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4 Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level with Social Media Monitoring


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4 Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level with Social Media Monitoring

  1. 1. White Paper LET’S TALK: Social Media ROI With Connie Bensen Four ways to take your Search Marketing to a new level with Social Media Monitoring
  2. 2. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns Executive Summary: Social Media Monitoring (SMM) can be a powerful supplementary tool to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for getting your web site ranked and found by your target audience. Every organization wants to better know their customer segments. Traditional market research and focus groups can be expensive and time consuming. Social media monitoring now provides a cost effective method to gain an in-depth sense of what consumers want and need. This whitepaper outlines how you can utilize that information to make your website(s) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns more effective. You’ve invested in a web content management system so you have the right tool, and you’ll already have the industry knowledge for success, but how do you harness this with effective, targeted copy to pull in your customers? In the ‘traditional’ world of bricks and mortar businesses, you might have considered advertising or direct mail to drive traffic to your site. The good news is that in this digital age, it’s even easier to connect with your potential customers! They’re already searching for your products and services even as you read this. But are they finding you? What if you could ensure that you’re using words and phrases that they’re searching for? What if you could know what words or phrases connect with your competitors? 1. Social Media The secret is to make it as easy as possible for search engines to find your site and the great content you Monitoring identifies have created. How have you chosen the keywords that are being used for your search engine optimization Keywords (SEO) efforts? What were the reasons for your choices? Technology now offers the ability to gather the words and phrases that consumers are using online when talking about your brand, industry and competitors. The advantage to using these words for SEO purposes is that these are the same type of words that people are using to search for your products and resources! The value is that your site has more targeted visibility. Getting ranked is one thing, but it's even more effective to rank for the way that your audience is looking for you. Here is the process for using social media monitoring in SM2 to identify words that are optimal SEO keywords. 1. Set up searches for your brand, industry terms and competitors 2. Create Theme word clouds for each. A word cloud is the result of analyzing all the conversations. The words that are used most frequently are displayed as the largest words. 3. Author Tag clouds provide an overview of the words that people have chosen to use. They used these words to tag their content. Their goal in choosing these words was to attract the search engines, so they are ideal indicators of the topic that you searched for All of the following examples are based on searches set up for: 'McCafe', 'Starbucks' and What if you could know 'iced coffee' what words or phrases Example 1: This is the Theme graph for the search results for 'McCafe'. A word cloud graph is connect with your generated by making the words that were used most frequently the largest. Words such competitors? as chocolate, Free, mocha, mcd are SEO keyword ideas. © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
  3. 3. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns (To create a Theme Graph in SM2 click on the Themes report in the left navigation. Click on New Graph and use the wizard to choose whether you'd like to use All Results or a specific search term. There is also the option to choose all dates or specific dates.) The word clouds can serve three distinct purposes: 1. The word clouds associated around the industry terms are the most powerful because they allow you to describe your product using the same language that consumers are. 2. The competitive words also provide additional suggestions for keywords. You want to make sure to incorporate these in the copy on the web page to improve the organic ranking for your site, then when someone is searching for that keyword they will in turn find your product. 3. The words people are frequently using around the brand are ideal to identify keywords to use as metatags. This doesn't have an effect on Google, but is good for smaller search engines. In the third case you are identifying industry related terms that people are searching for in the very early stages of the buying process. These are valuable to attract consumers to your site in preference to your competitors’ sites. An extension of this idea is to create microsites for Increased SEO will specific products and target audiences. This is helpful to avoid overwhelming visitors to your site who are still in the exploratory stage. This same methodology can also identify translate into higher keywords for specific customer segments for campaigns that are directed to tailored landing pages. revenue from sales and build brand awareness The ROI (return on investment) is easy. Increased SEO means that more people who are specifically interested in your product/resources will find your content. That in turn will translate into higher revenue from sales and build brand awareness. An example would be to consider that you are Toyota. You don’t want to rank for “car” because you will be pulling people who might not be your target consumer. You want people who are researching cars to find you. They will be using more specific © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
  4. 4. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns terms than 'car'. So as Toyota you may want to make sure you are ranking for “safe and reliable SUVs, cars, trucks, etc” or even more specifically if you notice that your audience’s conversation is really positive around the hybrids, you can make “hybrids” and “environment friendly vehicles” the main topic. In addition to keyword research, a social media monitoring tool can also show what your keyword density is on your blog. Here is how: Enter the RSS feed from your blog as a custom source. The tool will analyze the content and the word cloud will show you the words that you are using the most frequently. 2. Social Media How much time do you invest in researching the content and sites that are relevant for you to create links? Monitoring Supplements Search engines appreciate diversity in links and your audience appreciates relevance. A social media your Link Building monitoring tool can help guarantee both. Hours can be invested researching websites, social media Strategy networks and bloggers who are writing about your niche. Then of course, there is also the challenge of identifying the sites with the most influence. Of course, building a relationship with these influential sites that ultimately leads to them linking to your own site will be in your favor as search engines value links from other sites with relevant content. This is far more acceptable than paid linking strategies (which go against search engine algorithms). A Social Media Monitoring tool can help you find the most appropriate content with which to link and provide a fast overview of their respective influence. This will help you to efficiently expand on your link building strategy. Example 2: The number of stars indicates the amount of influence that a site or social network has. The ability to sort by this aspect allows you to see the most influential sites. And you're able to see Full Details for each entry which provides additional sites to link to (see Example 5). (Under View Results, click on Show More Options. Use the pull down menu next to Order by and choose Popularity.) © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
  5. 5. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns 3. Social Media As stated earlier, social media monitoring will help identify keywords that consumers are using as well as Monitoring Augments the sentiment around them. This information can guide you in efficiently identifying less expensive Pay Per Click keywords to bid on but that are just as effective. In addition, based on your research conducted through Campaigns social media monitoring, you can create landing pages for your ads with higher relevancy. This will automatically result in lower costs per click, as the auction system used by for instance Google, analyses the landing page when determining the price you need to pay for a click. Social Media monitoring also takes geo-targeted campaigns to a new level. Imagine if you were able to identify the physical locations of those individuals with whom you holding online conversations? For many of these online conversations it is now possible to identify the location of the content creator. Mapping this metadata provides a powerful insight that can be used for business decisions – for example it can be used to identify high densities of your consumers, where there might be opportunities for new markets and likewise where your competitors are located. Example 3: In the example, the most conversations in regard to 'McCafe' are occurring in Germany. (To create this in SM2 click on Map Overlay in the left navigation. Filter to 'McCafe'.) © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
  6. 6. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns 4. Social Media Search engines are continually changing their algorithms. The best SEO can be built organically by Monitoring Builds leveraging user generated content. The social web has evolved to the point where your consumers want to organic SEO be involved. Providing your visitors with the opportunity to interact and contribute content adds value for them and builds trust. Integrating social media into your site will increase your inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are golden! The trick is to optimize your content so that other websites, blogs and individuals link to your site. But what kind of information do they want and need? In what types of activities are they interested in participating? Monitoring online conversations provides answers to all of these. You can find out the interests, the needs of your customer segments and where they are conversing online. It will also indicate what types of media formats - such as voting, reviews, forums, video contests and more - in which they prefer to participate. Keep in mind that different customer segments have different needs. Stay at home moms will want different functionality than career executives. Once Integrating social you find the features that your consumers would like from your site you can experiment media into your site with building them in to your new website. When you have people interacting at your site, and you’re participating at the sites and networks they’re involved in, they will will increase your in- naturally start linking to your site in their conversations. bound and outbound Example 4: links. The Domains Report shows the online locations of the search results. Analyzing these provide many ideas. In this case it is surprising to see a number of links related to weight loss. This is a great opportunity for McDonald's to market McCafe to a specific customer segment. They're already talking about the brand! If you find out that people are generally confused about a certain aspect of your product, you can create a guide on your site that other people would want to link to for reference. In this case consumers may appreciate nutritional information about McCafe products. (In SM2 click on Domains in the left navigation) © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
  7. 7. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns Outbound linking is easier. This type of link building almost happens automatically. Your site should be optimized for ‘shareability’. RSS distribution is one of the easiest ways to give your content legs by allowing people to subscribe to share it. People who use RSS readers are generally those that are blogging and commenting, and will create future links for you. The RSS feed also makes RSS distribution is one it easy for you to syndicate your content on collaborative sites which will catch the of the easiest ways to attention of new audiences/markets. It’s also invaluable to integrate channels that support specific media formats like YouTube give your content legs for videos, iTunes for music, Flickr for photos, SlideShare for presentations, etc into your site. They allow people to find your content through specialty search engines. Most of these offer embedding options and encourage sharing of content. As noted earlier, choose the format options that make sense for your customer segments. The most obvious form of outbound linking is to link to influential sites and that have relevant content. In Example 2, you can find online communities that are talking about the brand, competitors and industry topics. Once you identify the influential ones and the ones that are of specific interest to your online audience, you can see the sites that they link to. These are the sites that they think are important and they are most likely very relevant to their topic. They are ideal to link to and start building relationships with them. © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
  8. 8. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns Example 5: In each search result you can see what sites that specific site is linking to. (In View Results every search result has its own tool bar. This provides access to the 36 fields of metadata. Click on Full Details on the right. Then click on the Analysis tab to see the Links to Related Websites.) Conclusion A social media monitoring tool offers a multitude of opportunities to maximize your SEO efforts by leveraging the new opportunities that the social web offers. Your consumers are expressing themselves online and providing all of the key words and phrases that they’re searching for. Are you listening? Monitoring and analyzing those conversations will provide incredible insight and make your SEO efforts all that much more effective. © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
  9. 9. Four Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level With Social Media Monitoring Drive better quality traffic to your website and lower the costs of your PPC campaigns About the “Let’s Social Media marketing is providing a whole new dimension for brands to connect with consumers. The Talk” Series with social web is a vast entity and every marketer needs a tool to harness the information in the most cost Connie Bensen effective and efficient manner. A social media monitoring tool offers the ability to maximize the digital portion of your marketing budget in order to create, execute, measure and report on a social media strategy. The Let's Talk Series, by Connie Bensen, is a series of 10 whitepapers describing the variety of ways that marketers can increase the ROI of their marketing efforts. Topics will include how to use a social media monitoring tool for SEO, Lead Generation, Social Media campaigns, Customer Service, Competitive Insight, Corporate marketing, PR and reputation management, etc. Connie is the Director of Social Media and Community Strategy at Alterian, which provides leading marketing products for the enterprise. She is a key voice amongst online Community Managers. Her blog, is recognized as a leading resource for cultivating online communities, providing best practices for this emerging role and it is listed in as one of the 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women. SM2 Social Media Alterian’s SM2 is a social media monitoring and analysis solution designed for PR and Marketing professionals. SM2 helps you track conversations, review positive/negative Monitoring (SMM) sentiment for your brand, clients, competitors and partners across social media channels such as blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, social networks, video/photo sharing sites and real-time alerts. About Alterian Alterian (LSE: ALN) empowers organizations to create relevant, effective and engaging experiences with their audience that help build value and reinforce commitment to their brand, through the use of the Alterian Integrated Marketing Platform. Alterian drives the transformation of marketing and communications, making it practical and cost-effective for companies to orchestrate multichannel engagement with the individual. Alterian’s unprecedented integration of analytics, content and execution through industry leading tools, such as the Dynamic Messenger email platform, SM2 Social Media Monitoring platform and the award winning Content Management solutions, enables companies to build integrated communication strategies which create a true picture of the individual. Alterian works with marketing services partners, system integrators and agencies who recognize the need to plan and deliver coordinated customer engagement services in partnership with their clients. For more information about Alterian, products within the Alterian Integrated Marketing Platform or Alterian’s Partner Network, visit or the Alterian blog at © 2010 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
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