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CONNEXIUM: FPGA design house and embedded systems integration company

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Cnx corporate

  1. 1. IntroductionEmbedded electronics and Communications engineering design company FPGA design experts 6, rue de l’Ourmède, 31621 Eurocentre T. + 33 531 08 16 08
  2. 2. French company, located in the Aerospace Valley(near Toulouse)We are specialised in Digital communications for• robust industrial systems• high-end test instruments• and embedded applicationsWe offer expertise, design services and manufacturing facilities
  3. 3. Expertise Main Signal Pre- Post- Signal processing RF/IF sampling processing processing generation IF/RF Front-end Back-end (DSP / PPC) (ADC) (FFT, DDC) (Digital mixing) (DAC) Algorithm Host system Control / Display / Data storage / DebugCONNEXIUM helps you to reach “time-to-market” faster by lowering your design and integration risksfor complex projects integrating FPGA-based signal processing architectures, System On Chip,Multiprocessors, Multicore processors and Microcontrollers CONNEXIUM offers dedicated “on-site” and “on-demand” trainings for • Xilinx FPGA-based topics • and also for other technologies (ARM, ALTERA, ACTEL, LATTICE…) CONNEXIUM has developed a pole of expertise in the design and integration of Ethernet-based communicating solutions
  4. 4. ProductsCONNEXIUM develops off-the-shelf test and measurement instruments :• XWG multichannel high-speed arbitrary waveform generators (up to 2.5GSPS)CONNEXIUM offers off-the-shelf embedded core solutions and FPGA IP cores including• Alarm management systems with GPRS/ADSL link• Ethernet bridge with secured UDP/IP communications• Sensors interfaces to Ethernet networks CnxStack (VHDL) allows users to efficiently integrate a simple and robust communication link based on industry-standard protocols like UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP… between FPGA devices, embedded systems, host controllers, servers or any equipment communicating over Ethernet Data Recovery (VHDL) up to 600MHz asynchronous communication link with digital phase control to latch input data with any system clock
  5. 5. CustomersWith many successes in International projects, CONNEXIUM’s expertise is recognised by major contractors in the Aerospace industry
  6. 6. Participation in the ULISS projectby C.HAARDT, Thales Alenia Space project manager“Led by the Research and Development of the R&D directorate at Thales Alenia Space France, the ULISS(Ultra fast Internet Satellite Switching) project is funded by the European and French space agencies. The maingoal of this project is to prepare the future satellite payloads for Multimedia missions in Ka Band.Fully involved in the ULISS project, CONNEXIUM has successfully provided more than 6 key designs of theproject, with a very high level of complexity : - the switch controller (PCU) : based on high end SoC, including two VHDL cores both communicating withan embedded processor (PPC), able to process near 500,000 users per second in a flexible way. - High speed traffic emulator and monitoring function : based on high performance VHDL core, andconnected to several Multi Gigabit transceivers MGT, - Flexible Data Generator and Data Recorder : to enable fast and efficient integration of the different partsand check bit to bit compliance with the simulation.” ULISS Project
  7. 7. Participation in the LEON SVF projectby S. REILLER, ASTRIUM Technical managerand F. PASQUIER, ASTRIUM Study manager“With the LEON2-FT processor being released for industrial applications, ESA/ESTEC has initiated and grantedto ASTRIUM Satellites a study for the development of a versatile Software Validation Facility (SVF) for this newtarget processor. By versatile it is meant that this SVF can be configured either as a full software simulation toolor with an hardware accelerator board running the LEON2-FT VHDL code. The LEON2-FT processor isavailable in VHDL which enables to use commercial off-the-shelf FPGA boards, ease the design of theinterface between the CPU and the remaining part of the simulation, while ensuring fidelity.CONNEXIUM’s expertise has been done in two steps. First of all, CONNEXIUM has reviewed the existingVHDL source code and architecture and tools environment. Then, they have provided a set ofrecommendations which have been successfully implemented in collaboration with Astrium Satellites teamleading to a LEON2-FT at 90MHz without any instability issue.In addition CONNEXIUM has offered a re-design of the VHDL in order to reach the targeted frequency of100MHz and to increase the maintainability of the VHDL thanks to a modular architecture. The challengewas to implement exactly the same functionalities in order to avoid any changes in the simulation software.” LeonSVF Project