Bc campus december 12


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Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and the Open Course Library

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Bc campus december 12

  1. 1. Washington State Board for Communityand Technical Colleges December 12, 2012
  2. 2. Title HereWashington CTC System• 34 community and technical colleges in Washington• In 2010-11 – 161,000 FTEs – 330,000 headcount – 96,600 students who took an online class – 34,000 students who took a hybrid class – 37 percent of all graduates earn 15 or more credits online or hybrid
  3. 3. Title HereWashington CTC’s Missions• Transfer• Workforce development• Adult basic education
  4. 4. Title HereStrategic Technology Plan• Strategy I: Create a single, system-wide suite of online teaching and learning tools that provides all Washington students with easy access to “anywhere, anytime” learning.• http://www.sbctc.edu/general/a_strategictechplan.aspx
  5. 5. Title HereWashingtonOnline (WAOL)
  6. 6. • June 2010 Title Here SBCTC Open Policy All digital software, educational resources and knowledge produced through competitive grants, offered through and/or managed by the SBCTC, will carry a Creative Commons Attribution License. – http://www.sbctc.edu/general/admin/Tab_9_Open _Licensing_Policy.pdf
  7. 7. Title HereSBCTC Open Course LibraryFunded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and WA State Legislature• Open content for the 81 most common courses so students pay $30 or less for textbooks• Both the content and the processes are OPEN Credit: Timothy Valentine & Leo Reynolds  CC-BY-NC-SA http://opencourselibrary.org
  8. 8. Course Library Title Here Open Course Library Timeline • Phase 1: 42 courses – Available October 31, 2011 at http://opencourselibrary.org • Phase 2 : 40 courses – Available Spring 2013
  9. 9. Title HereOpen Course Library DevelopmentFaculty course developersSupported by-- – Research librarians – Instructional designers • Modified Quality Matters rubric – Global education specialist – Accessibility support specialists
  10. 10. Title HereOCL Lessons Learned Phase 1: Using a learning management system was a barrier – No way to compare work between course teams – Hard to search for content items – Must import content into another learning management system Phase 2: Building content in Google Docs – Can collaborate during development – Easy to share and search – Separates content from delivery
  11. 11. Title HereChanging to Canvas• ANGEL discontinued so formal process for new learning management system• WAOL ANGEL moving to Canvas starting July 1, 2012• ANGEL disappears June 2014• Negotiating contract that can be used by any Washington higher ed institution
  12. 12. Title HereWhy OPEN?What is your competitive edge?
  13. 13. Title HereFind OPEN Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.
  14. 14. Title HereNext steps…• Faculty adoption• College open policies• Open and adaptable textbooks• Database of open resources
  15. 15. Title HereQuestions?Connie BroughtonDirector, eLearning and Open EducationWashington State Board for Community and Technical Collegescbroughton@sbctc.edu