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  1. 1. Thinker’s Keys “Living Landscapes” Name 10 things you What if all the trees in New  What are some could never do in the List the attributes of rivers. Do an A to Z of Zealand disappeared  disadvantages of Pongakawa School recycling? How might Use these ideas to improve environmental Reserve. tomorrow? the design of highways. they be overcome? words. Use the BAR key to How many ways can you Draw or find a shape of anything What would the consequences be if most people in the world lived in List many uses for an out­ improve a landform of cross the Cooks Strait? at all. Find as many links as you your choosing. can between the landscape and New Zealand? of­date atlas. the picture. What would happen if What do great mountains The answer is Aotearoa. Invent a way of remembering we all had to live and oranges have in What are 5 questions that Brainstorm ways to the names of the native trees underwater? common? could have this answer? encourage the protection of of New Zealand. our environment. New Zealand’s ski fields are to be How could you cross lake How might an explorer use a List ways of seeing moved to Australia. Explain why this Consider alternatives to Taupo using a tennis ball, a rope and a brick? pencil to find his way through Queenstown without is so. large cities. actually going there. a thick forest?