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ID_SMPN 19 Jakarta_8

  1. 1. History Culture Sports Points of Interest Cuisine
  2. 2. A Brief History of London The name “London” is originated from Latin “Londinium” which means „wild‟. founded by the Romans to be the capital city of Brittania. After they left, several villages were integrated to London, and thus became the largest city in United Kingdom. It became capital city in the 11th century up until today. During world war II (1939 – 1945), London was bombed. It was eventually rebuilt and discovered a new identity as a post-imperial, multi ethnic metropolis.BACK LONDON IN THE PAST
  3. 3. CultureLondon is a large international and diverse cultural centre, represented by the arts, music, festival, theatres, museums and many others.London is also famous for royal culture, centered in royal palaces such as Buckingham Palace.London is well-known as one of the fashion cities in the world. BACK
  4. 4. Sport in London London has hosted many major international tournaments. London has professional teams in different sports.SUMMER OLYMPICS 2012 LOGO London was chosen to host the Games in 2012, making it the first city in the world to host the Summer Olympics three times. London has hosted the Summer Olympics in 1908 at White City and 1948 at Wembley Stadium. London will host the Paralympic Games in 2012, for the first time. The largest stadium in London is Wembley Stadium
  5. 5. Popular Sports  London is the place of origin of football (soccer), the most popular sport in the world.  The top football teams from there are Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham, and Westham.  Rugby is the second popular sport in London and the UK.  Another popular sport are cricket, rowing, basketball, etc. CRICKET ROWINGBACK BASKETBALL
  6. 6. Po i n t s o fI n t e r e s t Houses of Parliament and Big Ben Open to public. You can attend debates and watch committee hearings, tour the buildings or climb the famous Clock Tower and see Big Ben London Eye a giant observation wheel located in the Jubilee Gardens
  7. 7. • Buckingham Palace The official residence and office of the British Monarch.• Tower of London a castle complex which houses the famous collection of Crown Jewels.• British Museum Houses a world collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. BACK BRITISH MUSEUM
  8. 8. Local Foods Fish and Chips It consists of battered fish which is deep-fried and served FISH AND CHIPS with chips. Jellied Eels It consist of fresh eels cooked for around thirty minutes and then JELLIED EELS left to cool. Roly Poly Pudding pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed.ROLY POLY PUDDING