Unit 65


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Unit 65

  1. 1. Conner Murray Unit 65 Task 1 Investigate the uses of Web animation Websites that usually use a lot of animation graphics within the site are children‟s television shows. An example of television show is the Simpsons,On this website it includes a range ofdifferent items. Information can be readabout the animated cartoon. Included onthis is the different types of media usedother than just the television show. Buttons make the website more interactive with theWhen entering the site a linear animation is viewer using it and allowsplayed which can be skipped, within this them to access things theyanimation are different types of information want to.including some advertisement. By the Simpsons creating their own site they can promote anything they like by selecting the “SHOP” page it takes you to new things being sold. By doing this it saves a lot of money advertising on different types of media such as magazines, new papers or television.
  2. 2. Conner MurraySome websites choose to advertise new products on the main screen before the homepage and if you click on the new product leads you to more information about theproduct being sold.A known brand for doing this is Apple they currently have just launched the newIPhone 5 and it‟s become the main topic on the website as the target audienceinvolved is aimed at technology consumers. When entering the website the first page that opens is for the new product being sold. This makes the promotions more obvious to the viewer. As the information on the web banner changes like a slide show this is called an animated GIF.
  3. 3. Conner MurrayTask 2Hand Drawn Cel AnimationCel animation is a type of animation that makes the film/TV show/game look handdrawn.One of the first types of animation was hand drawn but with the advancement oftechnology over the years this form of animation has been created by using computeranimation to give hand drawn to give the appearance more slick. As the drawing havebecome much better because of the computer software around, programmes likeFlash can be used to do this type of animation.By using the software‟s makes it a lot cheaper and easier to achieve the final outcome.Flick BooksFlick books are the early dated types of animation are themost simple.To achieve a successful flick book you need a small pad andon every page draw an object then adjust it on every pageonce finished it will look like the doodle is moving.The animation could be of a man running away from policebut the animation doesn‟t move too much when viewing thedifferent pages normally, instead when the book is flippedwith speed so that it gives the illusion that your viewing ananimation instead of looking at many separate drawingsone after the other.Animated CartoonAn animated cartoon is a series of moving images that are viewed as a character indifferent situations.Cartoons are usually created for children to watch as shows, some digital channels arecontinuously are showing them like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Not only are some shows animated some films are they have cartoons in it, the most famous and first being Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, this was the most expensive animated cartoon film when it came out and was the first fully animated feature film.
  4. 4. Conner MurrayTask 3Persistence of VisionPersistence of vision is when a frame of images are going a speed the eye sees as amoving clip by which an afterimage is thought to persist for approximately 0.04 of asecond on the retina.Stop Motion Stop motion is an animation technique to make an object appear to move on its own by it being physically manipulated. This is done by the moving the object slightly and taking a range of photos to create a final clip.Frame rate/Frame frequencyThe frame-rate says how many images of a movie are displayed every second a movieis played. The higher frame rate a movie has the smoother objects move in the movie.Onion SkinningFrame by frame animation takes a long time and canbecome really repetitive to achieve the final clip when tryingto create something simple. When using flash theirs a toolcalled “onion skinning”. This shows you the beginning andending frames when still looks like layering. Using onionskinning allows the movement to be precise.TweeningThe process of tweening is how the image begins from the first to second without anyerrors; this process is used in every type of animation.GIFThe Graphical Interchange Format: GIF - is one of the most widely used imageformats on the web. GIF files are recognizable by their .gif file extension. GIF issuitable for images with sharp edges and relatively few gradations of colour, such asline art, cartoons, and text.
  5. 5. Conner MurrayDHTMLDynamic HTML is a collective term for a combination of hypertext mark-up languageHTML tags and options that can make web pages more animated and interactivethan previous versions of HTML.XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Mark-up Language is based on the HTML but has beenmodified to follow the guidelines of XML; the Extensible mark-up language becauseXHTML is "extensible," Web developers can create their own objects and tags foreach Web page they build.Task 4Raster graphicsA raster graphics image, or bitmap, is a data structure representing a generallyrectangular grid of pixels, able to view by a monitor, paper, or any other sourcepossible. Raster images are stored in image files with varying formats. If you enlargeor zoom into a raster image you lose detail and the picture pixelates.Vector graphicsVector graphics is the use of an equation containing a mathematical sum. This sumkeeps the points, lines, curves, and shapes all smooth and not pixelated because it‟s adifferent type of software use e.g. adobe illustrator. Using vectors is better whencreating a magazine cover of advertisement because you can change the size tohowever big needed and it won‟t lose quality life.Image CompressionImage compression is minimizing the size in bytes of a graphics file withoutdegrading the quality of the image to an unacceptable level. The reduction in file sizeallows more images to be stored in a given amount of disk or memory space. It alsoreduces the time required for images to be sent over the Internet or downloadedfrom Web pages.File FormatFile format that wraps video, audio, and other bit streams. This description isconcerned with QuickTime as a video wrapper called "movie" files by Apple, and as asound wrapper, especially as used by Apples iTunes music service. QuickTime alsowraps still images, animations not recorded as video, virtual reality, and these arenot discussed at this site, with the exception of SWF_7 and SWF_8, the Flash SWFFile Format versions 7 and 8.
  6. 6. Conner MurrayTask 5Web Animation Software and web player pluginsAuthoring software is a programme where you can create different things or „author‟them. It could be an interactive DVD for a business, an animation on the internet orcreate multi-platform presentations.Flash is a popular authoring software developed by Macromedia, is used to createvector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces,graphic illustrations.Swish is a program that is used to create Flash animations without usingMacromedias Flash product. Swish includes tools for creating lines, rectangles,ellipses, curves, motion paths, rollover buttons, and more.Amara is an application for creating website animations like banners and photoanimations. The projects that you do on it export to .swf, the same as Flash and alsoFlash projects are compatible with Amara.Director is software that is used for making interactive CD‟s. These can be used for abusiness to promote a new product.A media player is a type of computer software that allows you to play multimediafiles without having to install major applications. These only work by allowing theplugins.Flash playerFlash player is used to play shockwave files; these are usually animations or movies.It‟s also used on websites to help view certain videos that the site can‟t host on itsown.ShockwaveShockwave player is used to play animated and interactive videos and photos on webpages and on computers with the plug in installed.QuickTimeQuickTime player is Apple‟s media player and can play multiple formats like sounds,digital videos and interactive photos. This type of player can also be used on Apple‟sIPhones and IPods.