, webinars...• Introduce upcoming events, sales, create interest during event• Track what people are saying
  28. 28. Set up your profile• Add your company website• Add links for Facebook, LinkedIn profile, blog...• Create succinct bio with energy & what you do• List your location.• Choose whether you want your tweets private of not.Be transparent - don’t tweet things you don’twant people to see!
  29. 29. Add your Profile pic or Avatar:For a company page use your company logo.Customize your page,If you keep the default page layout othersmay assume you are a spammer• Custom or Twitter backgrounds available.• Choose theme that is relevant, with colors that work with your brand
  30. 30. Start Tweeting!Add a few tweets before you start worryingabout getting followers.• demonstrates your style and contentBuild A Voice: retweet, reply, react,others are more likely to find your messagesif they are retweets or replies)
  31. 31. Tweet What?Be careful! 1. Retweet (RT) another post, mentiondon’t post someone other people follow, reply toduplicate, someone elses post:or nearduplicate, To mention a person add the @ symbol beforeupdates their username (such as @connectgraphicsor links - love this info! will be directed to me and I canretweet! reply publicly) 2. Projects you are working on 3. Who you will be meeting with that day
  32. 32. 4. An event or place you are going to (share a link if applicable) 5. An observation such as how great this Keep in social media introduction was ;-)mind buzzwords that 6. Tweet about what you’re doing,attract: thinking or feeling• free,• how to, 7. Something you have read or watched: • tip, Post a link to an interesting video, blog • RETWEET, post or news article, etc.etc.
  33. 33. 8. Promote your content: Post a link to your company website where you have tips or blog entries, etc.9. Link someone else’s content: Promote a blog article as a helpful resource someone else has writtenPlaces to find
  34. 34. Basic Tweeter Vocabulary Popular Terms / Practices:Twitter Handle,To Follow, #Hashtags - community-driven conventionFollow Back, • adds context and metadataHashtag#, like inline tags on FlickrRetweet (RT), • create a hashtag simply by prefixing aTweet Stream, word with a hash symbol: #hashtag.etc. • provides real-time tracking of Twitter hashtags. Opt-in by following @hashtags
  35. 35. Twemes also offer real-time tracking
  36. 36. Building Followers1. Start by finding and following other interesting Twitter accounts. • Businesses you love • tweeters your friends follow2. Advertise your Twitter user name on all collateral such as email signature, your FB and LinkedIN profiles, etc.3. You can choose to build your numbers by following everyone or base who you follow on whether is it relevant to your goals.
  37. 37. 4. Try to add to conversations with “Tweeters” who have a large number of followers and ride their wave.5. nother way to build followers quicker is to A get listed in WeFollow ( et listed in directories that get lots of traffic G • Twellow ( Twitter Yellow Pages • - Get listed in multiple categories • Search Google to find more directories.
  38. 38. 7. Go to the ‘Who to Follow” tab at the top of your Twitter page. • Search by handle, subject, etc. • Import your Address book • Also there are suggestions in the right panel of your page.
  39. 39. 8. Follow people back who follow you & search their follow list.9. Interact - retweet, ask and reply, discuss, Socialize- do not just promote your company!10. #FollowFriday (#ff) very popular feature - all day Friday people suggest others to follow. (Also #MarketerMonday (#MM))11. Connect and engage regularly, send quality content and share ideas.12. Mention and thank people
  40. 40. It’s not just about the numbers. If you provide valuable content people will come that are interested. Better to have one person engaged than a 1000 who don’t care.
  41. 41. Additional Ideas and Resources• Tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck, etc. - manage more than one persona or network.
  42. 42. • Post your Twitter handle as a link when commenting on blogs and articles.• Share your tweets with Facebook One way is to go to your Twitter profile - Connections. Another option is to use a widget.
  43. 43. • With, and other tools you can set up a schedule for your tweets. • Explore advanced Features: lists, direct messages, and favorites. • Find tips and instructions on Twitter -Go to Help
  44. 44. Connect your Twitter account to your blog, Facebook and Website with widgets, links, etc.How to Adda TwitterWidget ToYour Website • Go to ‘Business’ in your side panel. • Access Resources and Widgets • Add a variety of widgets & logos to your social networks, website or blog.
  45. 45. • Select Widgets• Select My Website• Select the widget you want to display.Choose: Profile, Search or Faves Widget
  46. 46. • Add the standardized social media buttons to your blog and website • Add Tweetmemes/Share Buttons to your blogs, article etc. • Use the Twitter App, TwitPic, etc. on your Mobile Devices include photos, videos, etc. • Remember - to shorten URLS- and track the hits to it.
  47. 47. Connecting to Third-PartyApplicationsTwitter is now protecting usersprivacy by going though OAuthto link up your Twitter account.(good for security no passwords,etc. need to be shared.)
  48. 48. Twitter Tactics to helpExpand Your Influence• Be an active user• Remember to use Hashtags• Conduct a contest• Don’t Spam, Be honest and transparent• Create a list of useful tweets• Use Twitterfeed or similar services
  49. 49. • Join a Twitter chat -#specific topic at a set time.• Broadcast live events - like seminars you attend…• Create a #hashtag to promote events- encourage attendees to share it (before, during and after event)• Reciprocate by following back

  50. 50. Follow Twitter Conventions Hashtag Search Engine with Statistics: How to use a Hashtag by Mashable:
  51. 51. Twitter’s down... Let’s Check Facebook More than 500 million active users
  52. 52. Where all your customers hang out. • 50% of active users log on to US Stats cont.: Facebook daily 3 to 12 = 4% • Average user has 130 friends 13 to17= 22% • People spend over 700 billion minutes 18 to 34 =42% per month on Facebook 35 to 49 = 20% Source- Facebook - 2-4-2011 50+ = 12% and growing About 70% of Facebook users are outside Source:Quantcast the United States Updated May 2010• Delayed - Next: Feb 2011 http://www.quantcast. US Stats: 55.5% Female, 44.5% Male com/
  53. 53. Facebook Mobile Stats: APPS • There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. • People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on FacebookWomen-Connect Facebook than non-mobile users.commented on your status • There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products Source- Facebook - 2-4-2011
  54. 54. Facebook is #1 for NetworkingWhether you are choosing to connectwith family, friends, discovering old schoolbuddies, neighbors, business associates. Since everyone is here, your businessesneeds to be here.Let’s dive in and focus on FacebookBusiness Pages.
  55. 55. Differences between a business page and a group pageIt comes down to what purpose the page serves.• Member based organization - group page may work well. The biggest benefit of the group page is that you can send announcements to the whole group.• Businesses selling a product or service- best served by a Facebook Page. There is no cut off to the amount of people who like it, you can install third party apps, add widgets and feeds from your page to your website and other online sources.
  56. 56. Be where your customer is. Biggest benefit for both pages of course American is the ability to stay connected to your members contacts. As all social networks Facebookaverage 421 is built on relationships. minutes on Facebook Going Viral - per month By getting customers to like your page (2-2011source: all your posts will be entered into their newsfeed for all of their friends to see. It is like a personal recommendation.
  57. 57. Face it we need to set up pages. Business Pages and Group Pages look the same and are very similar to set up. We will cover specifically a business page.
  58. 58. How To Build A SuccessfulFacebook Fan Page 1. Login to Facebook - You must have a personal profile. 2. Go to the Advertising Section click Pages. Or go to: http://www. create.php. Click ‘Create a Page 3. Choose your page - are you a business, brand, cause, celebrity, etc.
  59. 59. 4. Name Your Page •Agree to page terms5. Design your page• Add your logo & branding elements• Hold off on inviting friends until after you have added content.• Add applicable pictures• Make your page dynamic by adding applications like FBML.
  60. 60. Facebook Mark-up Language (FBML) 6. With dynamic Facebook pages you can customize the tabs • Build a mini website. Add videos, products, etc. • Add a custom designed landing page and encourage liking the page. 7. Link your website, blog, social media profiles, etc.
  61. 61. 8. Add a button on your website to promote your Page. Place code in your website.9. Edit your page - choose ‘edit page’ on ight. Include location, and r information.10. Maintain your page - post new information regularly. Specials, trends, updates, information your customers will appreciate it. Have fun!
  62. 62. 11. Once you have 25 members who like your page you can get a vanity URL. Such as facebook. com/connectiongraphics.12. To increase likes, be creative, offer free reports, e-books, polls, contests , etc. to make people visit your page. Have people like the page before they can access the giveaway.
  63. 63. When friending people set up Lists in Facebook to target your messages. • Go to your profile • Go to Account • Create a list • Choose the list to add the new friend when you accept or send a new friend request.More than 20 million people connect every day with pages.Make sure they are connecting with you!
  64. 64. What not to do on Facebook:1. Don’t Have two Profiles: Personal and Professional. If Facebook catches you they will shut you down. Be yourself and be transparent with your friends and business contacts. Use the lists feature and other privacy settings in FB.2. Creating a Profile for Your Business Instead of a Page Profiles are meant for people, pages are meant for business. There are added benefits with a business page, auto likes, analytics, etc.
  65. 65. What not to do on Facebook 2: 3. Turning Off Wall Posts for Your Business Page The point of Facebook is to interact withIt is the viral, your community! I want to know theinteraction business wants to hear what I have tothat makes say-and on their turf.Facebook such a 4. Not Updating Your Business Page powerful If you update your business page with tool for interesting content, your users are more business. likely to engage with your page, these interactions show to their friends…
  66. 66. What not to do on Facebook 3: 5. Not Being on Facebook Your Even if you think Facebook is a fad and will be gone in a few years, it is still hugeCustomers now, don’t miss riding the wave. With Are on over 500 million active users Facebook has captivated your target market.Right Now One of the fastest growing demographics are users over 55. The majority of Facebook users right now are older than college age.
  67. 67. Social MediaStrategyA social media campaigncan be successful if it is wellplanned and well executed.
  68. 68. Who is Responsible For All of This?Company Social Media Manager:A person trained to share corporate message,ethics, brand claim and campaign objectives.This person should be transparent in allcommunications and consistent in style ineach network. All interaction should comenaturally to reach and interact with youraudience.Consider outsourcing options carefully
  69. 69. The dedicated person is responsible for:• Posting messages, news, images or videos on social media and corporate website• Replying to the users• Starting discussions• Participating in the community• Writing and maintaining a corporate blog• Tracking mentions and reviews
  70. 70. The Main Tasks of aSocial Media Campaign:1. Account Setup (check)2. Developing & Managing Community This is the most important part of the campaign. Repeat all tasks previously mentioned for company Social Media Manager; post, update, track, respond...3. Moderating - Ensures fair play within your social media places.
  71. 71. 4. Monitoring - What are people saying about you or your brand? Google Alerts, Facebook Search, Tweetdeck shows where you have been mentioned, etc. Use search engine in order to trace what people say about your website on Twitter5. Tracking -Various tools available to do so (Google Analytics, Tweetmeme, Tweetstats, etc.) to measure campaign effectiveness. One of the most common things to monitor is traffic and the conversion rates.
  72. 72. Content StrategiesGenerate new content, update frequently• Use Social Networks as ‘outposts’ for broadcasting marketing message ( YouTube, Slideshare, Scribd)• Tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck, Smartphone Apps,• Direct blog posts to LinkedIN, etc.• Calls to action
  73. 73. Content Strategies 2• Get involved with Groups• Posting and answering questions - Good ways to build friend base• Secure contact emails for personal contact, email blasts, direct mail promos, etc.
  74. 74. Campaign Case studyExample: A hotel ran a campaign utilizingall of the big three, plus blogs, YouTube,emails, website, etc.The Two Main Objectives1. Increase the brand awareness and build an e-mail database for Email campaigns.2. Increase the online bookings, the Twitter followers, the Facebook fans and the views of the videos on YouTube.
  75. 75. The results of the campaign• The website visits were increased by 187%• The visits on the booking engine were increased by 227%• The Facebook fans were increased by 150%• The Twitter followers were increased by 80%
  76. 76. The results of the campaign cont.• The views of the videos on YouTube were increased by 100%• A big Email Database was created since lots of people subscribed to the hotel’s newsletter• Additionally the traffic on the website of the hotel and the bookings remained high for a long period after the end of the contest.
  77. 77. Launching a contest or giveaway: Contests engage your community.• Determine your goals -building new product awareness? increase traffic? Fans?• Review the rules of the media you are using (Twitter, LinkedIn)• Provide Information Customize a tab in Facebook and post info. about the contest and official rules.
  78. 78. Launching a contest or giveaway 2: • Make sure all your social media channels are in place. • Make sure you are active, regularly posting content, video, etc. Produce campaign materials (text, messages, email announcements, graphics, web pages, flyers, etc.) Promote through all channels you set up The big 3, email, blog, ads if budget allows
  79. 79. Contest Case study Summer Flavors Contest Main Objective: Drive fans to the company’s Facebook page and stores. VIRAL Post Contest Rules to a tab of the ACTION: corporate Facebook page Entrants shared and Requirements was to post creative encouraged comments of 50 words or lesstheir friends to about 3 signature ice cream flavorsvote for them.
  80. 80. Contest Results • Nearly 4,000 people entered the contest. • ncreases sales of 3 flavors from I previous year. • 3,000 shares resulted in more thanIt is important 1,800 people voted. (with use of an to check application by Wildfire Interactive.) each sites contest and • Winners were posted on thesweepstakes company page and were rules prior to awarded a trip. launch!
  81. 81. Offer Case Study - eGifts Friends can send their Facebook friends an eGift, from your Facebook fan page. The eGift shows up in the recipient’s News Feed on Facebook, so all friends can see it. (Viral Effect again)Add-on apps run the eGift Like a gift certificate, recipients can feature. redeem the gift by showing a printoutThink of all the of the email that is sent or show the code on their mobile phones. possibilities! eGift Social, created by First Data Corporation
  82. 82. Leveraging Content and your Fan/Friends base1. Do your homework Learn more about your customers and their preferences. Conduct surveys, ask questions2. Innovate Fan Pages need to stand out from the millions of others. Use a combination of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for campaigns.3. Reward fans with Offers and Promotions Motivate people to act, launch offers and promotions.
  83. 83. Leveraging Content and your Fan/Friends base 4. Maintain Transparency - Everything that you do is viewed by your followers. 5. Begin to Sell Using Social Media - Facebook pages can be online stores. If fans can make a transaction from your Facebook page without clicking elsewhere you can close a sale quick. Remember to make it fun and interactive, have fun and good luck!
  84. 84. Questions?
  85. 85. -organizes links shared on Twitter into a newspaper-style format.RSS Feeds - like getting pizza delivery (get RSS logo and get TwitterFeed logo)Klout ScoresBrandingWikiInternet MarketingHow to Use QR CodesJumpScanFlickrSlide shareTwelloTruetwil, Delicious....