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How to Manage Your Knowledge & Experience


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Introduction to Knowledge Management for small law firms and solo lawyers - Presented at Clio Cloud Conference 2015 in Chicago, October 19, 2015

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How to Manage Your Knowledge & Experience

  1. 1. How to manage your knowledge & experience Connie Crosby, Crosby Group Consulting
  2. 2. @conniecrosby @crosbygroup +1 416-919-6719 Connie Crosby Principal, Crosby Group Consulting Photo: John Meadows
  3. 3. Why What How Who Getting Started
  4. 4. Why
  5. 5. Where’s the pain? channah
  6. 6. Common complaints: channah Info overload Pricing for AFAs On-boarding new staff/associates Partners who can’t retire
  7. 7. Knowledge Management looks to: improve information filters facilitate transfer of knowledge help learn from collective experience show who knows what
  8. 8. Stop re-inventing the wheel pat herman
  9. 9. “The right stuff” to the right people at the right time the right information
  10. 10. What
  11. 11. who we know what we know how we do it
  12. 12. How
  13. 13. Get organizedšan Gavenda
  14. 14. Get organizedšan Gavenda Group like things together Put into electronic format Standardize file names Document management system Weed out the obsolete
  15. 15. Make things findable & accessible Alberto Magallenes Trejo
  16. 16. Make things findable & accessible Centralize Alberto Magallenes Trejo Index/tag Document
  17. 17. Stop locking work away in email Collaborative spaces Extranets Wikis Make your work findable
  18. 18. Encourage a sharing culture Breakfast/lunchtime seminars Informal events Document learning: record, blog, write down GET PEOPLE TALKING TO ONE ANOTHER
  19. 19. Document processes how we do it Bring lawyers & staff together Walk through process Document the steps Refine
  20. 20. Streamline processes Where can you remove steps? The 5 Why’s Document automation how we do it
  21. 21. Build checklists how we do it Consistency Quality Reduce time spent Used by pilots, surgeons
  22. 22. Track time & cost for specific processes how we do it Collect data Monitor/measure over time Develop accurate estimates AFAs: bill for value without losing $$
  23. 23. Who
  24. 24. Involve everybody Ask them where the pain is Give them specific tasks Small steps, reminders Celebrate successes
  25. 25. Be strategic Put someone in charge Bring in a champion Plan Share plan with everyone
  26. 26. Getting Started
  27. 27. Make a plan Map it out Who will do what? Add a timeline Review regularly
  28. 28. Start small & build Turner
  29. 29. Start small & build Turner Centralize Pilot project Start with one practice group or department Test & adjust
  30. 30. Start with your existing software Gomes
  31. 31. Don’t forget the people side Show what’s in it for them Engage everyone in planning process Communicate, communicate, communicate Training & support
  32. 32. Try weekly stand-up meetings What you’ve done What you’re working on If you need a hand If you have capacity for more
  33. 33. Schedule reviews Lupeanu During matter work Feed learnings back in After action reviews
  34. 34. Remember - “the right stuff” to the right people at the right time the right information
  35. 35. who we know what we know how we do it Managing our knowledge & experience:
  36. 36. Want to know more?
  37. 37. ABA Law Practice Division - Knowledge Strategy Interest Group Publications Webinars
  38. 38. by Patrick DiDomenico ABA bookstore, 2015 Knowledge Management for Lawyers
  39. 39. ILTA - International Legal Technology Association Annual white paper Annual conference
  40. 40. Thank You.