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  1. 1. CitizenshipWe all come from different countries but we are all New Zealanders.
  2. 2. We learnt about all the different places we come from.
  3. 3. We asked 2 questions• When we look around the school how do we know all the students come from different places and have different cultures?• What could we do to show people who visit our school where we come from?
  4. 4. We looked at the artaround the school.• Who made it?• Where is it?• What cultures does it show?
  5. 5. We came to a conclusion. • We want to make a piece of art to put up around the school to show where we come from and all the different cultures in our school.
  6. 6. We did lots ofbrainstorming
  7. 7. We decided to make a quilt.
  8. 8. We designed our panel to show where we come from.
  9. 9. We traced our design onto fabric.
  10. 10. We used special paints and pens.
  11. 11. Wow! They look great! Text
  12. 12. Finally we put it together.
  13. 13. Ta-dah!
  14. 14. Now where could we put it...?