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Creating a Podcast: Community Divas Live!

  1. Creating a Podcast: Community Divas Live! with Eden Spodek & Connie Crosby Podcamp Montreal 2008
  2. Today’s discussion • Why? • How? • What would you like to see?
  3. Why?
  4. No.....really!
  5. Why?
  6. Community!!
  7. How?
  8. First - get organized!
  9. We use Google Docs to organize ourselves and share technical notes
  10. things to map out • who is your audience? • find a name & a web domain • format • episode length / content / frequency • music, introduction, closing - podsafe music
  11. Prepping for episodes
  12. Background notes on each speaker includes photo, links & interview questions
  13. our technology
  14. the importance of mentors
  15. “We buoy each other up” - Scarborough Dude
  16. We help each other out
  17. finding time • we record whenever we can find the time • our goal is to be able to interview individually • both of us should be able to do post- production so either one of us can do it • streamline recordings as much as possible
  18. getting the podcast out •the blog / host - Libsyn • Feedburner • iTunes...
  19. getting word out • Community Divas blog • our own blogs • podcast directories • twitter • facebook page • friendfeed room
  20. what’s next • improving sound & getting more comfortable • submitting podcast to Canada Podcasts directory & Canadian Podcast Buffet (remember also Le Québec en Baladodiffusion) • lots more great interviews planned! • pulling community/events together in our Facebook page • supporting our community
  21. What else would you like to see?
  22. Suggestions from the session • more about face-to-face traditional communities • working with social change agencies • discussing differences between the communities we are building in Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter esp. statistics
  23. Credit where photo credit is due • Julien Smith - PAB2008 by Financial Aid Podcast • Glow bracelets on PAB cruise by Andy Caster • bookshelf spectrum, revisited by chotda • Food preparation--visual poem by er1danus • Ducks 3 (rubber duckies) by woodsy • This could go bad! (Chris Brogan) by Bill Deys • all other images are by Connie Crosby and are available under Creative Commons attribution licence
  24. Thank you Eden Spodek & Connie Crosby