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Published on is an Irish marketing agency that specialises in creating the most delicious digital marketing in the world for food and beverage businesses.

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  1. 1. The World's Most Delicious Digital Marketing Cookbook
  2. 2. Introduction & Digital Strategy Big Food Brands Big Beverage Brands Restaurants & Cafes Shops & Supermarkets Client Case Studies page 03 - 12 page 13 - 29 page 30 - 34 page 35 - 45 page 46 - 47 page 48 - 57
  3. 3. The Most Delicious Digital Marketing Cookbook Featuring the finest and freshest ingredients, easy to follow recipes and the tastiest results!
  4. 4. is an Irish marketing agency that specialises in creating the most delicious digital marketing in the world for food and beverage businesses.
  5. 5. Clients
  6. 6. B O N A P P E T I T OPPORTUNITY Review marketplace and set objectives Create a digital marketing strategy Ingredients Use these six key activities to define your digital opportunity through marketplace analysis: 1. Review digital marketing capabilities 2.Review performance using KPI dashboards after customising analytics for your business 3. Summarize customer insight in customer personas and customer journey maps 4. Audit brand and benchmark competitors 5. Review influencer outreach, co-marketing and intermediaries 6. Define SMART objectives with conversion spreadsheet models to quantify opportunity STRATEGY Create digital strategy Review how your digital proposition and communicate it using digital targeting techniques: • Select target market segments and personas. Define digital targeting approaches • Define your online value proposition (OVP) including review of business and revenue model, brand positioning and integration with traditional channels • Review marketing mix for online options for the 4Ps - Product, Price, Promotion and Place ACTION Implement and manage digital marketing communications Instructions Make smart budget investments and optimise your digital communications across all key customer touchpoints: • Reach: Build your audience by integrating paid, owned and earned media • Act: Using content marketing and persuasion to prompt brand interaction and leads • Convert: Use conversion rate optimization to boost online and offline sales • Engage: Develop customer loyalty and repeat sales 1 Opportunity 2Strategy 3Acti on Smart Objectives Activities to optimize Defined deliverables 1. PLAN
  7. 7. GROWING REACH OPPORTUNITY Grow your audience online Ingredients Reach involves building awareness of your brand, products and services on other websites and in offline media to build traffic to different web presences like your main site, microsites or social media pages. It involves maximising reach using continuous inbound communications and planned campaigns to create multiple interactions using different paid, owned and earned media touchpoints. Set realistic targets for building traffic, awareness and social media followers • Define dashboards to review effectiveness of current digital media in analytics • Review current use of digital media and opportunities to improve • Set VQVC (volume, quality, value, cost) objectives using conversion budget models STRATEGY Select the best communications options Your online customer acquisition strategy should: • Define key brand messages to grow audience awareness, familiarity and purchase intent • Select relevant media and targeting • Link to your content marketing strategy (Act) • Prioritise channel media spend, summarized in a conversion-based media plan and budget ACTION Optimise your digital communications InstructionsSearch engines, social networks, publishers and blogs Buyer Stage: Exploration Publish & Promote your content, alow sharing to other outposts, networks and influencers. Draw people to your content hub... Key Measures: Unique Visitors Value per visit Fans/Followers Yummy! Define your online audience potential Work on optimising content marketing to support key digital communications for your business: • PR, influencer outreach and SEO • Optimize Google AdWords (paid search) • Review opportunities from Display Advertising • Review relevance of affiliate and partner marketing • Social media marketing optimization 2. REACH
  8. 8. INCREASING INTERACTIONS OPPORTUNITY Encourage brand interactions and leads Ingredients Act is short for Interact. It’s a separate stage from conversion since encouraging interactions on websites and in social media to generate leads is a big challenge for online marketers. It’s about persuading site visitors or prospects to take the next step, the next Action on their journey when they reach your site or social network presence. Review customer journeys for desktop-mobile visits using analytics and feedback tools • Review social media and mobile marketing platform engagement • Define goals, events and dashboards for measuring customer interactions STRATEGY Prioritise content marketing and customer journeys Define customer personas • Define content marketing plan • Create website and martech improvement plan including lead profiling ACTION Manage content marketing and lead generation InstructionsYour web site, blog, community and interactive tools Buyer Stage: Decision Making Be worth finding via customer journeys and a content hub thats is relevant, inspirational, useful and creates leads. Key Measures: Leads/Lead conversion rate Time on site Shares/Comments/Likes Yummy! Identify best options to increase lead conversion Create campaign plan, editorial calendar and outreach plan • Create content assets including video marketing • Improve landing pages and site page templates. Personalised onboarding. 3. ACT
  9. 9. INCREASING CONVERSION OPPORTUNITY Increase sales through CRO Ingredients This is the conversion from lead to sale. It involves getting your audience to take that vital next step which turns them into paying customers whether the payment is taken through online Ecommerce transactions, or offline channels. Create and review site conversion funnels and paths to purchase (online and offline) and quantify targets for incremental revenue • Review multichannel (omni-channel) interactions to increase revenue per visit • Review analytics and customer feedback STRATEGY Create an approach for conversion rate optimisation Define online conversion rate optimisation (CRO) approach • Define how key online communications (search, email, social, mobile) drive sales • Define offline integration paths to purchase ACTION Manage continuous improvement of conversion InstructionsE-commerce process, product, price and promotion Buyer Stage: Purchase Captilalise on Marketing investing using CRO, marketing automation and remarketing to ensure contextual relevance drives conversion Key Measures: Sales (on and offline-influence) Revenue/Profit Average Order Value Review focus to increase conversion to sale Implement CRO through test plan for AB and multivariate site tests and experiments • Implement lead retargeting programme using site personalization, display retargeting and behavioural email programme • Optimise ROPO behaviour (Research Online-Purchase Offline) 4. CONVERT
  10. 10. IMPROVING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY Build customer loyalty and advocacy Ingredients This is long-term engagement that is, developing a relationship with first-time buyers to build customer loyalty as repeat purchases using communications on your site, social presence, email and direct interaction. We’re also looking to build advocacy or recommendations through ‘word-of-mouth’. • Review customer loyalty using RFM analysis for interactions and sales. Quantify incremental revenue potential • Review customer satisfaction drivers • Review effectiveness of customer communications STRATEGY Define plan to improve customer retention and engagement • Create customer engagement plan • Create online personalisation and merchandising plan for incremental revenue • Create customer contact plan (email marketing and social media marketing) ACTION Implement online customer communications plan InstructionsCustomer Advocacy Buyer Stage: Advocacy Thrilled customers are key to social media marketing, social proof, repeat sales and referral. Start your marketing here! Key Measures: Repeat Purchase (Lifetime Value) Satisfaction and Loyalty Advocacy Review potential to increase customer activity levels Implement or refine personalization rules on desktop and mobile sites • Customer onboarding including event-trig- gered personalized emails and enewsletters • Manage social media and email campaigns for customer engagement and advocacy 5. ENGAGE
  11. 11. Case Studies
  12. 12. HEINZ KETCHUP Vizeum in the Netherlands has built many close partnerships with a number of beverage and FMCG clients. One of their clients, Heinz, challenged them to create a campaign to encourage people to use ketchup on various dishes or at perfect key moments. The solution was an online medium centred around a fun theme ‘Ketchup On Everything’ – create your own experience’. Vizeum ran all community management via the major local social networks. BigFoodBrands Resultsin the first three months 50,000 website visits 6,000 Hyves friends (Dutch Facebook) 750 followers on Twitter 75,000 views on YouTube €40,000 on free PR UGC: 20+ videos 75+ recipes 150+ photos Yummy!
  13. 13. In order to promote their Five Beanz product, which is intended for adult consumers with a sophisticated palette, the brand created a “My Grown Up Beanz” game. Facebook users were asked a series of questions about their personality traits and told which of the five beans they had grown up to become most like. Five winners were selected every hour, receiving their own “personalised bean.” Participants were encouraged to invite 10 of their friends to play to win a free goodie bag, which gave the campaign a significant viral boost. ResultsThe campaign generated 22,000 quiz participants 30,000 new Facebook fans 10,000 shares Overall reach of 11 million
  14. 14. For the relaunch of two classic Doritos flavours—literally “bringing them back from the dead”—Doritos created the world’s first digital haunted house. A revolutionary blend of CG and live action environments, Hotel 626 delivered a truly terrifying online experience that was only available between 6 p.m and 6 a.m. Yummy! Users’ Web cameras then took pictures of their frightened faces to literally bring their fear to life.
  15. 15. On the 3rd of February 2013, a rather uncommon occurrence took place during the SuperBowl. As the second half started, 37 minutes of power failure plunged the game into darkness, which lead to the temporary suspension of the final. Everyone was in a state of uncertainty, awaiting media updates to figure out what was going on. Cleverly, Oreo, the famous cookie brand, reacted quickly to this unexpected situation with a creative and funny tweet. It was retweeted over 16,000 times and favourited more than 6000 times. This tweet, regarded as “the tweet of the year”, shows both their ingenuity and the significance of social media as part of their marketing campaigns. in the first three months Yummy!
  16. 16. Haribo, the famous candy brand, launched their campaign “Tagada” in France, which started a contest that went totally off-the-wall on Vine and Instagram then went on to be shared on Facebook and Twitter. This contest consisted of asking their audience to post short videos of themselves fake riding a pony. A take on “air-guitar style”, they marked this conquest with the hashtag #airponey. The brand created the website dedicated to this campaign. The purpose was to gather all the content that users gave them. The three best “riders” won a weekend to learn how to ride a real horse, a big cuddly toy, and a cowboy hat. This digital marketing activity generated a massive response and engagement from fans and was very successful.
  17. 17. Honey Maid courted controversy in the US with a campaign celebrating the diversity of modern families. This food case-study looks at how the Mondelez-owned cracker brand turned a social media backlash into something much more positive…getting over 11 million YouTube views in the process. US society was changing and the brand wanted to reflect this with a new campaign with a focus on digital. Back in March 2014, the brand launched a new cross platform campaign with agency Droga5. It featured three real life couples and their children, including same-sex couples and single parents. The video ad ended with the tagline “this is wholesome” and Honey Maid encouraging people to share it using the #thisiswholesome hashtag. It also created a Thunderclap, a social tool that sends out a Facebook post or Tweet from all supporters signed up in one 'blast' in a bid to amplify the message.
  18. 18. “Crème Egg shifts spend from TV to Facebook and increases sales” Results: 7% increase on sales overall, Facebook brings better ROI than TV Mondelez increased Crème Egg sales by switching ad spend from TV to Facebook. This case study looks at how a seasonal social media campaign that invited people to ‘Have a fling with Crème Egg’ on Facebook, created a long series of one-off posts that fed into an overall narrative across the three months- increasing sales by 7% as a result. Results The firm’s analytics showed that of the overall ROI (in terms of purchase intent of the viewer), 18% was driven by Facebook and 20% from TV advertising, even though the budget for social was around one-third the size of that spent on TV.
  19. 19. Last year Cadbury decided to launch a campaign before Easter that aimed to up their engagement rates on their page. Despite an impressive 1 million Facebook fans, Cadbury wanted to find a way to game Facebook’s prioritization algorithms and have their content appear in a higher percentage of their fans’ news- feeds. With this goal in mind, the candy brand embarked on a campaign to improve fan interactivity by engineering a giant chocolate hand giving the infamous Facebook “thumbs up” as a thank-you to their fans. B o n A p p e t i t
  20. 20. Coconut Bliss is an organic, vegan, and kosher ice cream. The company started making 5 million dollars annually once they started to use social media. On Facebook and Twitter, Coconut Bliss makes effective use of fun and friendly pictures. Their campaigns have included tasting parties and even today, the couple that created the company answer e-mails and post on their social media themselves to ensure there is a personal touch.
  21. 21. Good Greens is a nutritive cereal bar that invested in marketing online content and grew sales to $50,000/month by reaching out to bloggers. The marketing plan was hyper-local and was centered in Cleveland, Ohio. However, the blog investment lead to the great number of reviews, mentions and positive search engine results for Good Greens.
  22. 22. Rachel’s Organic is a UK dairy brand that has subtly promoted its brand to the female public. The marketing plan was to create the micro-site, “Calling All Rachel's” which asked the question: "What type of Rachel are you?“ The website invites the user to take part in a healthy lifestyle challenge and gives healthy tips to follow. B o n A p p e t i t
  23. 23. Cochonou launched a campaign to enhance the love that customers have for the brand. They posted messages that invited their fans to react and to respond in order to create a closer relationship with them. They really wanted to strengthen their French identity so they posted messages like: “The one who leaves France for a tax heaven, always comes back for Cochonou.” “Being homesick is when you realize that you are thousands of miles from Cochonou.” “When a French person leaves to study abroad, he learns many things. First of all, he learns that he cannot leave without Cochonou.”
  24. 24. Mondelez recently used Facebook to reinvigorate its Nilla Wafers brand and boost sales. A study showed Nilla Wafers’ sales increased by 9% in test market locations among consumers who saw Facebook ads versus a control group of consumers over the course of a five-month campaign. The Facebook ad campaign for Nilla Wafers was also able to reach 11.3 million households through 190 million total impressions (16.8 impressions per household). 68% of Nilla Wafers’ fan base on Facebook is female and it looks like the brand has done its homework to understand the type of content that will resonate with this target audience. Yummy!
  25. 25. Back in 2012, Bel Group's popular cheese spread ‘Picon’ wanted to revamp its brand promise of “spreading happiness” across Lebanon. The FMCG brand’s civic activism programme became part of the country’s school curriculum via some smart digital marketing. Each area of civic activism was represented by a Lebanese superhero, who took part in the programme as an ambassador and spoke about the effort to the media. Results: $1.8 million in earned media…and a place on the curriculum! Kids became proud to add another badge to their Picon sash and would be more inclined to eat a sandwich spread with Picon at lunchtime. Picon developed 'Happiness Heroes', a programme that taught civic education to school children and allowed them to apply those lessons outside of the classroom through civic work projects. Yummy!
  26. 26. Qdoba, a Mexican brand, decided to launch a contest on Facebook to get fans to vote for their favorite new Qdoba queso. The brand reacted quickly and actualised total votes in real time. It generated a great buzz and showed how much the brand was interested in customers’ tastes and how much customers were engaged with their brand. Yummy!
  27. 27. In the space of four years, Smart Balance managed to grow its US market share by 14%, giving power brands such as Flora, Country Crock and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! something to worry about. This case study looks at how the health food brand made smart use of digital platforms, culmi- nating in this year' s Valentine’s e-cards promotion that boosted subscriptions by 14% in the process. Reinvigorating a stale site with stronger content and calls to action. In addition to creating a fresh look more in-line with the brand, TBC introduced new health/nutrition con- tent, recipes, seasonal promotions and coupons. In 2013, site visits were up by 42% and time spent on site has increased 27%, while bounce rates decreased by more than 16%. Results 112% boost in traffic 14% markets share growth Second best selling brand Yummy!
  28. 28. Producers of this French candy, famous for having a funny testimonial on the wrapping, announced that they were going to replace it with a cultural quiz. Quickly, the news spread all across the country via the media and social networks. Carambar appeared as a top trend on Twitter, celebrities were talking about it, and petitions were made, reminding everyone why they loved Carambar so much. Some days later, the company announced that the announcement was just a joke, with the hashtag #itwasajoke. They posted a personalized video to YouTube addressed to every person who had reacted to their previous announcement. Their plan was successful! People talked a lot about the brand and it gained high visibility through different channels. B o n A p p e t i t
  29. 29. Barry’s Tea launched a competition on Instagram at the start of the year called #BarrysCharacter. The aim of the campaign was to engage with customers by asking them to upload and tag photos of themselves drinking Barry’s Tea. The company then used these photos as promotional material to show the diverse range of global customer they have and to illustrate how their product brings people together. Crossover to their Facebook page, fan of the week. Although taking place on Instagram, Barry’s Tea cross marketed the campaign on their Facebook page as well, using the “fan of the week” banner. Yummy! B o n A p p e t i t BigBeverageBrands
  30. 30. Heineken Brazil wanted to direct more people to their Facebook page. They developed a clever and popular campaign in order to do so. Dubbed “Um Like Um Balao” in Portuguese, the campaign promised to blow up a new green balloon every time the page got a new Like. Starting with an empty office, the space was quickly filled with green balloons in just one day. Heineken Brazil staff also made fun, informal videos they posted on YouTube throughout the day the campaign ran. Yummy!
  31. 31. Looking to increase their share of the market, Maes Beer knew they needed to do something different. While looking for ideas, they knew they could only count on two things – family and social media. They offered a free barrel of their beer to everyone with the last name ‘Maes’ on one condition…they had to share with 20 of their closest friends. Naturally this took off like…well, like free beer often does. Results More than 7,000 people changed their last names to Maes on Facebook. Maes Beer received over 75,000 Facebook likes in a single day and 500,000 visits to their Facebook page in six weeks.
  32. 32. was immediately successful in the social media world. The app instantly gained massive national attention and was covered by numerous mainstream media outlets. Local press and the Twitter community jumped on the app, broadcast media picked up the story, blogs wrote about the app, and Mashable wrote in-depth coverage, which lead to mainstream outlets like CNN to pick up the story as well. B o n A p p e t i t In an effort to generate buzz and awareness about Tenfour’s mobile capabilities in advance of the conference, the creative agency partnered with Waggener Edstrom. Tweet-a-Beer was the winning concept, and allowed people with Twitter and PayPal accounts to send beers to each other via Tweets. Built off the Chirpify API (a twitter commerce platform), Tweet-a-Beer As a result, Tweet-a-Beer became a number-one trending story on Linkedin, Facebook and Mashable. According to Tenfour’s website, traffic to the agency websites doubled, and they have been “invited to speak at conferences, fielded dozens of business and sponsorship opportunities and have been invited to sit down with many large brands to discuss their mobile initiatives since launching Tweet-a-Beer.”
  33. 33. Official SMART Facebook page was ready to announce a big upcoming contest. Parallel with that, SMART application was created – a fun game that involved collecting 16 bottles (4 of each) in which friends participate together and by collaborating, they reach their goals and win prizes. The idea was to reach virality with the application, team spirit, fun and intelligence. The application was supported by a page in which fans could communicate with the brand and with each other, share the experiences of playing and cooperate together in search of wanted bottles. Results SMART drinks were a huge hit over the Croatian Facebook. More than 30,000 people played the game, more than 300,000 bottles have been exchanged. People started adding total strangers for friends because they saw on a list of players that they also participate, communication has spread all along. Everything resulted in SMART being the biggest gainer application in the world for 3 days. SMART fan page has more than 10,000 fans, and over 500 awards have been given to the players. Brand awareness was accomplished and lively bottles of SMART can be seen on the streets more often every day.
  34. 34. Yummy! Restaurants&Cafes Although the winner has not been announced yet, the designs submitted were of an incredibly high quality by talented graphic designers. The competition proved a very cheap way of re-branding and getting customers to engage with the business in a creative way. It also redirected traffic from their social media pages to their website. Boojum, a burrito franchise with restaurants in Dublin and Belfast, launched a competition in December to design their new staff tshirts. Along with the prestige of designing the uniforms for a successful franchise, the winner would receive €750/£750 and 10 Boojum vouchers. Designs were submitted through a specifically designed page on their website. The best 10 or so were then chosen and put to a public vote, which was advertised and plugged on Face- book.
  35. 35. the day. This highlights specific burgers and creates a sense of urgency. They also started posting the “comment of the day”. This has become a tradition that fans love. The burger joint’s Facebook page now has more than 3,585 likes. B o n A p p e t i t There’s a revolution going on in Ontario…a Burger Revolution. Yep, the folks over at Burger Revolution have created quite the local uprising with their presence on social media. Burger revolution’s tactics are simple but effective. They keep fans informed on the number of remaining burgers for
  36. 36. watering recipes that inspire them to have Plated deliver the ingredients. Plated aspires to be utilitarian – and that almost always gets attention from social media. B o n A p p e t i t Plated gives its customers chef quality recipes and delivers the ingredients that make them. Follow their Twitter account and you’ll learn about everything from creating a five star meal, to how to photograph the meals from different angles. Plated uses its YouTube channel to show customers and other viewers how to make mouth
  37. 37. B o n A p p e t i t Coffee Groundz tweets special recipes, promotions, pictures of fancy coffee beverages and interesting tidbits of online conversations. Taking the time to show the company’s personality and build trust has grown Coffee Groundz’ followers to almost 15,000. Yummy!
  38. 38. Yummy! Burger Record, an independant record label, did their communication on social media and really got their audience engaged because they decided to promote every show that people would like to set up all around the world. First, they definitely created a strong image in the eyes of their fans because they were helping people. Plus, they promoted more than 70 shows so they saw the benefits of huge exposure during all those shows. They currently have over 34,000 Facebook fans, more than 20,000 Twitter followers and almost 18,000 on Instagram.
  39. 39. campaign across a range of digital platforms and sites encouraging users to sign up to become members in exchange for access to a six week bonanza of giveaways, vouchers and other members exclusives via the members area of the site. The first week of the Summer Slurpin' campaign saw an overwhelming response and a dramatic upturn in membership Over the summer months, Wagamama have historically looked to encourage their noodle mad customers into the restaurants via a series of promotions and vouchers that have usually run in relevant local press titles. For the summer of '08 online mediums was key to driving memberships. They implemented a wide ranging and innovative advertising sign ups, breaking all previous records and allowing the client a huge increase in data capture. In addition to this, the multimap campaign was picked up by Brand Republic, NMA and a number of media blog sites impressed with the innovation and targeting involved - proving Wagamama to be, again, ahead of the curve.
  40. 40. new app online, in print, and on television - even winning a placement in Apple's own iPhone commercial. B o n A p p e t i t Pizza Hut created an app that allowed customers to design their own pizza by dragging their chosen toppings onto a graphical pizza base. The iPhone would then determine which of the chain's thousands of locations the customer happened to be nearest. The company advertised the Within two weeks, the Pizza Hut app was downloaded 100,000 times and within three months iPhone users ordered $1m worth of pizza. The app now has millions of users across the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Results
  41. 41. B o n A p p e t i t They promoted their Papa’s Speciality Pizza Contest using Facebook, and it created quite a buzz and a growth in fans as a result. The contest put the fans’ taste buds and creativity to the test as it was up to them to come up with a new pizza for the company. The winner also saw a piece of the profits, so it was not too much of a surprise that this creative campaign helped the popular chain’s fanbase on Facebook continue to expand. Yummy!
  42. 42. Yummy! Domino’s Pizza UK launched a one day social media campaign #LetsDoLunch whereby each time a person posted a message between 9 to 11pm on Domino’s Facebook wall or posted a tweet with the hashtag #LetsDoLunch, it would mean that the pizza price would decrease by 0,01 penny. At the end, the pizza price dropped from 15,99£ to 7,74£ which meant there was a total of 82,500 posts! This was an extremely smart cam- paign which generated a lot partici- pation and made people talk a lot about Domino’s Pizza.
  43. 43. B o n A p p e t i t respond to people who want to book a table via social media. One of the most prestigious restaurants in Paris uses social media to communicate with clients about the atmosphere, news, and events. They relay their story through social media. They also Yummy!
  44. 44. restaurants would stay open 5 minutes more than usual. In honor of the famous “Fergie Time”, (the additional time that people gave to Manchester United matches over the years as they succeed many times in the last moments of the match), they announced that all their This tweet was very successful. It got more than 16,000 retweets and was favourited 4,000 times. Yummy!
  45. 45. Shops&Supermarkets The People’s Supermarket (TPS), said to be one of the UK’s most successful social enterprises, has launched a ‘buy a brick’ campaign to fundraise for its planned new store in Hackney. The ‘Brick by Brick’ campaign asks the public to buy a £1 brick to fund the build. Local businesses are also invited to get involved in the campaign by sponsoring the project, which aims to raise £2.5 million through donations. Yummy! B o n A p p e t i t
  46. 46. Yummy! Labelled ‘Beautiful on the Inside’ the new range features crooked carrots, knobbly pears, wonky spuds and more, all sold reduced rates in their own dedicated in-store fixture. Tesco's move to purchase and sell irregular shaped vegetables has the potential to cut waste at farm level and to increase the proportion of produce farmers can sell for consumption. Named "Wonky Veg", Tesco today announced they will sell carrots and mushrooms in specially marked "Wonky Veg" packs. This will give shoppers the opportunity to choose which vegetables they would like to purchase, rather than the supermarket rejecting them because of their irregular shape or size. The reality of the situation is that the 5-10% of vegetables that never make it to the retail shelf are perfectly fine. They may look a little bit odd, or wonky, but they taste every bit as good as the perfect looking produce we are used to buying. If customers bought this wonky looking veg more, it would greatly reduce wastage at farm level.
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  51. 51. Yummy! Food Blogging
  52. 52. Yummy! Food Campaigns Sony wanted to activate their sponsorship of Taste of Dublin 2014. We developed a foodie strategy and created supported by the Sony Gigapixel Campaign. This featured a monster image made up of thousands of fan photos taken at the event. As a result, we generated 50,000+ website visits and more than 7,000 new facebook likes.
  53. 53. Yummy! Events & Presentations
  54. 54. Digital PR
  55. 55. Digital Content We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Cooks Academy on their 10th Birthday Party event. We mashed up food and digital with delicious results at “Pixels & Palates” themed event. The exciting activities included the Molecular Gastronomy Taste Challenge, the Blogger Cook Off and guest speakers from foodie businesses like Nobo. It attracted over 50 food bloggers and reached over 250,000 people online and was a resounding success.
  56. 56. Branding
  57. 57. Contributors Editor - Conor Lynch Conor is Award winning digital marketer with over 17 years experience as a strategic planner, university lecturer, trainer and mentor in digital, social and mobile marketing. Editor - Ivan Adriel Ivan is a prodigious digital creative professional whose talent came to national prominence in Brazil when he was only 14. He has had a successful career working in Brazil and Europe. Designer - Giovana Marques Giovana has always been connected to arts and passionate about design. Graduated in Social Communication with a Qualification in Advertising Giovana Marques is a Graphic Designer at Researchers Chiara is an Italian student in International Business and Economics, currently Marketing Intern at Connector. Her aim is to work in a multinational company and to travel all over the world. Twitter @chiar_cannavale Nicolas Batal is a French student from Paris graduated in Sport Management. He will continue his studies in International Business and Marketing. Nicolas is currently a Marketing Intern at Connector. Larissa Bannwart, a Brazilian living in the small city of São Paulo. A future advertiser and social media fanatic. She really likes to hear about people with great ideas. Twitter @larisvontrier Lydia is a Media Studies and Sociology graduate from Maynooth University.She is constantly seeking experience in Marketing and Social Media to strengthen her career prospects. Twitter @LeprechaunLyd Chiara Cannavale Lydia Ford Larissa Bannwart Nicolas Batal
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