Weekend netball- by Chantelle


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Weekend netball- by Chantelle

  1. 1. hope you enjoy my story
  2. 2.  OnSaturday I had to get up at 6.00 so I could go to netball. When we arrived we first got our team and got our bibs on I played WA I got lots of intersepts we got 7 . 0 we won. Our secound game was great I played C we won 8 . 1 we won again and on our third game I played GA I shot long shots allmost out the circle we won 11 . 0 I shot 10 goals. we had a great Saturday of netball.
  3. 3.  On Sunday Me and mum went to the netball courts to play netball again. When we arrived we got given our bibs I played C again we one 4.1 our team went great all weekend it was cool.