Assignment: CMS Readiness Report for Law Firm


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CMS Readiness Report for Smith & Jones LLP is a course assignment given in the "Information Management Analyses" course at the Professional Learning Centre, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. We were given the challenge of completing assignment in 12 slides or less.

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Assignment: CMS Readiness Report for Law Firm

  1. 1. CMS Readiness Report for Smith & Jones LLP by Connie Crosby APRIL 11, 2009 Course assignment: PLC 8010-09W1 Information Management Analyses Instructor: Janet de Guzman
  2. 2. The fine print: The following presentation was created for the course “Information Management Analyses” in the Information Management program at the Professional Learning Centre, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. We were limited to using 12 or fewer slides (or I would have used many more!) The law firm Smith & Jones LLP and the scenario presented are fictitious. Any similarities to an existing law firm are purely coincidental and unintended.
  3. 3. [the background] • one office Toronto-based law firm • 110 lawyers • want to attract best articling students • need to retain existing associates • busy busy support staff • first generation intranet These last two could mean trouble!
  4. 4. [the challenge] • intranet difficult to update • one staff member responsible for updating • not being updated enough • lawyers not using the intranet • associates & articling students demanding more!
  5. 5. [the solution] Intranet Content Management System: • updating intranet • goal: more content easier, faster • goal: better content • more staff can update • goal: current content • workload can be spread across more people Are you ready?!?
  6. 6. [the approach] • selected lawyers & staff interviewed • managing partners, directors & managers consulted • business processes reviewed • policies examined • technologies assessed yes, but are you • staff skill sets evaluated ready?
  7. 7. [the findings] • new IT & HR managers are making changes • support from lawyer Management Board & partnership • IT team dedicated to new tech implementations exists • new document management system - implemented 2 months ago • staff experiencing problems & frustration with DMS • CMS not yet selected; short list from DMS vendor • no intranet co-ordinator designated
  8. 8. [analyses & conclusions] • good buy-in & support from upper management • dedicated IT staff is ready for this next step • other staff is not ready getting close, but work • to be done! technology needs to be selected • intranet coordinator needs to be brought in • plan for governance involving staff needed • communication plan needed • document new business processes
  9. 9. [conclusion - key concerns] governance needs addressing employee morale low - change overload! ...and who is selecting the content management system?
  10. 10. [the recommendations] • • address staff issues with hire or designate dedicated DMS & morale before intranet coordinator moving on • ensure intranet • plan communication to coordinator has staff carefully appropriate skills • • wait before rolling out select new CMS with input CMS (at least 3-5 months) from intranet coordinator • • plan for chaos & frustration document new business when CMS is rolled out processes & get the staff involved!!
  11. 11. Questions?
  12. 12. Thank you! Connie Crosby Crosby Group Consulting 416-919-6719
  13. 13. Photo Credits • “Mom and Dad, looking at laptop” by David Lat, http:// used under stock.xchng standard licensing. • “telesales 1” by scholastic, used under stock.xchng standard licensing. • photo of Connie Crosby by Rannie Turingan photography All rights reserved.