Twitter: a Case for Lead Generation


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Techrigy's Case Study of how we use Twitter for lead generation. Presented at the Marketing Prof's Digital Marketing World Fall Conference

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Twitter: a Case for Lead Generation

  1. Twitter:The Perfect Solution for Lead Generation<br />Connie Bensen<br />Director of Community Strategy, Alterian<br />@cbensen<br />Digital Marketing World Fall Conference<br />October 16, 2009<br />
  2. Value and ROI of a Twitter engagement <br />After 3 months -Customer base increased by 57%<br /><ul><li> Eliminated cold calling
  3. Multiple demo and pricing requests per day
  4. Increased sales staff
  5. Established brand visibility</li></ul>After 6 months: Increased by 269% <br /><ul><li>Freemiums converting without </li></ul>entering sales funnel<br /><ul><li>Techrigy acquired by Alterian</li></ul>At 1 year: Increased by 840%<br /><ul><li>expanding Twitter engagement </li></ul>across the enterprise<br />
  6. Goals<br />
  7. Challenges<br />
  8. Twitter Community<br />
  9. Using Twitter for Lead Generation <br />Monitor conversations around:<br /><ul><li> brand/company name
  10. competitors
  11. industry terms/phrases
  12. What are they expressing a need for?</li></ul>There are many tools:<br />Free<br /><ul><li>Tweetdeck, Seesmic Desktop, Destroy Twitter (there are many!)
  13. Techrigy SM2 Freemiumversion</li></ul> Professional<br /><ul><li> Techrigy SM2, Radian6, ScoutLabs</li></li></ul><li>TweetDeck<br />Social media monitoring<br />Brand<br />Name<br />My Team<br />Competitor<br />
  14. Answer an expressed need<br />unitbtechnology: Are there any social media monitoring tools with a possibility to give direct feedback?.<br />about 4 days ago<br />felixvelarde: @vikkichowneywotcha Vikki - who would you recommend as a social media monitoring service?<br />about 4 days ago<br />
  15. jlnorwood: @rossdawson We are using for SMM. Great to catch up today, always a pleasure.<br />about 2 days ago from web reply to rossdawson<br />sm63: @chrisbrogan I&apos;d agree. Though I wish they would make more interesting pricing models for smaller accounts. Techrigy works best for me!<br />about 14 hours ago from web reply to chrisbrogan<br />Increase brand awareness and engage advocates <br />Enjoy the conversation! Humor… <br />goldengateblond: Do you know how tedious social media monitoring is? Everyone talks too much. SHUT UP INTERWEBS.<br />about 4 days ago<br />
  16. A quick reminder about Twitter <br />Meet People as People First!<br />Always- Connect with others, share info and provide value<br />Never– Push your products or post spam type info<br />Listen, Participate and Build Relationships<br />It’s a Community. <br />Contribute to the conversation!<br />
  17. Can you achieve<br />Biz Objectives on<br />?<br />
  18. Connie Bensen<br />Director of Community Strategy<br />Techrigy, an Alterian Company<br />@cbensen<br /><br /><br />