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Is social media eating your productive time


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Is social media eating your productive time

  1. 1. Is Social Media Eating your Productive Hours?
  2. 2. Video App / Games Abuse Photo Poke SharingDo you feel that you are too much addicted to the fun,gossip, mockery etc in Social Sites?
  3. 3. Are your social media accounts filled up with unwanted Appand Game requests?
  4. 4. Now you realize that social media has nothing to learn andeducate others !!! Left with just time passing…
  5. 5. Do you feel that there are no options for creating documentswith your Social Media?
  6. 6. Connect Neurons has broken all the barriers on learningthrough Social Media.•Without compromising on updating your Live Feeds.•Participative in Community based groups.•Upload Word, PDF, PPT etc. Create & Share documentsanywhere.•Create new friends and invite them for collaborative learning.
  7. 7. Freedom from App and Game requests.
  8. 8. Knowledge Networking Portal Come out as a Winner in Social Media. Dont lose your knowledge for time passing stuffs. Join us today…!!!